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  1. I offer a suggestion for cutting gaps in your copperclad that are narrower than shown, in order to have more of the copper bonded in place and less gap. Take an aluminum handle Xacto knife, either the small size or #2. Get a chisel point blade and use a stone to make a less delicate blade angle. Now simply hold the blade against the copper and whack the handle smartly with a good sized hammer. It will cut a very small gap. But to do this, your copper tie must be solidly supported, concrete floor or heavy workbench.
  2. I am in the US and may have a little different idea or understanding of some comments. Can anyone write in more or less a summary of the benefits/deficiencies of the two Manors. I don't want to order and somehow find that I bought the wrong one. Thanks for any help.
  3. UK men seem to like sheds. In my yard I built an 8x12 with a loft, cut wood myself, screwed it all together. Now I needed contractors to do shingles and vinyl siding. But otherwise with my own tools and fingers. So my brain just goes about all of this differently.
  4. I think I will go to The Container Store and see if they have these Bigso boxes. There is possibly something different culturally between US and UK about boxfile type layouts. I have never seen one here. As far as what wood costs, I do not know how many pay attention. You buy 2 pcs of 1x2 6 or 8 ft long, a 2x4 piece of some plywood, and thats it. Possibly many UK modellers are tight on funds. Or maybe it is part of modelling to just emphasize it.
  5. I tentatively conclude that a lot of modellers, particularly in UK, are not practiced at fabrication and sawing wood, so use these boxfiles. Or they turn to laser cut baseboards. Here is the US it plywood or homasote and 1x lumber.
  6. I am in the US and am curious about this whole box business. Is it just a sort of competition to see what you can manage with one of these boxes? After all, they are just cardboard. If you need something to build a little layout, why not just a piece of plywood and some 1x2 lumber? Or to be creative, why not a drawer from a kitchen cabinet?
  7. Isn't the Lima 33 HO scale, not OO? If this is the case, the minority scale can add to value, as well as its use by the small number of British 1-87 modellers.
  8. I am in the US, so we may have different products. For the type of plastic that you described, we would typically use a solvent cement intended for PVC plastic plumbing pipe. There is a solvent(purple) primer, then the PVC cement.
  9. The "stubs" on the sector plate side of the turntable allow for back and forth movement on-off the turntable when maneuvering a loco whose wheelbase almost exceeds the turntable length.
  10. Can you please tell me the actual sides length of this significantly under scale auto-trailer?
  11. Yes, a tender drawing would be good - thank you. Still hope to find loco.
  12. Can anyone please provide information on this Eastern & Midlands Railway 2-4-0: specs and a scale plan. I have done an online search and found this nice illustration, but not much else. I am in the US and do not have easy access to a lot of UK books. So scans of anything would be a help. Many of us have an interest in micro layouts today, and I thought that this might represent the micro-est tender loco. Thanks to all.
  13. Thanks. I did not understand and thought that this was yours. I have searched around online, and found a nice illustration, but no drawing or data. I wished to compare to other locos and see if it was worthwhile to try a 7mm scale version. I am in the US, and buying some of these books gets to be a struggle.
  14. Thank you. I have further searched and found illustrations, but nothing else. Do you have any plans that you could kindly scan?
  15. I just came across this. What exactly is the 2-4-0 tender loco? Thank you.
  16. I am in the US, so we may have different OKI printers available. Can you please tell me the OKI model number, and what it costs in the UK?
  17. Hello Jim. I viewed your video, which is very instructive. A question re what you call the crossing timber. Why not have it just a little longer so that it slides under all of the rails? I have done this and found it worked OK.
  18. Thanks. I have ordered 2 pair from: ironmongery_expressuk My order shows an item price of $12.48 and total with shipping of $29.57. Is it worthwhile to buy another pair from a different seller? By the way, I see that the UK is apparently unlocking, except Transport London. We have had few restrictions here for some time for vaccinated people(everyone that I know), the exception being at medical facilities. But a lot of people still go around with masks. Now I hope that the medical industry will stop dicking around and give out booster shots.
  19. Regarding the paste board style of hinges, I wrote to Ironmongery Direct. They were very prompt in their reply, and said that they would not currently ship to the US. Does anyone have any other ideas?
  20. Thank you. Having done a search, it is possible that we may not have them here. In the UK, the manufacturer(if not from China) is a company called Perry. I wrote to them.
  21. I have a question about the flat hinges with the rounded center boss which are used for folding the layout. What is the term for these? I am in the US, and have not typically seen this style for sale.
  22. I have been in contact with Paul Lumsdon, WJVintage, regarding the GNR/LNER 4-4-2. For anyone interested, they will produce a model with flanges to run on regular O gauge Peco track. The price is GBP 695, which is not unreasonable for newly produce tender loco.
  23. I am in the US and may just be accustomed to somewhat different practices. Couldn't Hatton's simply sell undecorated versions? Anyone who wants to complain about liveries could simply paint their own. Of course, this would negate some of the discussion here.
  24. I would also appreciate a scanned copy if anyone has this article. I am the US and old magazine content is difficult. johnhutnick@gmail.com
  25. How exactly do you download high resolution images from Getty? I went to the site and found the photo with the wagon turntables. The download that I got was 42.8kb.
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