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  1. I will take a couple, I built it as is for K's, I intend to alter the running gear, firstly so it runs better, secondly to get some seating details There was a lorry version,
  2. Neil Its always nice to be able to recommend products that you have found to be of good use, perhaps a new thread of "what I have done with my Fair Priced Models kit" I have no connection with the business other than being a satisfied customer As you say it gives a really good head start, but calling it a scratch builders aid kit is a bit of an understatement
  3. I have one of the K's versions in 00 gauge, then found out it used the line to Hemel Hempstead (from Redbourne?) which ran past the bottom of my sisters old garden
  4. Andy In case you are not familiar with these controllers, these are very old (60's/70's) rheostat controllers, useful for the work bench, but the 16v ac is a power source for electronic controllers needing a 16v ac input
  5. Ben Thanks very much for the kind offer, temporally I found a couple in an odd box in the loft. Happy to buy them off you as spares John
  6. Andy I have 3 old H&M mains controllers, all have un controlled outputs on the sides, one side has a 12v DC the other has a 16v ac. Both are for powering accessories and use banana/wander plugs. The controlled 12 v dc outputs are screw terminals
  7. Using the 16V AC as a power source
  8. Tony Thank you If I can find the right one then as I have 3 mains units all with a 12 & 16 volt outputs I don't mind buying a dozen, did the units ever come with plugs ?
  9. I need to use the 16 volt supply from a H&M controller, are the plugs required called banana plugs please
  10. George I always look forward to your posts, lovely job going on. Thanks for sharing
  11. That's with a non updated kit, a better motor and gears will not only improve the loco more, buy probably remove the mechanism from the cab. But at a cost which may not be acceptable But what you have experienced is why so many love these models
  12. James Thanks Please do share them on this thread as it would be nice to see how they build up
  13. I think the deeper building looks better, I also found an old (broken) Airfix signal gantry, a cut down one in both length and height may be better. Or a single signal on the nearside and a two post junction one on the far side might be more balanced The curved viaduct opposite a straight road and building creates a crescent piece of wasteland, perhaps either an enclosed lever frame or a very small (platform style) signal box could fill up some space, how about a wooden trestle type structure, or just widen the viaduct ?
  14. Ozzyo We are talking about the same thing, the vee is the same for every gauge variant, example a 1-6 vee is exactly the same whether you are using 31.5mm, 32mm or 33mm gauge. However its the relation of wing, check and stock rails within the common crossing where the difference lies. 33mm gauge (Scale 7) will also have the same if not better affect with wheel drop, as the wing and check rail gaps are even finer than 0MF But in the end, yes it not only looks better but also performs better
  15. I thought about this but the height will not be too much, but by making it deeper the height could be quite a bit higher. A signal gantry is a good idea, I may have a Ratio one in the loft, thanks a very good call
  16. Things have got in the way this week, I have put the basic shell together and tried it out for size Its the correct width, but I think needs beefing up a bit, certainly a bit more depth and may be a little more height. I will make a temporary side out of card, but the signal box idea may look a bit funny if its too tall ?
  17. Its the relation between the flangeway gap and track gauge that allows this, The Vee will be the same whichever standard/gauge is chosen
  18. In the past I have cancelled the odd listing, once at the suggestion of eBay to get rid of the GSP for a buyer wanted to deal directly. Certainly my seller status has never been affected. However I guess like everything if you are a serial canceller no doubt the system will flag this up as a potential problem account. I think in every case the real reason for cancellation was different from the limited picklist, but as I said it was of no consequence
  19. I find the resistance of 4 blades is far more than twice the force used by 2 switch blades, it is especially noticeable as the switch blades are much shorter than most turnouts, with a single slip it does not seem to make as much difference. My solution is to make all 4 blades hinged
  20. Looks to be a great buy and buffers are easy to find, hopefully with a decent listing the proceeds from the resale of the unwanted kit will make a hefty dent in the acquisition costs. eBay reduced fees offer received this morning
  21. I was asked by a buyer if I could ship using the Royal Mail's economy service, it turned out not much less than UK 1st class. But then I guess you would have to add customs duty, worth a try. I shipped an electric motor which fitted into a large letter format to Slovenia and there was no need for a customs declaration
  22. I have just bought an unbuilt Craftsman GCR A5 etched kit with a set of Markit wheels for just over £51 + postage, a few weeks back these without wheels were selling at £80 or more plus postage. In short I have paid what a new set of Markit wheels sell for and I have a loco kit into the bargain I love big tank locos and this one is for the I might build it pile, something I would like to build but at a price I can guarantee to resell at if I decide not to build it
  23. I have been collecting a few of these for some time, it started with an old Wills kit with Full GER livery with a part scratch built EM gauge chassis, I now have four N7's Two wills kits in full GER livers being converted into SEF specifications to EM gauge (one is for a friend ) and two which are SEF but I am undecided on liveries. I have been farming the odd kit for chassis/wheels/motors and or boxes. Just sold one which donated wheels and a box to my pile As I said I do have two older Wills kits built and painted and lined better than I could do, just needing a decent chassis and a few extra parts, these tend to be great value
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