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  1. Well it’s Saturday and I thought it would be nice to show some models on the layout looking the part for a change. Yes the Flatiron would never have been seen at Chorley but I’ve had the model for about ten years had multiple stop starts on it. Now finally finished its staying. The cairn is a LNWR but looking at the map was probably based closer to Chorley then the L&YR one which is identical apart from not having a cab roof. Still waiting for some plates and transfers for both locos.
  2. farren

    EBay madness

    Any one like a APT, I love the description, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115225863340?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=VvArukubSGy&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=Sas8ngTwS8u&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  3. I wired it by cutting the green wire which goes from wheels to the motor and soldered the red wire to the green going to the wheels. The orange wire is solder to the second part of the green wire going to the motor (it’s becomes red as that was already soldered on to the brush) which is attached to the brush spring which is insulated. The black wire is soldered to the motor fixing screw. grey wire goes to the brush which normally is not insulated but the spring has been insulated with some shrink insulating tub. The decoder is kept insulated by sitting on a plastic card cradle glued to a platform glued to the models chassis. plugged into a 8pin socket fixed to the same plastic card platform.
  4. Good morning I am currently trying to get a couple of model to run on dcc. The first is a Hornby Fowler early 1980/90s model converted to a limousine cab. So thought I could just flog the model and buy a new one I not sure if the body would fit. I’ve also fitted a DCC loco lamp to it not wire to the chip yet and don’t really want to waste all that time and effort. I’ve fitted the chip (DCC Zen Black medi with 3 amp)it runs fine on DC however when setting up on test track it doesn’t do the 3 little sprits movements. And on the main track it runs backwards and forwards with no speed control and a overload message if the throttle control is tried from minimum upwards it also make a humming noise. it’s all soldered and insulated image below a bet messy (sorry) seems to be extra wires with a plug plus others which might need to be cut but don’t want to do anything like that until everything works. The second loco is a kit built model (same make of chip) was wired into the tender but went puff as sone as the DC controller was switched on. It might have been because of a function wire touch the track (not sure). Is there a better and smaller chip that might fit inside the boiler. The model runs fine on DC no sparks can’t see anything touching anything it shouldn’t. The motor is just a small can motor from high level kits the controller is the Gauge Master controller if that makes any difference. any help very much appreciated, £30 for a smoke cloud is a bit much.
  5. I was going to just post on the Chorley page from now but two of the models are not L&YR so thought I’d use this topic page to try and keep Chorley less clotted of none L&YR LNWR related models. The last few days I’ve been working on models that I was never fully happy with. The Fowler 4p 2-6-4t limousine has been stripped back to its main parts. The plastic Donor body as had extra plastic removed to allow windows to fit better. Rebuilt and given a new number seen based to Chorley station allowing a bit of models license though probably did run through Chorley. However having problems with the dcc chip at the moment. Get a error code. It runs but have no speed control other then go and stop. With a overload message if the speed is adjusted. the second is the flatiron stripped repainted, now with a High level motor gearbox fitted and runs though pickups need fitting. The lining is done on both the front and back along with the side shown the other side still needs doing. The L&YR class 25 not sure if anything else as been done since last update on the Chorley page. but I I like the model so it’s getting a second showing here. However I did blow a zen black chip in it which was a little annoying!
  6. Almost done, waiting for some crank pines, the lms cab side panels plus plates shed, loco smoke box and builders. the L&YR 20 ton Break van needs little more work body colour windows and transfers.
  7. Yes I had a discussion on Facebook about the builders plates. I’ve ordered a set of builders plates from light railway stores along with shed and loco smoke box number plates for about £7. So not bad. I’ve gone for 12045. finished the model more or less, need a clean and painting. Rods are ready to be fitted but didn’t want to risk damaging them.
  8. Managed to get the motor and gearbox all fitted, manage to keep the gear box out of the cab. Had to cut some of the boiler bottom out but it’s not visible so all ok. The way the how thing fits together I’ve had to make the boiler front detachable, kept in place by a little step in the cab floor and a small plate inside the boiler with blacktack to hold it in place Seems to work. fitted a home brew coal rail to the front of the tender which most prototypes seem to have fitted in LMS days. These really just cab roof some cab details to fit, full clean paint and pickups wired up. Oh coupling rods might be a could be a good idea too. and to pick a Loco number. dose anyone know of oo gauge plates (I believe it’s a builders plate) of the type shown fitted to the middle wheel splasher in the 3 photos at the bottom.
  9. Well the tender is a lot closer to being finished the flaring was fun need a little more straightening. The new gearbox as been partly built and is fitted in to see if it’s going to fit. At the moment I think I might getaway without the gearbox intruding into the cab. slowing adding images back onto this topic so some sense can be had if reading it.
  10. Well the class 25 as slowing come together, still waiting for the new gearbox probably turn up this week hopefully. Ran out of low melt solder and as been ordered so have done as much as possible with standard solder, now at a stage where only low melt solder can be used.
  11. Well, it’s taking shape now the body is about finished. Things to do boiler handrails smoke box door handle and hinges buffer bodies etc. the cab detail is on hold while a new gearbox is on order as the other box is too big. Tender is the next thing
  12. Well done quite a bit more today can fitted with the inner spectacle plates, splashier cab and the first of the two smoke box liners the second will have the rivet detail on it. The reversing link box setting next to the behind cab plate on the right side neck to boiler looks like a silver blob in the image. Plus other bits
  13. farren

