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  1. I sell on eBay and have done for many years. Assuming that I have a suitable box and don't have to fabricate one, I'm sure it doesn't take me 5 mins per parcel, including writing the address by hand.....
  2. I'm glad I'm not alone! We have no idea how many people are involved, or how many orders there were to fulfil. I won't bother KR yet then.
  3. Anyone else still waiting for the first run? Some of you have had yours for a couple of weeks now.
  4. I don't know what the world has comte.
  5. Wasn't it generally done that way anyway to prevent nasty solid bits from the steam exhaust getting into the diesel engine?
  6. I have a green one, and it's a superb quiet runner.
  7. So, to sum up, they're being dispatched in alphabetical order of first name, except when they're not. If you live outside our esteemed isles, you may get it earlier, or not. If it was chronological, I ordered late on the last day, cos I forgot to do it earlier.
  8. Oh, that's different! Fair enough.
  9. Am I the only one not to have received one ordered or even the email yet?
  10. Yes, I was watching it. Another out of print Strathwood went for £98 recently.
  11. Presumably it's where the same person places several bids on the same item, in one go, as an attempt to tell other bidders that they are "serious" about winning a certain item.
  12. It may be an urban myth, but I'd heard that was how it was spelt on the real one.....I have no evidence for this though.
  13. I'm so excited I won't sleep ! Not that I've got my email yet!
  14. And I got a maroon liveried "City of Truro" (GWR 4-4-0 not class 47) one this Christmas....
  15. Don't think so, but I sold all my Mainline locos a while back.
  16. Steve is nothing to do with L and B now, nor is Martin, and they seem happier for it.
  17. I was surprised to see this on the Mid Hants in May 19, for no obvious reason.
  18. I think you'll find that he died a while ago....
  19. I follow 30+ heritage railways on Facebook. Last spring virtually all of them had fundraising activities of some sort. So it's not necessarily disastrous for this particular railway.
  20. The J72, 75xxx and 03s were notoriously bad for the most part. I had a Manor and a Mogul for nearly 40 years each, until I sold them in the last 18 months or so following the announcements of replacements, but I reckon I've used my Dapol Mogul as much in 3 months as I did the Mainline one in all those years. Noisy, not very powerful and generally annoying, Shame , because all of them looked good for the time.
  21. 00, 2 Lima Mk1s, 2 Bachmann Mk1 suburbans, 2 older Hornby Gresley's, and another Lima Mk1 by the look of them.
  22. Yes, I posted my little film from 2018 on page 6 on this thread.
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