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  1. An old late Victorian print of the bridge. Happy New Year all.
  2. Neil - I was pleased to be able to round up so many of Dad's photos. A word of caution - if you want to download any of the photos you are welcome to do so. I say this as the ipernity site seems to be going through a rather uncertain time, so you could find that these links go down without warning. We lived in Highbridge in the 1960s and early 70s. I can't remember which website it was, but there was an extensive correspondence arising out of someone spotting the mail train photo. A model of Highbridge was being built over a number of years and the modeller hadn't realised that there was a mail pick-up at that location. It was then discovered that at some point there had also been one on the down line, although no-one could work out where it was positioned. The discussion then got into massive detail over the mail trains' make up over the years and their routes etc. etc.. I was interested in railways when we lived there. Dad and I had a joint SDJR & GW layout based on Mendip, where we had previously lived. Some of my stock, photos and drawings can be found in the SDJR group's pages here. Best wishes for 2016
  3. Here are a few photos where the trains aren't hogging the whole shot! The first is an unidentified 313 on a Brighton to Seaford service approaching Bishopstone station - 18.9.2015. The second is Southern Railway 377 114 on the 10:58 Seaford to Brighton approaching Newhaven - 28.11.2015 We only get 2x 377s on Brighton & Hove Albion FC home match days. They run between Brighton & Seaford calling at Falmer, where the Seagulls have their Amex stadium. The rest of the time we get 3-coach 313s. The third is the first Seaford 150 special with 70013 Oliver Cromwell near Tidemills halt - 7.6.2014 The fourth I can't claim to have taken. It is thought to be by A.H.Malan. It was found with two others in a house in north Somerset and given to my father. One of the others shows Wigmore Castle emerging from Box Tunnel, so it is thought that the other two are in the same area. They have been dated to c1892. The fifth is an unidentified DMU below Conwy Castle in 1992. No.six is Island Line no. 006 with Ryde in the background, in 2004 The seventh was taken train to train on the East Coastway line as it leaves Brighton, in 2013.
  4. There are some great photographs of the railways in and around Newhaven in their local museum. While there I bought a couple of the Alan Godfrey 'Old Ordnance Survey Maps' of Newhaven (North) & (South) and was interested to see how extensive the railways were just before WW2. I have only known Newhaven since we moved down to Seaford in 2009, but I think that it has great potential. Two significant developments are currently under way. The port has been chosen as the support base for the new Rampion off-shore wind farm. Various improvements have begun and dredging has taken place in areas that I haven't seen dredged before. The other new development is the building of the University Technical College for 14 - 18 year-olds. It will teach a wide range of subjects, but offer science and engineering courses as its major subjects - including marine engineering. It has had one year's intake but will open fully next September.
  5. An interesting photo taken on the East Quay line has been contributed to a thread about WW2 dioramas, showing the testing of a rail-mounted heavy gun in 1894 - the thread is at http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/106256-world-war-ii/&do=findComment&comment=2144379
  6. I know this was ages ago, but if they are any help or just of interest, there are a few photos taken at the museum at http://www.ipernity.com/tag/philsutters/keyword/3203951
  7. Great to see this piece of local history! I have walked over the spot a good few times, if it is where I think it is, between Newhaven Harbour and Tidemills.
  8. I have rounded up as many of my father's diesel hydraulic photos as I can find. They are posted on the ipernity photo-sharing site, along with the rest of his railway photos and my more recent ones. The links are http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26454881 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26454883 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26454919 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26481255 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26481299 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26484177 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26488475 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26493015 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26455083 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/25952803 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26482815 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26485611 If you want to download any of these for personal or other non-commercial reasons please do. The ipernity site has had a bit of a wobble recently, so you could find these links disappear. I thoroughly dislike Flickr's style now and don't know where, if anywhere, our fairly large archive would go if ipernity did fold. Best wishes to all for 2016
  9. Kevin Paul mentions the Newhaven Museum and the Seaford Collection (which I guess would probably be in the town museum in Martello Tower 74) as well as the Narrow Gauge Railway Society, as locations of photos and other information. As for the fishing you might like http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/25920023 Phil
  10. To be fair to Paul O'Callaghan, I was a bit sloppy in paraphrasing his Cuckmere chapter, for which I apologize. He does say 'early 1930s' rather than 1930. He then gives details of shingle extraction licences which would put the start date in the 1933-4 period. His words were that the 'military may have temporarily removed the track'. He says that it is believed that an Orenstein Koppel locomotive was used in the early years and has a photo of a Simplex Diesel 4WD No 8659, but this is undated.
  11. The Rye & Camber Tramway ceased passenger operations during WW2, but Marie Panter's "Lost Railways of East Sussex" records that the line was used to support the 'Pluto' (Pipe line under the ocean) project, for getting fuel to the invasion forces in France. A special siding leading down to a new pier was constructed by Canadian troops. So there's another smallish scale scenario. Phil
  12. Paul O'Callaghan in his "East Sussex Coastal Railways" says that rather than making use of the railway, it appears that the military removed the existing 2ft gauge Cuckmere Valley Railway. It had been provided in 1930 to move shingle from the beach to the A259 coast road, at Exceat. It was replaced in around 1950 and used until 1964. There are dragons teeth and four or five pill-boxes still in the valley. There is also a small, personally erected, monument to a company of Canadian soldiers, who were camped in tents, near the entrance to Cuckmere Haven and were decimated in a dawn raid by German aircraft heading further inland. There seems to be some dispute about the veracity of the account, but there certainly many Canadian troops stationed in the area in WW2. There are lots of photos of that area in my photo sharing album at http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/album/502159including a photo of the monument and details of its inscriptions.
