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  1. . UK society summed up to a 'T'
  2. At the Yorkshire Air Museum, there were several cockpits, set aside for 'Joe Public' to sit in, and fiddle about in - seperate from the main exhibits. . At the NRM I could find NO footplate or diesel cab to which the punters have access. . If the NRM are concerned about 'damage', I fail to see what (further) damage 'little Jimmy' can cause to the iron, steel and copper backhead and controls of a steam loco that will never run again ? .
  3. Just back from a few days in York with the grandsons. . Took in both the Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington and the National Railway Museum. . Both I, and the railway loving grandsons were in no doubt as to which of the two we preferred.................... and it wasn't the NRM. . The ability to sit inside a C-47/DC3, or climb into a Canberra cockpit at Elvington, or listen to the SE5A, far outweighed the sterile manner in which the railway non-runners at the NRM were displayed, with no interaction, or access to a footplate or cab, poor lighting in the store area and model displays. . Rant over..........................
  4. You're more than welcome Hippo. . At 'Aberflyarff' 95% of track is down in the station/yard area, the droppers and some S&W magnets are in also place. . Track laying is moving towards 'Twll Cach' washery. . Whether there will be much movement is another matter. . The first and last days of your Jubilee visit to the Principality, I'm currently free..................... However, on Saturday, the grandsons have invited me to accompany them on their 12th birthday bash, to the Forest of Dean................"Go Ape" followed by the DFR. . Fingers crossed
  5. . Excellent BoD, 18 terminals, exactly what I need next. . Many thanks . brian R
  6. Brian is confronted by a conundrum. . I bought a pair of these a while back, courtesy of Mr. Bezos - at which time they were described as 'distributor boards' . I suspect I can find them cheaper elsewhere, but searching online using 'distributor board' only brings up the original dealer. . I would think a company such as RS Components would stocks such an item............. which I would describe more as a form of 'terminal block' . Any passengers on the Night Mail able to help, with (i) the correct name, and (ii) a possible stockist. . Thanks in advance.
  7. D828 - The only Warship I never got to underline in my Combined Volume. D809 - The only Warship I ever saw at Radyr, 51 years ago this week
  8. Anthracite is mainly only found in the west of the South Wales coalfield, generally west of the Vale of Neath. . The Anthracite market blossomed in the late 50s, early 60s following the introduction of clean air legislation. . The rest of the South Wales coalfield produced a variety of steam coal, coking coal etc.
  9. This morningI had a call from a very friendly, helpful lady from the Indian sub-continent, called Sandra to inform me that Visa have detected an unusual international payment of £600 made on my card. . Apparently, the payment was made to a John Cook of Mountain View, California, which I cannot recall authorising. . Despite not having given her my name, but the personal details of a convicted murderer (gleaned from my newspaper), and without even knowing my account information, Sandra was adamant that this payment had been made using my Visa card. . I listened intently, ummed and aaahed in the right places, then, choosing my moment told her . "I don't know who you are, or what you want. I don't have any money. What I do have is a very particular set of skills, that make me a nightmare for people like you. Call me again, and I will find you, and I will kill you !" . Click, brrrrrrrrr . . . This is just one of a number of 'conversations' I retain specifically for cold callers and scammers. . By the way, I don't have a Visa card.
  10. Hippo may need to sit, and take deep breaths. . The first track has been laid on the BR (WR) Efflew Valley Branch. . Starting with the epi-centre of the railway hub of the valley, the double slip at Aberflyarff . I now need to rest.
  11. Which reminds one; . "Twll Cach" together with "Aberflyarff" and The BR (WR) Cardiff Division "Efflew Valley Branch" has been subject to dropper drilling, the placing of pointwork, and the cutting to length of trackwork this evening.
