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  1. Tim Hall

    I've been very tardy with my blog this year, but there has been some activity in the attic. The scenery is pretty much finished, just got to finalise the station and platform signs, can't quite find anything convincing. Added some LED light strips as well, very pleased with them.
    So here's a few snaps and a link to a YouTube film:

  2. Tim Hall
    A few snaps of locos running on Loftshire, now that the 1990s have arrived. As I decided not to depict post privatisation liveries and rolling stock, this is about as modern as it gets.

  3. Tim Hall
    Bought a few odds and ends recently, and have had fun putting them into the landscape, oh and another Class 47 arrived. I've also fitted passengers and crew to my 4-TC, but they don't show up too well in photos.


  4. Tim Hall
    Some snaps from the bridge end of the station and also of the previously bare corner which now has 54 trees "planted". All the scenic areas have now been at least covered. There's a lot of tidying up and detailing to do. Oh, and fitting passengers to over 250 coaches.....Virtually all locos have suitable crew already.

  5. Tim Hall
    Since I started planning the railway, I've had a plan for the scenic breaks beyond which there would be no scenery. I had decided to have a slightly implausible tunnel spanning four tracks on the narrow section under the Velux and a bridge/ flyover thing beyond the main station area. 
    Having more spare time available than usual, I've had a go, though they're aren't necessarily finished.
    Also a few random snaps of recent happenings.

  6. Tim Hall
    There's been an annoying kink in the track since I laid it about 4 years ago, but recently a track gang got onto the job.....

  7. Tim Hall
    Fresh from Derails, with added crew and front end details. Both run very well on 7 coaches, with scope for a few more if required. I think the yellow is the same on both locos, it's just my poor photographs with the phone in dim light.

  8. Tim Hall
    Wickham trolley arrived after being bought in Derails sale.
    Runs surprisingly well over dead frog Peco points. "Real" ballast added. HO figures on order, OO one is a bit of a faf, even with his feet Tacky Waxed.....

  9. Tim Hall
    Still lethargic on the layout, but a few locos have arrived (and more have left to fund them).
    The Midland Pullman was a relative bargain (eBay).

  10. Tim Hall
    An opportunist purchase from Hattons. Silver Fox body on what sounds like a newish Hornby 5 pole motor.  Very smooth, quiet and romped effortlessly on 8Mk1s. I had bought an unfinished one with a Lima chassis a few months ago, but will now sell it on eBay, as this one is better than I could achieve.
    Although it has transfers for the numbers and I had bought etched ones for the unfinished one, I think I'll leave it as it is, and sell the etched numbers on, as the transfers are neatly done and slightly smaller than the etches.

  11. Tim Hall
    D603 finally arrived from Kernow. Cracking model and an excellent runner. The other hydraulics popped out to greet it.
    The N7 is Oxfords best so far. 
    I think I've got enough 33s now.

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