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  1. I too am building 2322 with the B4 belpaire. There were many pre 1914 Belpaire Dean Goods with the wider footplate. I guess it depends on whether you can source a photograph and the numberplates as to which you want to build. The RCTS volume lists the boiler change dates. I think 2322 got the B4 in 1901 but some were still being outshopped with the roundtop S4 boilers in 1912. I have one of these to build too. I am using the parts mainly from a Finney kit to make both versions. Peter
  2. Next stage, similar to the build on the scenic boards, I mounted the plan onto an appropriate piece of 6mm ply. This was to make a template for the roadbed but also I plan to use the templates as the actual roadbed though I scrapped the ones I made for the scenic sections. I did not have any of the birch ply left that I used for the main baseboards so I used a scrap piece of 6mm marine ply for the top of this transitional board. It was not worth buying another sheet just for such a small board. I may live to regret it though as this 6mm ply is not as thick as the birch 6mm ply (5.5mm v 6.5mm approx.) so I am going to have to make adjustments to get matching rail heights at the baseboard joints. This board was curved to shape using my jig saw. I also cut out the two track templates with the jig saw and these can be seen placed in position. Under this board I am going to add cross-members to hold the trackbed in place better, particularly as I have used some inferior ply in the sandwich. On top will be added cork floor tile which will also have to be pre-cut to shape. Setting the jig saw at an angle should help to achieve a reasonable ballast shoulder The fiddleyard as such is seen attached at the other end of the new board. Again I will have to take care to get the rail heights correct. This currently has an MDF surface and I plan to use a cassette system; I guess this sould be sufficient for the purpose rather than ply. My dilemma now is, should the new tansitional board be part of the scenic layout or is it part of the fiddle yard? I could do with the extra length to fit in a signal particularly as I am going to have to devise some form of scenic break at this point, probably another road bridge, so the signal would need to be before that in order to be seen. Peter
  3. Readers may have observed that the last picture of the baseboard end finishes on a curve and cant which is not the ideal way to enter or leave a fiddle yard. I had not really concentrated much on this end of the layout as the opposite end features the station building and a road over bridge which makes a natural scenic break. Under the bridge I had allowed for a straight, flat roadbed. Anyway, at the other end I need to add a transition piece to remove the curve and cant before the "minimal" fiddle yard. So it was back into Templot to add an "easement to straight" as I wanted a smooth transition from the existing transition curve (which might help prevent derailments in P4 too!). Herewith an image of the Templot plan which is not the most exciting piece of track ever drawn but shows what is required. Templot automatically created the additional piece in one panel length (294mm) which conveniently is about the the amount of room I have to play with at that end of the layout. The track is to LNWR spec.
  4. The position of the washout plugs on these fireboxes did vary. In the Martin Finney kit there are two different variants for the belpaire. Your cropped shot in post 26 clearly shows the rail below the plugs. Whereas IsambarkUK's pics show the rail above. As previously mentioned on the thread, the washout plugs look slightly odd anyway on this kit so easiest would be to replace and reposition these. Peter
  5. Well not too much progress to report a year on. The track is laid on 2 of the 3 scenic boards with the 3rd started. A change in location though has required a rethink on the fiddle yards so I am occupied with that at the moment. Here is a shot from one end; point blades etc. still to be added when this shot was taken. Peter
  6. Not sure whose make the GB4 gearbox is but some with grub screws recommend filing a flat on the axle where the grub screw engages. Otherwise the screw can throw the gear off centre when fully tightened resulting in too tight a mesh in places. Peter
  7. Note also on this loco that the front lamp irons are attached to the sandboxes though most were attached to the bufferbeam.
  8. The smokebox door is also in the wrong position. It should be higher up and off centre as per the prototype image. The centralised 3 part smokeboxes where used with the earlier dished Dean smokebox door not this later type used on the later one piece smokebox front. Cheers Peter
  9. There will be genuine emails too and some of these can also end up in your spam if they have been sent out in bulk. I send business to business bulk emails and we do use "Dear Customer" because we do not always know the name of the person opening the emails from a business address.
  10. If you open these emails then they know it's a genuine email address and you'll just get more. This is due to tracking devices in the emails. Best to delete without opening.
