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  1. While working in the schedules office at Lancashire United Transport (LUT) the company taught me to drive buses, so I could drive for them evening and weekends. I was very lucky to be one of the last people to learn on one of their Guy Arabs. I’ve got one of the unpainted Rapido models of a Guy Arab which I am painting as LUT training bus TV1. However, I cannot find any transfers of the ‘Lancashire United’ fleetname. Does anyone know where I can get some? I’ll also need number plates, ‘L’ plates, ‘Training Vehicle’ to go in the destination box and ‘TV1’. I’m hoping to cobble these together from other transfers.
  2. The February 2022 ‘Vintage Roadscene’ magazine includes six photos of the BR Roadrailer.
  3. I’ve just started fitting Dinghams to my 0 gauge stock today. I thought the idea was to fit the locos with just the wire loop? One of my friends has kindly made me a jig to help fit the couplings. It’s a block of wood with one end which slides under the wagon with the top being the height of the coupling mounting ie glue plasticard shims under the wagon until the bottom of the shims touches the top of the block. The other end of the block is lower and is for the height of the loop with a cut out for where the hook goes.
  4. I do like sound, although I appreciate some people dont. Perhaps have screens between layouts. One show I exhibited at my locos were drowned out by really loud noisy locos - Quorn! Looking forward to seeing and hearing your bankers in action.
  5. Could it be that these annoying ‘testing’ videos are slowing things down. They have been running for a long time now so isn’t it time they were removed?
  6. Had the test track up at the model railway club - radius 2 - runs beautifully.
  7. It has arrived. Called in at Arcadia Models in Shaw at lunchtime as I needed some paint, they had APT in stock so I collected mine.
  8. My boss knows I’m interested in model railways and has kindly given me a shift on Sunday which has a 2.5 hour break in Kendal on Sunday, so I can get to the exhibition. Although I could have a problem parking my vehicle, a 40 foot long coach.
  9. Goodwood Scenics have packs of scrap (no connection other than customer)
  10. My blue one arrived today, stunning model. The plan was to have it running on my layout at the Chapel-en-le-Frith exhibition, but that show has been cancelled. It was going to be the last exhibition appearance of the layout before I dismantled it, but the show has been cancelled, so I’ve no other bookings for it.
  11. Every time I saw the Perth - Redbank it was a huge train usually 40 hauled. One we always went out to photograph on the Settle Carlisle diversions. Happy days.
  12. I’m still waiting patiently for my BR blue one.
  13. I like the Christmas tree wagon, brings a bit of fun to the layout at exhibitions.
  14. I’m guessing that you will be sending them out automatically, I don’t need any for my wagons (coil and MCV) as I use kadees.
  15. Late 70s early 80s in second class - never went 1st.
  16. I remember dmus having a orange/brown colour curtains.
  17. Those chassis are really detailed. Alclad do a ‘primer with micro filler’ which I find very good for smoothing 3D prints.
  18. Interesting idea for a load, might be tempted to have a go. But what bell code would the signalman ring?
  19. I used cork granules for ballast on my G scale layout so that I’ll be able to lift the boards without a crane. Might be worth considering. I got mine from Charles Cantrell (no connection), they currently have small grey granules for sale. As cork floats on watered down pva, I first put a bead of undiluted pva where the outside of the ballast woud be, then pressed some granules into it. Once this has dried, it acts as a dam for the rest of the cork ballast which can then be applied in the usual way. While I used 5mm granules, you can get 1mm granules which would probably be OK for 0 gauge.
  20. To me it shows how a local model shop isn’t going to survive on sales of paint and track pins if people buy their locos and other expensive items from the big box shifters and online stores.
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