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  1. The point was that Rails want £595 for the RAF 91 - pre-owned!!!
  2. Clicked the link but took me here instead! RAILS!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/25051301067?iid=284611791621
  3. Have used A4 self adhesive sheets with Scalscenes type card modelling with good sucess so tried it for slabs on platforms and textured / yellow lines on edges on top of plasticard - not sucessful - bubbled up - may be due to changes in temperature in attic.
  4. 3Z17 Crewe to Derby RTC through Hatton 11:25 this morning with DTC 9714 leading 37612.
  5. https://www.sabre-roads.org.uk/maps/ https://www.railmaponline.com/UKIEMap.php# A couple that I find of use and a thumbs-up for the Scottish O/S site.
  6. Scroll down for first vid - time lapse I'm afraid but will show you the modern way. https://www.networkrail.co.uk/running-the-railway/our-routes/east-midlands/midland-main-line-upgrade/derby-resignalling-project/
  7. https://proses.com/prestashop/track-laying-tools/22-ho-oo-scale-adjustable-parallel-track-tool-8680979260401.html I've found these are the best thing since somebody invented the knife to cut bread never mind sliced bread!!!
  8. Slightly OT - at a Toy Fair at Donnington Park a few years back there was a stand selling large scale trucks with prices quoted in euros!
  9. 0K37 - Toton North Yard to Crewe Basford Hall passing through Tutbury & Hatton Station 1129 this morning. 56302 PECO The Railway Modeller 2016 70 Years.
  10. I'd maybe put it a few years earlier. I started school Jan '58 at Mickleover Infants (Now home to Mickleover MRC!) and Mickleover Junior had just opened and that had that type of fencing round it when I moved there in 1960.
  11. 66849 Wylam Dilly in charge of today's 6K35 from Stapleford & Sandiacre Chief Civil Engineer's Siding to Longport Pinnox Branch Esso Sidings passing through Hatton 10:35 this morning. Low sun not conducive to photography!
  12. Most were stored behind Derby station soon after build as they were not very reliable!
  13. The seller seems to be the policeman from Allo Allo - "i have pisted this Loco as spares or repair it will be sold as seen . "
  14. 4D36 Longport Pinnox Branch Esso Sidings to Derby Chaddesden Sidings through Hatton this afternoon at 15:59 in the hands of 56049 Robin of Templecombe 1938-2013.
  15. 66221 behind 67013 on their way to Toton from Crewe Electric 1032 this morning through Hatton.
  16. 67013 hauling 66221 from Crewe Electric to Toton through Hatton this morning at 1032.
  17. It's even worse when find things that you did not know you'd lost and don't know where they came from! I recently found an red tipped air brake pipe (4mm) - checked the Dapol 68s which were most likely - all pipes present and correct - all other locos and DVTs so fitted still fitted! Where is it from?? ARRRGH!
  18. The full explanation can be found in Robert Rankin's excellent tome Raiders of the Lost Car Park. Basically, get a paper map of the World and try to wrap it round a globe - it will not fit, there are spaces - this were all the lost things go!!
  19. Looking fresh from the Toton paint shop TfW 67014 running light engine to Crewe Electric through Hatton 1030 this morning.
  20. That's pristine compared with the wheezers that used to trundle through Mickleover in the 60s!
  21. 67007 again - been up and down the line all week - ??route learning for RHTT?? Just to prove it has got white numbers!! Toton to Crewe through Hatton at 1011 today.
  22. 0F55 Shrewsbury Sutton Bridge to Nottingham Eastcroft to collect 37025 for attention at Barrow Hill. 56113 through Hatton at 1035 this morning.
  23. 0J36 Derby RTC to Kirkdale Carridge Siding to collect 507006 for scrap - 57310 Pride of Cumbria leading 57312 - through Hatton at 1546 today.
  24. 67007 as the 0Z61 Toton to Crewe through Hatton at 10:16 this morning. Stiil sporting the St Andrew's flag - white numbers at the other.
  25. 0Y37 Crewe DRS to Doncaster West Yard through Hatton at 10:19 this morning - 66432 leading 66430.
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