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  1. Does the Zebedee require modifications to the loco body eg bits chopped off so it can’t be returned to original condition? That class 13 kit looks good, will have to get one.
  2. Many thanks, that’s quite a distinctive pattern presumably caused by the door hinges.
  3. What we need is a article or video on weathering them.
  4. I’ve only one visible baseboard joint and that is disguised by a wooden board foot crossing.
  5. Perhaps the first run should include NBC red and green liveries without any fleet names, but with a sheet of transfers for the buyer to add for their favourite version of the livery. Then individual retailers could commission a run of models in their local livery.
  6. Looks like a great improvement on the Heljan chassis which has never ran well. Doubt if I’ve got the ability to make it though.
  7. Horrible vehicles, the LUT ones were awful to drive, Leopards and Seddons were much more pleasant fir the driver. However, I agree it is a good choice to model as they got almost anywhere. How about an unpainted one for modellers to finish in whatever livery they like?
  8. Looks good in RTC livery. Had they been re-engined and refurbished they could have looked like this …
  9. if we were in the jokes thread we could ask why are some hay bales square and some hay bales round?
  10. I got the impression that the second batch of Guy Arabs didn’t sell very well. I hope that does not put them off making other buses - an Optare Solo would be useful. Here is my Guy.
  11. A much better choice than the ferry wagon which is too long for my layout. I’ll be ordering a couple of OAA’s for my layout through my local model shop as its important to keep them in business.
  12. A different part of the country, while most of the Clacton emus were four car sets, there were some 2 car units too. Looked a bit odd with a pantograph at one end.
  13. Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg use a pair of DB class 218 diesels. i agree with the Heljan 128 diesel parcels car, really powerful.
  14. I splashed out and bought one too. A bit expensive but when you see the detail it is worth the price.
  15. Hi, a couple of things have got me interested in making a 009 micro layout using Kato N gauge untrack as that should ensure the tight curves are nice and curved. I've come up with a plan, but there are a couple of places where the tracks do not join up. Please can anyone advise how I alter the plan to make a complete circuit?
  16. I’ve got a couple of spare loads (thanks KR Models) which I don’t need. If anyone needs them drop me a PM.
  17. I’m in a quandry now, I really like the new InterCity livery one, but I already have one of the original batch.
  18. interesting comment, perhaps I spend very little time watching American layouts because I know very little about American railways. I did enjoy watching your Chineese layout at Glasgow, indeed that was one of the reasons I went, althought I do know a little about Chineese Railways as one of my friends also has a Chineese layout.
  19. One that still runs today - there is an oil terminal at Dalston between Carlisle and Whitehaven. From what I have seen when going past, it has two short sidings, so the train is split at Carlisle and there are two short trains in each day. If I was modelling it I would have it as a chemical works instead to give a greater range of wagon types.
  20. i’ve been exhibiting layouts for a very long time, but the covid break has changed my thinking, do I really want to be taking a multi-board layout to shows? My current exhibition layout has just three boards, but its not just packing and setting them up, there are legs, stock boxes etc etc plus persuading friends to come along and help. It is very hard work. The new layout which is nearly finished has 8 boards and should be able to be exhibited, but do I really want all the hassle to exhibit it when I can run it any time at home? I’ve made a simple one-board layout which I’ve exhibited a few times. People seem to like it and it is so much less hassle. Three minutes to set up and take down. I’m thinking now of having big layouts for home only and ‘one board’ layouts that I’ll take to shows.
  21. I almost bought a Metrovick to repaint in BR blue - if I find one at a reasonable price second hand I’ll certainly have a go.
  22. Trainsafe works brilliantly, you can even mount them on the wall. My APT-E lives in one. Anyone know where I can get more Trainsafe’s from?
  23. Yes, all sorted, got in touch with KR and the missing pack is on the way.
  24. Probably finished before your timeframe, but Metal Box had a rail served factory at Westhoughton (possibly elsewhere too) and on the Wigan - Southport line (Gathurst?) there was a rail served explosives factory complete with a narrow gauge railway.
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