    EBay madness

    Sorry if this as already been shown, I did look back a few pages and couldn’t find it.. but my eyes are tired. Anyone need a Deeley dock tank. Now’s your chance, a real bargain. Honest guv. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KIT-BUILT-Hornby-OO-GAUGE-CLASS-0-4-0-DEELEY-SHUNTER-LOCO-/203790237337?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  14. Well it’s not perfect in the conservatory but it’s warm enough to get some modelling done. Thought I’d start with a London road models class 25. The gearbox is two big so will need to get a smaller one later in the week. Gone for plunger type pick ups on this. See how I get on. The little bag in one image as the breaks in all built up just need fitting. Here a few images of the build so far.
  15. Still not any real modelling done, concentrating on the garden at the moment trying to get it all done before the growing season kicks in, don’t want another year playing catch with thing. However I have bought a 3rd LRM kit a L&YR 0-6-0st which looks like it’ll be a nice build. Also bought a new toy to help with building brass kits and the bike build I’m also doing. A ultrasonic cleaner hopefully it will help in a better finish to the paint, I’ve seen other modellers use them so thought I’d give one ago. If it’s not worth the effort well there’s room in the under stirs cupboard.
  16. Well I was going to do both signal box’s at the same time, as there’s differences other then just size I think I’ll do one at a time. Boxes will be detailed and light inside. I’ve ordered some brass window frames and a tool to help cut straight lines in plastic card after digging around on this site. I’ll start with single box 3 first. Some images found on the website I believe mentioned back on page 1. Plus some out off books acquired from the L&Y society.
  17. Finally I’ve got the doors painted and on the shed.. the the centre doors are glued to each other and are resting on the floor in front of the shed but when they are in the right place and not resting on the jack as in the image you’ll never know. Gutters are also done so I can call it a day on the shed until it gets fitted onto the layout. i bought one of those Hornby six wheeler coach to have a look at with thoughts of repainting to go with my LNWR Crain. I’ve since ordered a couple more with lights to go behind some of the smaller locos. The one without will be stripped and painted for the Crain just need to decide what is the next build signal boxes I think to be honest unless something else comes to mind.
  18. The Comet P II’s are lovely coaches I’ve built the pII composite( I think) and have a couple more to build when it’s warm enough in the conservatory to do so. All ways good to see your builds look forward to updates.
  19. Now I’ve always had a soft spot for the Jones goods especially in that yellow, but a RTR model was not expected. To buy or not to buy that be the question: Whether 'tis nobler to buy Yellow jones to suffer The siding full and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to buy LMS black and be skint for the year.
  20. The prices don’t seem to be shocking me at the moment, however that might be because I am concentrating on my bike project at the moment. Those prices are eye watering! ( probably shouldn’t have bought a Ducati 748) though to be honest Hornby already as my sole due to some black 5’s and a princess.
  21. Well I have just had a email saying Rails have taken payment for something. £187 ish so I’m guessing it’s a loco. But it’s that long ago I had totally forgotten about it. I remember thinking about ordering one but no idea which though. So it will be a surprise I suppose.
  22. Thank you Gordiebo1, I have to say I’ve surprised my self with this build. Though just before Christmas I had few unexpected bills to be taken cared of one being £2000 repairs in the roof of the house. So no modelling done of late. However things have been acquired for further work this week. So the shed should be finished in the next week or two. Then onto the next build probably two signal boxes numbers 3 and 4. Or the coaling stage. The London road models are here and I’ve got most the bits to build it. Apart from the driving wheels themselves. I tend to build stock in the conservatory much better light but it’s winter and it’s too cold. So no rush.
  23. Yes totally different, I haven’t hard the real thing but on YouTube there’s a video of a gauge 1 live steam not a perfect match but you’ll get the idea. There’s no beat like a normal steam engine. More of a fan sound similar to a diesel in a way. The video is brilliant so you need to listen.
  24. That’s a stunning looking model great modelling enhanced by a blinder of a paint job.
  25. Have the prices gone up thats obviously and people are very concerned about it. But watching the news we are all heading for a bad year in inflation on everything this year. (Maybe I should stop watching the BBC news! ) Could Hornby have future proofed their prices for this year, and other companies won’t look quite so good come this time next year. I remember coming back into the hobby getting on for 20 years ago, went out and bought some new trains the class 20,24,25 and the 45 for £49.95 each… ok the 45?was expensive at £51! With in only a few year they had doubled and everyone was up in arms at the end of the hobby the world and the monarchy (that one might not be true). But everything went up including wages and here we are. The other thing is the new boys, Accurascale Manor looks really good and if I was a GWR I would be very pleased about it’s forthcoming release. And the excellent updates are very welcome I’m sure for all and as shown the game as really changed. However has this played into Hornbys hands. They know just as much about the model as everyone else. So if Hornby as been watching and taking notes they are bond to come out fighting with their own main stay model. what better then a Black 5! They have said it’s the most advanced model to date the black 5. with sound, smoke plus working lamps and firebox glow it’s already sounding good. It would be unfair to compare Accurascale Manor to Hornbys older tooling so I am looking forward to seeing the cad work from Hornby for the new Black 5. to see if Hornby are in it for the fight. Similar to Bachmanns investment of new class 47.
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