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  1. 9 minutes ago, zr2498 said:

    Ditto for one. No email from Rails but just happened to notice the dent in the bank account.


    Another announcement from Accurascale this morning. Impressive. I reckon the team combo of model railway enthusiasts and top notch business heads is resulting in the outcome we are seeing. Leading the way.

    Just checked by Rails account, which states that they've taken the balance, which is a relief. Thought I'd forgotten something else to that value.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Steven B said:

    Expanding the search to the British Isles, does the stock on the Isle of Man count? Many of the Manx Electric fleet date back to the late 1890s with the steam fleet being of a similar age.


    Alderney's locomotives pre-date the class 20 mentioned above.


    I'm not sure if they sell many commuter season tickets though...



    Steven B.

    Enjoyed riding on Manx Electric stock in 2017 using a contactless ticket long before it was an option at home on the buses.

  3. I understand that some people run locos (and coaches/ wagons) with different numbers on either side, thus appearing to increase the size of the fleet.

    So IF the two sides of the Fell model ARE different and therefore representing different periods, then surely that's of benefit to those of us who don't base our layouts and fleets on one individual day/ year/ month? 

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  4. 5 hours ago, Hilux5972 said:

    Does anyone else find their GT3 a little rattly when running? I’ve had a look over it and can’t see any loose screws or anything that shouldn’t be. Is this just the wheels rattling around in the frames? Does it when running with sound on and off so I know it’s nothing to do with the sound. 

    Yes, mine does sound as if it's about the start shedding vital bits, but hasn't (yet).

  5. Mine arrived from Derails today. Initially, it ran indifferently , as one of the rear sandpipes was bent down, and catching on some sleepers and pointwork. A quick tweak with tweezers and all was well. Yes, the tender is very light, but has caused no problems on 18 mineral wagons and a brake van. The BR crest isn't quite as sharp as some I've seen, but won't be noticed if I weather it.





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  6. On 20/06/2021 at 15:33, Phil Mc said:


    I've got a correctly liveried Blue with Yellow ends model from the first batch.....



    .....all I had to do was repaint the Blue.......



    ....... and the Yellow ends !!!!!  :blink:




    Mine was purple and lemon! Which put next to their turquoise class 22 was quite noticable.......They are now an acceptable shade of rail blue after a bit of deft brushwork, and fit into the range of shades from other manufacturers satisfactorily.

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  7. 19 hours ago, roythebus1 said:

    Yes, that loco/TC/VEP etc working was rather mixed and has been well discussed on here before. The loco could be at the front, middle or back!


    Remember too the "prototype" 6TC converted from Nelson stock was used on the Kenny Belle in the early days of 1968. The times I saw it at Olympia it was loco hauled by a 33 as I was told the push-pull stuff didn't work.


    For the Yeovil service with 33/TC/BG, the BG must have been air braked. Did the Southern have any?

    I've seen footage on a Locomaster Profiles compilation video of 4TC being propelled by a 33/1, with a GUV behind the loco....

  8. 2 minutes ago, teaky said:

    I gambled on any significant issues being sorted or being fixable without too much effort and pre-ordered one from Derails.  They requested payment of the balance a few hours ago so a J27 in LNER livery should be with me soon.  :locomotive:


    BTW  They're cheaper than Hattons: https://www.derails.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=j27&product_id=2219

    Indeed, I'll probably relieve them of a BR liveried one in due course :)

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  9. On 30/04/2021 at 06:06, Tim Hall said:

    I have, as I'm still waiting, with an increasing sense of doom....but no reply yet.

    Arrived today via Hermes. Took me by surprise, as no tracking data received. Anyway, it's had a gentle bit of running without problems so far.

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  10. 8 hours ago, RJS1977 said:

    The other problem that heritage railways can have is that someone can turn up and say "I own a loco/item of rolling stock that I'm looking to store somewhere and I think it could be useful to you." Railway agrees that the owner can bring the loco along. Loco/stock then turns out not to be as useful as agreed. Either the owner then makes well-intentioned but sporadic attempts to work on it, or disappears completely. In some cases the railway is then stuck with an item they have no use for but cannot scrap or otherwise dispose of (as it isn't theirs) and are unable to contact the owner to give him notice to quit (and if they do manage to give him notice, he just moves it somewhere else and it starts all over again....).

    Indeed, virtually all heritage railways have such locos, coaches, wagons cluttering up the sidings, with little prospect of being restored, and spoiling the view for "normals".

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