  11. Gordon, I've laid half my track with the chair keys pointing the wrong way - I know it's there but who else will notice so I've left it. Peter
  12. Great photos all. It would be nice to see some much earlier examples from pre-grouping days
  13. Both look very well David. Sorry that your flanges have taken a bashing again on the LNWRS Forum - guess it was I who started that one. Look forward to a lined version sometime soon. Cheers Peter
  14. Hi David My kit is Brassmasters etched brass and I already have the wheels (Sharman's), I just wanted to make sure that I had not missed something with the flanges as all my drivers have them on. I have a set of wheels for my LRM C Class from Alan Gibson including a pair in a flangless version all in the correct H spoke profile. For me the C class 0-8-0 will be ahead of the Experiment though I have to make sure both will run round my curves; not sure which will be the most troublesome. In the meantime I might have a go at an LRM underframe kit inspired by your thread. i have a 32' 6 wheel PO vehicle to build. Peter
  15. OK. I know some of the 0-8-0's had no flanges on a pair of centre drivers; I thought that I'd missed something on the Experiments. I too have one of these to build. Peter
  16. It looks like your POW has no flanges on the centre drivers. Is there a reason for that?
  17. I am not sure that the LNWR transfers are available as Methfix only Pressfix. Peter
  18. In P4 I doubt we have the luxury of being able to reduce the axle length as the wheels are pretty much on the limits when set to the correct back to back. I have built a couple of the Brassmasters Cleminson underframes and a few of their bogies too in P4. IIRC they come with tophat bearings supplied and when I used these, i had no problem with 26mm axles. Thanks to Jol for reminding about the article in the latest S4 news about inconsistencies between different manufacturers of bearings; must re-read that one as it's more relevant than I thought! Cheers Peter Edit: looking again at the images on the thread Mike, you don't appear to have used the bearings supplied which are more cone shaped than the ones you fitted. You can see them in the first shot of all the components. Peter
  19. Having read all the threads on here about using IPA to clean track, I went round all the Chemists including a large Boots and some Hardware stores last week and not one of them stocked any. I eventually managed to buy some on Amazon. Not tried it on my new track yet though. Peter
  20. The cab interior is beginning to look good. I'll have to post some more pics of my ex-K's Dean Goods which is getting a similar treatment. Peter
  21. Hi Darren Thanks for the post and sharing the image. I have indeed seen this rare view of this side of the station before and the photographer has shared higher resolution versions of this and another view with me. The LNWR Society last year acquired a folder of notes and images of this part of the line and I have copies of those images too which date from around the same time in the 1960's. What is far more rare are any views in pre-grouping days. I did enquire of Berrington Hall as to whether they had any pictures taken at the station as I would have thought the family in that house would have made much use of the station (and the loading dock). I have not yet received a reply. The Hall itself has quite a history too as it is reputed to be haunted because all 3 of the sons that were there at the time were killed in the First World War. I think the building was owned at the time by a cloth merchant from Manchester or something similar. Peter
  22. I've mentioned this build of a GWR 6 wheeler elsewhere so by way of an update here's an old pic of the body coming together which looks a bit of a mess but should improve with painting. It's currently in the paint shop and I will post some more updates when it's a bit more presentable. Peter
  23. I have reported on another thread that all the orders I have placed via the Cooper Craft website have been fulfilled; the last one being in December. The majority of my requirements have been "parts" but I have ordered and received complete Slater coach kits in the past but that could have been a couple of years ago. I recall that at a show in 2012 (Wigan?) I bought the only toplight kit on display at about 10:05am the show having opened at 10. There could have been a problem with stock and I could have just been lucky. Toplight kits are also available in the Mallard/Blacksmith range and David Geen does some too. Also there are some in the ShireScenes range on the Dart Castings/MJT site. All of these are etched brass... no connection etc.
  24. As per another thread on here, the manufacturer is down to attend the Southampton show in 2 weeks and ScalefourNorth in April. Whether he will have any stock for sale is a different matter but I have managed to acquire things from the stand in the past by getting to the shows early and making a point of visiting that stand first. Hope this helps. Peter
  25. I have a few of these to make and am working on replacing the bogies with Brassmasters. Some toplights had 8' and others 9' bogies so it is essential to get the correct one from Brassmasters. IIRC the Slater's break third has 9' but the others are 8'. I also managed to get some Blacksmith versions from him too at a show before that range completely dissappears. All will use pinpoint bearings. Peter
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