  12. On a similar vein.................., today I will be shopping for modelling supplies, and my journey will take me through the Pontcanna area - lair of a Welsh beast known as either the 'Taffia' or the 'Crachach' Crachach, a pejorative term used to refer to a perceived Welsh-speaking interconnected elite who control the arts, media, civil service and higher education sectors in Wales. The term translates as "petty gentry", "conceited upstarts", or "snobs", but has developed into a wider populist conspiracy theory. The broader theories claim that the Welsh-speaking elite dominate influential positions in the arts, politics, academia and the media largely on the basis of their Welsh language knowledge. To some Welsh speakers, the term is offensive in meaning. Some writers have described it as "an attack on Welsh speakers" . If you are a Welsh speaking Welsh international rugby player (male, or female) a well paid, part time job (funded by the licence payer) with BBC Cymru/Wales beckons. . PS The Welsh for 'cynic' is 'sinig'
  13. Imagine the grilling US Immigration gave me, crossing at Niagra in the 80s, the days when you could 'share' a UK passport i.e. husband and wife on the same document.............. and I tried crossing without the wife. "Where is Gaynorrrrrrr ?" "She didn't want to come" "Why would someone not want to visit the United States ?" "You'd best ask her" "Where is she ?" "In the UK" "Where's that ?" . Then there was the time I travelled by train from Tronnow (Toronto) to Syracuse - and the rigmarole of filling out the most assinine Immigration form ever designed...... "Between 1933 and 1945 were you a member of the Nazi Party" tick (sorry, check) Yes or No "Have you ever been a member of the Communist Party ?" tick Yes, or No" Have you ever been involved in any acts of espionage or terrorism ? tick Yes or No I ask you. . Then, crossing again in 2016........ I get interviewed by the US officials, my friend doesn't, he has Canadian citizenship "What's the reason for your visit to the United States ?" "To visit the railroaders museum in Altoona, Pennsylvania" NOTE - You don't tell them you are going to photograph trains.................. "You like railroads ?" "Yes" "Do you have a model railroad ?" "Yes" "What scale is it ?" "4mm scale, like your HO" "How big is it ?" " 5'8" long - But, like all men, I wish it were bigger !" - cue vacant expression. "Welcome to the United States of America, enjoy your visit" "NEXT !" . . HOWEVER - for bureaucratic buffoonery nothing beats Cardiff (Wales) Airport a grass field formerly known as "Cardiff International Airport" . Returning from Alicante and waiting for the Immigration staff (passport perusers) to get themselves into gear, and handle that days only flight I read the notices on the wall, all by law are bilingual, Welsh, and English. I get to the poster that reads "How to seek asylum in the United Kingdom" - and then find, it is also bilingual, in English, and Welsh. Now, chuckling to myself, and wishing to show this waste of taxpayers money to my friends, I whip out my phone to capture this example of bureaucratic b@ll@cks for posterity "Oi ! - No photos", shouts the alert immigration bod. . I ask you, how many Welsh speakers have ever landed at Cardiff Airport, and sought asylum ?
  14. Must be 30yrs since I was there last. . They ran a car specially for two of us.
  15. . A bit late to the party. . Abercwmboi produced a smokeless fuel known as 'Phurnacite'. . Messrs Lunt, Comley & Pitt had a facility at Pensnett which was for the receiving and distribution of foundry coke (not smokeless fuel). . The foundry coke was transported in BR 20ton Coke Hoppers built to Dia. 1/152 (the type with solid steel sides, and no wooden coke raves) - those wagons allocated to the 'Pensnett' circuit had modified discharge chutes, and were branded 'Pensnett' on the wagon sides. . The 'Pensnett' traffic originated either at Radyr (coke from Nantgarw), or Llantrisant (coke from Cwm or Coed Ely) on an as required basis, and was for several years a Cl.35 'Hymek' diagram. . In 1971 / 1972 the train ran as; 8M64 20:06 Llantrisant - Kingswinford and 6V55 02:40 Kingswinford - Llantrisant.
  16. On 26th. October, 1979, 09024 arrived at Canton, from Eastleigh, having travelled under its own power. . It was trialled at several locations around South Wales, including Llantrisant (yard), Llanelli (Old Castle Pilot), and Radyr (trips). . 09024 left South Wales on 22nd. November, 1979, this time bound for Selhurst again under its own power.
