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  1. Wow that's a magnificent, can't see anyone competing with that!!.........
  2. Thanks David for your kind comment, now all you have to do is paint all of those lovely Pacifics RED !!!, sorry Sir Nigel....I'm sure he would be well chuffed looking at your wonderful creation. Rgds.....Mike
  3. I haven't looked at this thread before (stupid me!!), because I am basically an LMS man but what a brilliant model this is, really capturing the atmosphere of a BR steam shed. Rgds.......Mike
  4. Lovely work Mark. only saw one of the class "McKenzie" it had red nameplates in1960. Rgds....Mike
  5. Brilliant modelling, still can't get rid of the kipper smell!! Mikr
  6. I really find some of the comments on this thread, very strange. Here we are, shortly expecting the most accurate and exceptional model of an iconic prototype and people are bitching. I have one ordered (don't tell SWMBO} and I will just be happy when it lobs on my doorstep. Mike
  7. I am sorry if this info is somewhere on this site but I am stuffed if I can find it, been to Hornby's site too .....no help!!, in August 2021 I placed a pre-paid order with the Little Train Shop in Launceston Tasmania. The owner has since absconded and the Company is in the hands of a Liquidator, does anyone know the estimated delivery date of this item as my Credit Card Company is playing hard ball. Rgds........Mike
  8. This thread reminds me so much of the times at Grantham in the late fifties, lovely times, except for being "put" on the train back to Derby Friargate an excruciatingly long journey it used to seem, after watching the magnificent procession of East Coast Pacifics. Wished I could still do it though. Brilliant modelling Gilbert .....Thank you Rgds......Mike
  9. Absolutely beautiful, used to see these machines in close up at Crewe in the late 50's, early 60's, most were kept in the condition shown, unfortunately some were not, I remember seeing 46234 drawing into the platform and thinking, how could they let an engine out in such a dreadful external condition. Shades of what was to come I guess Mike
  10. Thanks Andy and your group....... seems a bit inadequate I know but it is sincerely meant. Mike
  11. Thanks Dennis for all of the models you have had a hand in bringing to market.........good luck and good health in your" retirement". Kind Regards Mike
  12. Hey Fran, I am sure that most of us sympathise with your frustrations but truly, it doesn't matter, I know at some stage be it sooner or later I will end up with a superb model of an iconic machine, so whatever the circumstances, the wait is for me, of no real consequence ..............continue to produce the best. Regards. Mike "
  13. Sounds like it will soon be time to pack your little cardboard suitcase. bucket and spade etc. and head off to the seaside too!!. Yes the site has been a bit slow but sh^t it's not the end of the world, I'm sure it will be fixed in good time..........wouldn't have a Mods job for quids, even if I could do it!!. Mike
  14. Go on holiday Bud, we'll all be here to whinge and complain when you get back! and hey! enjoy it. It's model trains, which we all love.........but perspective mate. Mike
  15. Why did you post that!!...........now I have to find a sleeping tablet to quell my excitement!!!!! That is something special. Mike
  16. I purchased a Die-Soon pet efficient vac 5 years or so ago, the blxxdy thing goes for about ten minutes before it needs to be taken apart, cleaned out and started again, it blocks at the head and the intake into the cylinder very quickly. In my view, a very poorly designed piece of equipment. My 35 year old VAX 4000 has no such issues, it's just a pain to drag around.............Sorry to go off topic, will shut up now!! Mike
  17. Yes that's my issue, the painting, my efforts always seem to stuff up all of the effort I have put into the building, so with my deteriorating sight and unsteady hands, I have basically given up painting but I have never been a Goddard or a Rathbone indeed far from it. I could never even come close to the RTR stuff. Mike
  18. CR 123 did rail tours double heading with 103 I think.......so just maybe!! Still love a Spinner though! Mike
  19. Didn't I see/read on another thread by some high profile individual or other. that diesels don't have the appeal/charisma etc. of steam, well speaking of my last few orders as a dyed in the wool steam man, they have been, a Deltic, Class 37, Class 31, The Fell and an improved Precedent..........sorry H you ain't got it quite right!! Oops, sorry and Lion!!(Rapido). Quality models, steam or diesel will sell at a fair price, I reckon. Mike
  20. Oh my God, stoppit, stoppit ,stoppit...............bankruptcy looms, about to order the "as delivered one" Mike
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