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  1. 0Z55 Warrington Bank Quay - Edge Hill - Warrington Bank Quay - Derby RTC. (Route refresh/learning??) 37116 through Hatton and across Tutbury Crossing 1515 this afternoon.
  2. 0Z37 Norwich Crown Point to Crewe Gresty Bridge (DRS) - 57002 RAIL EXPRESS through Hatton at 1510 today.
  3. Maybe I should have put it in the "Prototypes for Everything" thread....
  4. Old livery - new picture. 56 081 hauling 5Q10 from Widnes to Worksop consisting of SWT 701 008 with 47 749 CITY OF TRURO bringing up the rear (see Class 47 thread) passing through Hatton 60 minutes late at 13:33 today.
  5. 47 749 CITY OF TRURO bringing up the rear of 5Q10 Widnes to Worksop through Hatton hauled by 56 081 with 701 008 between the two at 13:33 today 60 minutes late.
  6. So you've damaged the sleepers at the end of a length of concrete sleepered track and only have a few wooden & steel spares... Opposite Tutbury & Hatton Station platform 1 - Derby to Crewe direction. Plus a track join to more steel track. Track from Derby appears to be welded steel sleepers up to this and welded concrete sleepers toward Crewe.
  7. 37 424 (37 558) Avro Vulcan XH558 & 37 422 Victorious 0Z37 York Parcels Sidings to Crewe DRS passing through Hatton at 1401 this afternoon.
  8. 43 290 & 43 299 on the 1Q30 Colas NMT through Hatton this morning at 1127.
  9. 56 051 Survival as the 0K25 Nottingham Eastcroft to Crewe Basford Hall through Hatton today at 1116.
  10. They still do - I bought some a couple of years back at a show - Derby, Loughborough or Stafford, to narrow it down - must get round to using them on a Dapol Stanier kit - that's if I can find them!!
  11. 47746 "Chris Fudge 29.7.70 - 22.6.10" leading 47237 on the 1Z18 Saltburn (dep. 0753) to Torquay (due. 1813) the very long way round through Hatton at 1138 today.
  12. Tutbury Crossing box in Hatton. OK... so the photo was of the 73/9...
  13. They used to follow the buses through, so the road was blocked while the mess was cleared up - all the twiters then complaining that their bus was delayed!!!
  14. They used to have them on Burton High Street but the road was forever blocked by cars with bollards through their sumps so they have been removed!
  15. GBRailfreight 73 962 Dick Mabbutt running light from Warrington Bank Quay to Derby RTC through Hatton at 11:24 today.
  16. PC Line (used to) do Universal Transparency Film - "For use with all Inkjet and Laser Printers". It's some time since I brought it and only used it with a Laser. It was bought from either Staples or Rymans some years back. Worked OK for Scalescenes windows.
  17. 37 521 Crewe to Toton with a coach for tyre turning passing through Hatton at 11:10 this morning.
  18. Not great... https://www.brdatabase.info/sites.php?page=depots&subpage=main&id=264
  19. We were discussing the state of the ex-Anglia 156 when this photo was taken - even the inherited EMT ones appear to be in a rather worse state than the 158s. Newark Castle to Crewe 1/6/2021 passing Hatton at 1402.
  20. 37425 "Sir Robert McAlpine/Concrete Bob" & 37402 "Stephen Middlemore 23.12.1954-8.6.2013" with the 0F75 Gresty Bridge DRS to Derby RTC through Hatton at Tutbury & Hatton Station 11:35 today.
  21. Crewe to Derby RTC through (Tutbury &) Hatton light engine, 37219 Jonty Jarvis.
  22. DRS 66s today at Tutbury & Hatton. 66434 & 66432 running light from Crewe DRS to High Marnham Texas Utility.
  23. 14 minutes later... 67001 with the 5Z92 Toton to Crewe Electric at 1411.
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