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  1. I’ve still got a few O gauge locos to be sell if you want anything
  2. I used to fit 5w speakers into my O gauge they were rather loud
  3. Tonight’s efforts, more work on the two points that will be part of the raised stabling point, in the past especially in 7mm I never used copper clad sleepers but they do help secure the rails around the vee’s etc
  4. Had a bit of free time so I cut out the holes for the pits and also for where one of the point motors will go above, both pits are now built to. Also here’s the latest additions to the fleet.
  5. It’s just the tiny little one supplied with the chip if I remember correctly mate
  6. Here’s my 86 with Biff’s sound decoder
  7. Pits arrived the other day so made a start yesterday evening, also a couple of more additions, no pics as yet but I’ll try abs get some done tomorrow or Monday
  8. A Dufftor! Half Duff (bogies ) half tractor! Hat, coat…
  9. That was obviously meant to say ‘make’
  10. Another lovely addition to the fleet mate you’ve prob mentioned this before but what babe are your ohle masts?
  11. Nice collecting Ian I do like the 90’s your ac fleet is growing like mine! I grabbed an AL6 bargain the other day from rails, just need to pick it up from my mums, I must stop buying locos and concentrate on getting sound decoders.
  12. I hope this is the right place to ask this but how common was it to have point rodding and colour light signals? I’m guessing it happened going by this photo (not mine)
  13. And a bit of grass scattered about
  14. Had an hour before bed last night so fixed the stock rail and first vee into position last night, unfortunately I forgot to take pics might be a few days until I get another couple of hours
  15. Entrance to the stabling point and junction with the single slip all ready for adding chars and rails, take two!!
  16. Ok a bit of imagination needed… D1958 Leaves the depot with the breakdown train
  17. So the other evening I discovered the Templot I’d printed off was not to scale So after calibrating the printer and printing it off I’ve started on the point work and slip again. Today I finished off the woodwork for the raised section on board number two which has the start of the incline giving access to the depot.
  18. Looking forward to seeing how you get on, I took the step up to 7mm a few years ago but you don’t realise how big things get, I’m now back to 4mm so I can fit it in the house
  19. Same here I need to get a few more point motors and I’ll need the third board soon, but I keep seeing bargains and getting them.
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