  17. . And probably means little or nothing to anyone who left a UK school in the last twenty years ! . I remember the 6th Form well - even if we parted company in 1974.
  18. "I met my husband / wife, in court" - hmmmm
  19. D7081 passing Purley with an excursion, 22nd. May, 1965. . Via Ebay - photographer unknown.
  20. D7060 at Cambridge, having arrived with a 'footex'; . Photographer(s) unknown .
  21. D7032 pilots D1944 through Leominster, with 1V58 15:30 Liverpool Lime Street - Cardiff; 22nd. June, 1963. . Photographer unknown.
  22. D7025, Tyseley, March 1967. . Photographer unknown.
  23. Boxing Day, 1967 - all was not well in West Wales; 7081 failed at Landore 7082 failed at Landore 7087 failed at Landore. 7089 to work 20:45 Swansea 7093 to work 17:20 Milford Haven, 23:10 Swansea 7095 failed at Carmarthen 7099 to work L/E Landore – Carmarthen . However, the following day, 27th. December, 1967 this was the state of play; Disposition of West Wales Cl.35 locos. 7080 to work 04:12 Carmarthen, 06:50 Lampeter, 20:45 Swansea 7081 to work 03:05 Milford Haven 7082 faiIed at Landore 7084 to work 08:30 Carmarthen P.Way, 19:15 Milford Haven 7087 spare at Landore. 7089 repairs at Landore 7093 to work L/E Landore – Carmarthen, 09:55 Haverfordwest parcels 7095 failed at Carmarthen 7096 spare at Landore 7099 to work 05:09 Milford Haven, 09:10 Newcastle Emlyn, 15:10 Llandilo Jcn. 17:20 Milford Haven, 23:10 Swansea . And, on 28th. December, 1967....... 7074 Landore, failed. 7075 to work 08:30 Carmarthen, 17:30 Manchester ? 7080 to work 03:05 Milford Haven 7082 failed, towed Landore - Canton 7084 to work 05:09 Milford Haven, 09:10 Newcastle Emlyn, 15:10 Llandilo Jcn. 17:20 Milford Haven, 23:10 Swansea 7087 to work 12:45 Margam 7096 to work 07:25 Llandilo Jcn. and Milford Haven 7093 to work 20:45 Swansea 7099 to work 04:12 Milford Haven, 06:50 Lampeter, 19:15 Milford Haven . Then we come to 29th. December, 1967; 7053 to work 03:05 Milford Haven & 09:55 Haverfordwest parcels 7075 to work 12:45 Margam 7084 to work 08:30 Carmarthen 7092 to work 07:25 Llandilo Junction 7093 04:12 Milford Haven, 06:50 to work Lampeter, 20:45 Swansea 7094 to work 19:15 Milford Haven 7096 to work 17:20 Milford Haven 7099 to work 05:09 Milford Haven, 09:10 Newcastle Emlyn, 15:10 Llandilo Jcn. 17:30 Manchester . And finally, 30th. December, 1967; 7051 to work 06:50 Lampeter, 19:15 Milford Haven 7084 to work 05:09 Milford Haven, 11:20 Green Grove, 20:40 Manchester ? 7087 spare Landore 7096 spare at Carmarthen I was once told that on 12th March 1969 7098 ( 86A ) was working the (Cardiff Docks ? to) Soho Pool tanks when the loco apparently derailed in the Bescot area blocking the Up & Down mainlines, and was dragged onto the depot by D8181 (2E), it is believed the EE type 1 carried on with the job via Soho Road, Tipton and Wednesbury to Bescot. .