  13. Hornby magazine in July 2014 saw a railway layout incorporating a section of RAF Manston as you can see here http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/87018-Hornby-magazine-issue-85-july-2014/
  14. .......or of course there is the Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway armoured train. The Newhaven beach tramway also had an armoured train - I am fairly sure I saw a model of it in the Seaford Town Museum - but I think that that was in WW1. It ran past the sea-plane station, which would make an interesting scenic feature. You can see details of this on an information board at the site - which I photographed recently! http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/40492640
  15. I think that one of your challenges will be finding a location which is in your SE - Kent & Sussex - area and which is small enough to make a credible scene from. There have been a few WW2 related layouts in the model press but they have been fairly extensive. The most recent, in this month's British Railway Modelling magazine, is an 'N' gauge model of Kingswear in Devon and is 24ft overall. Newhaven, which I live about three miles from, is a relatively small port on a river estuary, but at the time of WW2 it had extensive railway facilities on both sides of the harbour. There are still three railway stations, although one is only used for occasional train reversing or stabling. There are two maps in Alan Godfrey's 'Old Ordnance Survey Maps' series showing most of the railway facilities in Newhaven, conveniently from the 1937-8 period. It was the main embarkation port for the disastrous Dieppe commando raid in 1942 and in both world wars it was an important supply route, as it was far enough away from the Straits of Dover to be out of range of coastal guns. It had an updated Victorian fort on the headland above the harbour. If you search for images online, beware, there is another Newhaven in Scotland. I hope I haven't put you off. I have to admit I don't know what possible locations there might be on the north Kent coast, but between Ramsgate and Shoreham I think any port would be too big to do justice to. If you do decide you can create something do let us know how you get on. All the best for 2016. Phil
  16. I have taken liberties with the Spinaker - once by accident and once fully intentionally! As they are not relevant here, I will just put the links in http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/25824191 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26365799
  17. Thanks for that info. My grandchildren and I just happened upon it, running late, as we returned from the Tangmere Aviation Museum, so I wasn't sure why we had its relative luxury.
  18. Many thanks. Dad would be very pleased to have that accolade. His cameras were never that sophisticated, so I have been pleased how many turned out well. He was a lot more considered in his shooting than I am and tried to choose his positioning and framing carefully. Mind you when he wasn't so clever with his composition, the resulting prints were chopped about with nail-scissors, leaving some rather odd shaped little photos! I have found another Devon diesel or two or three - BR WR Warship class D821 Greyhound on empty carriage stock working at Starcross on 30.6.1967 BR D1062 Western Courier Paignton 31.7.1977 BR diesel railcar at Brixham - Summer 1962 - The tall youth standing under the WAY OUT sign is me! One of my sisters is beside me in a check skirt. I know these details will mean a lot to all you rail fans! The really scary thing is that there is a bearded bloke in the nearest passenger window that looks a lot like me about 8-9 years later!
  19. The school has changed a lot since we were there in the '60s & early '70s. I can't see anything from aerial maps that could be it. There is an outside chance that it has been offered to an enthusiast or group. As I noted above, my rolling stock drawings were for my own modelling - mainly hacking Triang clerestorys - and must not be regarded as scale drawings. A great little book with details of rolling stock is Colin Maggs' Highbridge in its heyday, from Oakwood Press - no drawings but a good number of photos.
  20. You can see from one of my photos above, they are not above borrowing a SWT 159! Straying over to East Coastway, Seaford has two direct morning rush-hour services to Victoria each day and one back. The rest of the time that journey necessitates a change at Lewes onto Eastbourne & Hastings line trains.
  21. Another at the Brighton end of West Coastway, from Dad's photos. I also found one of mine in more recent years at Barnham
  22. In 1971, in another place far, far away, the S&D track bed, if not its original track, was being used (or abused) by fly-ash trains supplying the construction of the M5 across the Somerset Levels. Salt definitely being rubbed into wounds there.
  23. I will try to round up some of my father's photos from the diesel era in Devon.
  24. Although located firmly on the Coastway East at the end of the Seaford branch, I have a handful of modern photos taken on the Coastway West and one taken by my father in Hove in 1957 :
  25. Model Railways December 1979 had drawings, by P.R.Bunce and P.M.Giles, of 6-wheeled passenger brake vans. The July 1980 issue had an article by Jem Harrison on scratch-building 7mm scale coaches for his SDJR layout, which included drawings of 48ft and 46ft passenger coaches. Peter Tatlow's Historic Carriage Drawing - volume 3 has a MR & SDJR 5 ton 25 ft Fruit & Milk van. Model Railway News had drawings of SDJR 0-4-4T No. 10. Railway Modeller in February 1967 had Bill Ibbott's drawings of a 2-8-0. If you spot any of my drawings of S&D stock, please be aware that they were drawn as general arrangement drawings, for my own models using photos and estimated measurements. Some are on my photo sharing pages at http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/album/512733?view=0
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