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  1. My father was a curate in Fenny Stratford from 1946 (or possibly 1945) until April 1949 when we moved to Ripon. I was born in Northampton, as that was the nearest maternity unit, but spent my first few years in Fenny. I have Dad's loco spotting log books for the period. Strangely I haven't as yet come across any reference to Fenny in them, although many entries for Bletchley. The only photos I have are just three at Bletchley and quite a mixed bag they are too. Dad obviously visited from Ripon in 1951. Ex. LNWR 25752 in 1946, 42585 & 45353 double-headed in 1951 & (D) 10000 also in 1951. I don't want to impose them on your thread, but if you like I can upload them or send them to you. I am afraid Dad has long since gone, so he wouldn't be able to check your layout out. It certainly looks impressive to me.

    Best wishes


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