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  1. He'll do asbestos he can....
  2. Looking on their Facebook page, they are mentioned yesterday by a local locksmith, as having their property made secure after a fire next door. It looks like the fire service made an emergency entrance to Rails, breaking glass in the front and rear doors in the process.
  3. As someone who grew up in Wall Heath, living there from 1967-1984 and then visiting fairly regularly until I cleared my parents house there in 2014, I shall watch this with interest.
  4. Whilst the railway is currently Southern 1960s, the village isn't sure when it is, but now boasts road markings, street lights and gulls! Telegraph poles and chimney pots soon.
  5. I thought I heard you over the roar of the traffic whilst squelching round Howardian Nature Reserve earlier......
  6. Good luck with the jab. In-laws (90 and 85) had theirs 12 days ago and wife as a GP nearly a month ago. It's a good pose, I have several of them dotted around various locos.
  7. It's young Dan's birthday today, so altogether now in a quick chorus......
  8. Thanks for the concern over the "incident" there a few days ago. Interviews done, cordons removed, police disappeared, park open. The only sign of anything unusual is a few flowers leaning against the park railings down the road to commemorate a Polish man, living in Essex who travelled to Cardiff during a lockdown, got into bother about a mile away and ended up dead in our street.....Draw your own conclusions....I won't be commenting further. So postie was able to come this morning..... Most of the twiddly bits fitted, runs nicely from very slowly and quietly to any sensible speed I choose (Gaugemaster Q). Easily pulled 7 Bachmann Bulleids (no Western coaches on there at present) or 28 wagons. Proper running in this PM whilst I'm faffing around up there. Very happy
  9. Still cordoned and delivery failed again, but Amazon got through last night, though they wouldn't let him drive in, delivering my teenage daughter's urgent chocolate supplies .
  10. Correct, just had to go past the "Hobby Bobby" manning the cordon to get out for a walk. No sign of any activity, other than the chilly mortals manning the cordons. I'm waiting for the knock on the door, "where were you at about 2330 yesterday?" "In the attic supergluing etched brass draincocks to 00 Bulleid Pacifics". Seriously though, a bit of a shock in this normally sleepy area. More of a shock for the friends and relatives obviously. So 94xx rescheduled for tomorrow apparently.
  11. Royal Mail were unable to deliver today due to "the property being inaccessable", as the police have cordoned the area off to the body of "a man in his 20s or 30s" being found a few 100 yards away. Just had four blokes in white protective suits ferreting around around outside and in the park opposite.
  12. There'll be one about a mile from you by 1.49 today, if an email from Royal Mail to me is to be believed.....
  13. Missing the point completely, I'd got it in my head that 0-4-0CD meant a small diesel shunter with a crane attached.......
  14. Yes Tim, since you ask, it's very easy, as you can see. Removing the coupling bar was straightforward as well. (In case anyone thinks I've lost the plot, I googled 48DS crew fitting and coupling removal on receipt of the loco yesterday, and it came up with my own question ). The driver looks less mutant in real life!
  15. Frankly, it sounded more realistic than some DCC sound locos I've heard, and a lot cheaper!
  16. Fair enough, I'm still in no great rush, but that is interesting.
  17. Lord and Butler had Barclays and P class on the shelves...
  18. I won't be buying anything 6 wheel, from either of them until I've heard how they run, having sold on a Stove R and a rake of Dapol 6 wheel milk tankers (even rewheeling didn't go well), which just wouldn't stay on the rails whilst everything else (almost always) does. I know both of those vehicles had some history, but until I know that these don't have similar problems, I'll wait.
  19. I was wondering about that, couldn't work out what service it would have been on. Man Vic would make much more sense. I was on a North West Rover, staying with a railway friend in Warrington. Original posting corrected.
  20. I'll keep ear muffs and a supply of loco sound recordings handy then....
  21. I don't know (or need to know) exactly where in "The mean streets of inner-city Cardiff" you are, but I'm fairly sure that I'll hear your outpourings of delight (or angst) upon opening the box and placing your 94xx on the track, from here a couple of miles away in the slightly leafier suburbs near the old Roath Branch line......A day to look forward to ;)
  22. Why, is he vaguely interested in one? You can't really tell from his posts......
  23. 45040 was still carrying at least one plaque on 18th Aug 84, when I photographed it at Man Vic.
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