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  1. Great news. First time for a while that I've been excited about a new release. Could easily be tempted with both classes.
  2. I'm not saying he doesn't, just offering my thoughts that's all. You kind of make my point for me with your comment though.
  3. Quite a number of posters on this thread haven't used Olivias, yet are able to offer opinions on the company. I have selectively shopped there and almost always found the guys helpful, though I can quite believe that they have an edge to there customer service. Where Olivias in my opinion are very good is should you need specific modifications doing, they will generally be able to do it.
  4. Good to hear some positive news.
  5. You would expect Dapol to go with the cl.88 and Hornsby to modify tooling for the cl.69, but the lack of recent MUs is disappointing.
  6. Apologies, I should have said modern third rail.
  7. I've not really had issues with any Bachmann locos/units, so it is difficult to select just the one choice. If pushed however I'd go with the class 450 EMU. It really is disappointing that with the exception of the Hornby 395, no other third rail products are currently available.
  8. I have the Kernow model and really don't understand why Bachmann is duplicating the running number. If there is another option then why not take that, even if the only practical one is 202? The duplication in addition to the price rise, means my money will be going somewhere else.
  9. Sounds really interesting. Bookmarked for the appropriate time.
  10. Maybe some of these are returns that Hattons have tinkered with to resell. I'm one of those who eagerly looked forward to their 66s, but didn't buy because of the issues and i don't plan to until the model has been sorted out.
  11. Best customer service I've experienced at any model rail shop.
  12. I'm thinking here of the class 150 DMU, which is currently available with sound in ATW livery, however the upcoming release of the GWR version will not be available sound fitted. Ignoring for the moment the merits/drawbacks of manufacturers sound models, is in this instance Bachmann missing an opportunity to upsell? The 158s and the 66s are both offered with & without sound, so I'm puzzled, especially as the company already has the soundfiles. I've used Bachmann as an example but I'm sure this could apply to other manufacturers too.
  13. So looking forward to seeing the finished result and getting one on my layout.
  14. I know someone who will be very happy with this announcement, though personally I'd rather Bachmann use their production allocation to catch up with previously announced models.
  15. A little disappointed with today's announcements, however I am now a little more optimistic that the coming 150s may now be offered with sound option. Especially as Bachmann already has the 150 sound file.
  16. I'd just like Bachmann to confirm dates for the Class 150s and 170s. Ages since they were announced.
  17. Certainly the MR coaches weren't showing as available when I visited their website a couple of days ago.
  18. Always good to hear of a new shop. Good luck to them I say.
  19. Can anyone confirm if the new NR coaches have NEM sockets please? Thanks
  20. I was hoping to get the bits to go southern 3rd rail, but no one retailers has the three items, IL-1, IL-120 & IL-210, though I hadn't thought about Alton MC. I'll take a look.
  21. Does anyone have the South West Trains supplement from the September 17 issue of Modern Railways, that is no longer required please? Happy to pay postage costs. Thank you.
  22. Very recognisable as a location and looking really good. Personally I wouldn't bother with the wires, but maybe pose pantographs up, where appropriate.
  23. Our local shops seem to be out of stock of the EMT sound version. Can anyone point to dealers with stock please?
  24. My problem was significantly different as it involved the unit stopping smoothly. I used CV55. I'd suggest contacting either the shop you used or the manufacturer of the chip.
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