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  1. Have a look here, Rob has all sorts of track plans, there maybe something that's suitable http://www.jomrd.com/index.php
  2. Just a heads up, for any one living in Cumbria or the North of England, there's a small one day show in the coastal village of Allonby, Cumbria, Sunday the 15th Aug 10-4pm ,i've no details off who or what's attending (think there's 6 small layouts) but i'm there with Brewery sidings.
  3. Not sure about the master bit, you only need to ring my bell once ,usually!!
  4. Stephen solder some droppers at the red and blue location in the photo, and join each together under base board, these will do away with relying on the switch rail for power.
  5. NEGS GP7 302 arriving at Franklin Falls NH with train CA-1
  6. Have a read, there some size in text https://www.american-rails.com/dearborn.html
  7. After months out of service, NEGR GP7 302 is back in action, seen here on train CA-1. After heading north to Lochmere, where the only run round is on the line, they switched 3M Industries (only one empty clay slurry tank) and then head down the branch from Northfield to Franklin falls where they pick two box cars up from Green mountain pickle co. They then propel the train back as far as Northfield, switch the team track, then head south to exchange cars with Guilford at Concord yard. My plan is finally coming together, roll on the exhibition season!!!!
  8. Guilford U18B pulling box cars from Green mountain pickle co.
  9. It's a ESU V4 8-7FDL with drive hold, with a pair of sugar cube speakers, it makes it more throaty!
  10. Sophie at Anoraks anonymous is only a phone call away, plenty of dcc ready, dc locos in numerous road names, plus loads of freight cars.
  11. I've used a lot of south eastern fine scale 401 sheets, lot larger at 14"x 9" less joints to hide, once painted you can't tell if it's HO or OO http://www.sefinecast.co.uk/Building Materials/Building Materials.htm
  12. Another job done added sound to my U18B, crank up the volume!!!
  13. The trouble with the retailers in the UK, (which are getting fewer) non of them stock the details American modeller need, switch stands ,derails, loco detailing parts etc, there more into the big buck things like loco and freight cars, i called in at Mechs models last week as i was in the area, he had plenty of Tichy windows and Walthers kits, a few freight cars and a dozen or so £300+ SD what ever, but not a lot else, a bit pricey, but that's the way American stuff seems to be going. Good look with your search, i've been modelling American for a long time and have learned to adapt, like using 4mm brick instead of trying to find 3.5mm sheets, i use a lot of OO detailing stuff in my builds, never had anyone say it's out of scale at exhibitions (they will now) it's the overall illusion where after. I use a lot of card and brick paper with good effect, free downloads of the web, resized Scale scenes, have a look around the web there plenty stuff out there for free.
  14. Glad i could help, i'm not a big lover of QSI decoders myself, had a few loco's with there decoders in, i either sold them or changed the decoder
  15. try double click f6 could be in sleep mode or try a factory reset, does the QSI decoder have a wand, some time the reed switch sticks
  16. Had the same problem, was going to give the new ballast a dark wash, but instead laid a few old ties about, as if they had replaced and topped the ballast up, may still tone it down!
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