  24. Some 'Hymek' workings extracted from Driver's / Guard's journals by the late Rowland Pittard (of Tondu) and passed to me following his death. 1965 16/1/65 - D7006 – ldsl GL to Eastgate for 2B74 (?) 0804 to Bristol TM, loco to Bath Road 27/1/65 - D7053 - ldsl GL to Eastgate for 2B74 (?) 0804 to Bristol TM, loco to Bath Road 28/1/65 - D7055 - ldsl GL to Eastgate for 2B74 (?) 0804 to Bristol TM, loco to Bath Road 10/2/65 - D7082 – 1230 freight Gloster – Newtown Goods (may have been piloting steam 45369, notes unclear), presume loco returned on 1540 return train 11/2/65 – D7082 similar to previous but at 1100 with steam 92125 or 92128 involved 12/2/65 – D7082 again but alone, reld Woster crew, 1305 to Pengam, loco to Canton 13/2/65 – D7082 again with 92247 in tow. To Pengam and onto canton, return to Glos at 1555 3/4/65 – D7046 – freight between Swindon – Gloster (32 vehicles) 1845-2045 7/4/65 – D7066 – freight between Gloster-Woster 1345-1435 8/4/65 – D7066 – freight between Gloster-Woster 1400-1510 9/4/65 – D7039 – ditto 1330-1435 reld by Woster crew 10/4/65 – D7066 – ditto 1330-1439 41 vehicles 10/4/65 – D7084 – freight Woster-Gloster 1805-1915 35 vehicles 12/4/65 – D7005 – ldsl GL-Chelt, ECS Glos, 2H81 1728 Cheltenham, 2B29 1925 to Glos Eastgate 13/4/65 – D7019 - ldsl GL-Chelt, ECS Glos, 2H81 1728 Cheltenham, 2B29 1925 to Glos Eastgate (2H81 = 5=162 / 2B29 = 6=174) 14/4/65 – D7017 – ldsl GL-Chelt, ECS Glos, 2H81 1728 Cheltenham, 2B29 1925 to Glos Eastgate 17/4/65 – D7051 – ldsl GL-Chelt, ECS Glos, 2H81 1728 Cheltenham, 2B29 1925 to Glos Eastgate 24/4/65 – D7099 – ldsl GL to Carr Sdg, 0715 Chelt, 0745 Chelt-Bristol TM, ldsl Bath Road 4/5/65 – D7075 – 1630 Gloster-Kemble – Swindon Loco Yard and return 5/5/65 – D7075 – 1617 Gloster –Kemble - Swindon Loco Yard and return 6/5/65 – D7075 – 1630 Gloster –Kemble - Swindon Loco Yard and return 2/11/65 – D7066 ldsl off Reading depot, 1200 Reading – Paddington (note says all stations Southall-Ealing-Acton_Padd) 3/12/65 – D7079 0845 Cardiff – Cheltenham . A few other workings of interest include; . 2/5/69 – D7082 4V58 Spring Vale – Waterston 22/9/69 – D7076 6M56 Canton – Calvert 28/10/69 – D7095 6Z37 1900 Cadoxton Low Level – Carlisle (guard off at Hereford) 30/10/69 – D7095 7M71 2320 Pengam – Soho (guard off at Worcester) 31/10/69 – D7063 6Z36 2305 Tidal – Bovey Tracey 10/11/69 – D7093 8B82 1240 Llanwern – Etruria (guard off at Hereford) 11/11/69 – D7056 6E69 1330 Barry Docks – Temple Mills (this was working usually in connection with Geest banana boats coming alongside) 12/11/69 – D7068 6E69 1330 Barry Docks – Temple Mills 13/11/69 – D7083 6E69 1330 Barry Docks – Temple Mills 14/11/69 – D7079 & D7075 6E69 1200 Barry Docks – Temple Mills 22/4/70 – D7056 7V22 2330 (previous) Warrington – STJ 17/5/70 – D7090 6Z45 1845 Barry – Carlisle to Gloucester 25/5/70 – D7089 6Z31 1830 Barry Dock – Norwood (ldsl off Canton) - (possibly banana traffic for Lingfield ?) 7/6/70 – D7099 6Z30 1745 Barry Dock – Temple Mills (ldsl off Canton) Brian R
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