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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.


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  1. Sorry to find more work for Andy, but maybe my gold halo needs a little attention with the brasso... All appears good on the PC, but the android tablet is getting the dreaded adverts, which are making it very difficult to use the site. I've tried:- Clearing cache & cookies Logging out and back in Using a different browser None of which made any difference I tried relinking my account through WoR, but that gave a Euston we have a problem error.
  2. I had really been looking forward to this show, it's been so long without exhibitions. Unfortunately SWMBO has just tested positive for the dreaded lurgi, so I won't be attending this time. Hopefully the Peterborough show will be possible later on.
  3. Hornby can't be unaware of the amount of bad feeling that their actions have generated as is apparent both on here and elsewhere, so presumably they don't care about it. Which only reinforces the perception that they really don't give a four ecks about their customers or their retailers. I once worked for a company which was extremely successful until taken over by a large American corporation which gave a similar impression to its customers. The business was destroyed within a year.
  4. Result No 3? Previous customers no longer feel valued by the business and vote with their feet.
  5. I do wonder why Hornby bother to continue in business when they make it next to impossible to buy or to sell their products, even if you wanted to....
  6. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/44062/armored-caboose-designed-to-protect-navy-nuclear-trains-is-about-to-start-its-final-testing
  7. It may be just the perspective, but the whole cab front looks too wide to me wrt the buffer beam. The windows appear stretched in width and likewise the top of the door where it slopes in doesn't look quite right. Has the body taper towards the ends been rendered correctly?
  8. I used 16mm x 5mm which fits the hole nicely - mind the gap! A google search for " 1938 tube stock wedgelock coupler" produced some useful photos and a drawing.
  9. Now there's an idea. I'll have a bash....
  10. There's a previous thread including a variety of test results on curved and level track that might help
  11. Old threads never die... Here are a few SR banana vans for my own layout - not the best quality pics I'm afraid. These were my first attempt at 3D printed wagons, drawn in sketchup. Amd these were based on the Parkside PC594, with the 3D printed chassis and doors from the previous effort.
  12. Gold members don't see the advertising but it can still affect us... While I totally agree with all the above points and am more that happy to pay the price of the Gold membership to access the huge amount of information, expertise and inspiration that RMweb provides, I can't help being concerned that the time it is taking to resolve the issue risks dissuading people from posting this valuable content. The value equation for the Gold subscription might then change somewhat, which would be counterproductive and a great pity.
  13. I've been following this discussion with some interest. Railmagic looks interesting given the claims made for it. It will likely find a place in the market if it performs as advertised. Cards on the table, I'm a long time user of Traincontroller, but with a new layout under construction, if a new system comes along offering greater capability, simplicity or economy, now would be the time to consider it. Yes, it's true that I have a large legacy investment in an existing system in terms of time, money and acquired experience, so an alternative has to offer a step change in capability, simplicity or cost, preferably more than one of these. I would also need to see a convincing demonstration of reliability. My layout already has a very busy magnetic environment with every item of motive power fitted with multiple traction magnets, with typically around a dozen in motion at the same time over 5 different levels plus helices. There are also moving magnets for uncoupling and in due course there will again be road vehicles moving using both faller and magnorail systems, all with moving magnets. Add to this the need to modify an existing fleet of locos and multiple units with additional electronics, and I can't see any advantage in my circumstances, which may well be the case for many other existing users of computer control.
  14. One wonders how the magnetic sensing will cope with multi level layouts, helices and the like....
  15. Some 10 years after the last train ran, track lifting is in progress on the old overgrown right of way... What will happen to the old track bed? Will it become a cycle way? Or will preservationists one day clear the vegetation and relay the track?
  16. Very true - but then you have a clearer picture than most of us are privy to, and maybe there is more at play than is apparent to a mere past purchaser of Hornby products
  17. Thankyou for putting your head above the parapet... Against my better judgement, I'll respond. Obviously, as a mere consumer and end user of Hornby's products I don't know what's going on, and don't expect I ever will. I merely ordered a lot of product in good faith from a retailer who took those orders in good faith and then found their supply denied to them. Some of that product I have managed to source elsewhere, some I have not. It IS only toy trains and not the end of the world, but it has caused me hassle, inconvenience and expense that I do not need. The bottom line is that I don't like the way Hornby have treated their end users or their retailers, it leaves a bad taste and it does not make me think kindly of them. It will mean that I will be likely to purchase fewer of their offerings in future.
  18. And have access to the value added retailer services that Hornby don't provide.
  19. Yup, my luggage van pre order cancelled as well. This is just the latest in a string of my Hornby pre-orders that have been cancelled with Hattons. Sorry to say it, but there is just no point in giving Hattons any more of my Hornby orders any more. I am cancelling the rest and will try to re-order elsewhere. Wherever the fault lies, it does customer confidence no good at all, in either the retailer or the manufacturer.
  20. The proposed Alexa voice control additions have now been implemented and tested. These are useful in that it is not necessary to get to a control panel in order to action them, although they can also be operated by a hardware panel control. "Alexa Emergency Stop" puts Traincontroller into freeze mode, cutting the DCC power and making a hard stop of all trains and layout functions. This can only be reset at the computer. "Alexa Pause Operations" instigates a soft stop of the layout. It stops the timetable clock and locks the exit of every block, having a similar effect to putting all signals to danger. "Alexa Resume Operations", as you might expect, restarts the clock and unlocks the blocks, enabling trains to continue. Each of the above will also trigger a voice announcement by the computer and put a message on the track display. The pause function will also be triggered automatically by the PSX circuit breakers if a short circuit occurs, such as a derailment, with a voice announcement of which breaker, indicating the general location of the problem. When the short is cleared, the breaker will reset and trigger the resume function.
  21. Another occasional update on progress with construction of the layout.... Testing on the level 3 storage is now complete. Trains have been runnng under computer control from their assigned storage loop down to the return loop below level 3, back up to level three and then up to the temporary return loop at level 2 height, a vertical range of 12 inches. The rails are graphited and with the magnetic adhesion enhancement, full length trains of 13 bogies or 39 slu goods stock have presented no problem, and a loco can restart a train at any point on the layout. The intensive testing has certainly shown up those places where my tracklaying was not as good as I thought it was, all such instances have now been investigated and fettled accordingly. A few wiring errors have also come to light and been corrected. The temporary return loop has now been removed and work can start on installing the baseboard structure for level 2 storage. Progress beyond that is going to be dependent on the future availability of points and track in these uncertain times.
  22. Yes, the sides have come up a bit thicker than would be ideal in 4mm, but apart from that it seems pretty good to me.
  23. I took the liberty of blowing this up to 4mm and running it on the photon with very acceptable results.
  24. Next in this occasional series of progress updates... The final set of storage loops on the lowest deck have now been installed, which completes phase one of the build. Next will be some intensive test running to find the bugs before work starts on the next deck. A temporary return loop has been installed to represent the rest of the layout.
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