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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.


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  1. Looking forward to visiting once I’ve bought some more locos and rolling stock
  2. I'm hoping for one of those tasty Hunslet BoBos from Scunny Steelworks! If only N gauge could produce enough expressions of interest.
  3. We're moving to Stokesley next year. So it'll be just over an hour away. Really looking forward to visiting this group, there are some cracking layouts at STOGG. Here's to 2021 and a better year for everyone!
  4. I want to model 1998-99 when there were 31s, 33s, 37s, 47s, 56s, 58s, 60s and 73s! It's my layout of a lifetime/dream. I'm going to attempt it in N but would love to build it in P4. Hoo Jn was my happy place when out train spotting in the South East.
  5. Cheers Paul, really like the idea of the pcb sleepers at the transition.
  6. https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=38641.0
  7. I had thought it was out by some degree, think I saw it on the n gauge forum or their Facebook page.
  8. I've attached the track plan from Loftus Road. Admins please feel free to remove it if I'm infringing on copyright. Cheers BDA
  9. Hello all! I'm after some advice and guidance please. My Son (almost 5) would like a roundy roundy to watch the trains running at max speed. I'd like something I can practice my modelling on. So I'm thinking something along the lines of Loftus Road/Kenny O. I'm thinking code 80 so I can use setrack off scene but still use streamline on the scenic section. Normally I'd crack on with Anyrail, but we're currently without a computer. So I'm looking for assistance in the production of the track plan. Any advice is gratefully received.
  10. Can I ask where you got the brass buffers from please?
  11. Hopefully some 3d printing whizz kid will sort us out!
  12. Can I ask which wheels you used to rewheel your Heljan IWB Cargowaggon please? Was it a difficult conversion?
  13. Have you got any photos of the platforms or station buildings please?
  14. I never did answer your question! It'll be 1988/89....so any ideas which one I'll need please?
  15. Sorry to be a pain, if I want to replicate the Corpach paper and Fort William Alcan trains, which version would I need please?
  16. Have you got any photos please Nick? Would love to see work in progress shots. Cheers, BDA.
  17. There's also been mention of an Extreme e Etchings etch for the motor coach. But I can't find it on the Shawplan website.....
  18. Also on eBay are some new castings that appear more detailed than the Hurst ones.
  19. Hello all, Is there a kit available for the 5WES/442 other than the Hurst Models conversion kit? They say they're out of stock on their website. Has anyone managed to find one secondhand anywhere?
  20. I'm doing the same. Just fancy having the DBSO to compliment my C&M Mk3s
  21. 2 years later and not a lot has happened.
  22. Cheers gents! I've recently made the move to O gauge. So I'm thinking that the PH Enterprises KFA kit might fit the bill.
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