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  1. One of the benibuses was trialled in Manchester - I was there and have some pics of it somewhere. One test was at Manchester Piccadilly railway station to see if it would go round the turning circle - it got stuck on full bend, unable to go forward or reverse. As for Rapido’s four new items, presumably they will be the top four items in the quirky poll.
  2. Amazing, they arrived the next day - the slabs and coils are excellent.
  3. Bickershaw Colliery trains were top and tailed by pairs of 20s, as were deliveries of tube stock from Derby. A long time ago I was on one of the SLOA weekend trips which departed south from Inverness behind a class 40 and a pair of type 2s All three were needed to get the huge train over the hills to Perth. Unfortunatly photography was almost impossible as it departed at dusk with many coaches off the platform at Inverness. Somewhere I’ve got a very blurred pic taken from the train.
  4. I’m making my first brass kit too. Getting all the flux residue off is proving a challenge. Would putting the wagon in a ultrasonic bath do any good?
  5. Placed my order with Goodwood Scenics at 0930 this morning, 15 minutes later I had an email saying they were already in the post. Great service. Should be able to load my BBA’s in a few datys time.
  6. I hadn’t heard of Goodwood Scenics, they do loads of good stuff, just looked at their website and placed an order.
  7. I had two surprises yesterday. One of my bus passengers handed me a Christmas Card, when I opened it later I was amazed to discover inside a £20 note; then back at the depot there was a memo saying we were getting a unexpected pay rise in January. So I just had to order a blue GT3.
  8. Please stop showing photos of the blue one - I’m trying to resist.
  9. I made the long journey over the Pennines today - four trains to get there. Well worth the effort. It’s superb modelling and ran faultlessly during my visit. The sheer size of it means you can stand at one end and see a train emerge in the distance and take its time to reach you.
  10. Having lived on the Buxton line I’ve been waiting for a good 104 for a very long time. Looks like its going to be an excellent model so I’ll be buying one.
  11. Railtec make transfers for lining BR coaches, the sheet contains straight white lines and the corners. I’ve just done a coach using them. On this cruel close up you can see I didn’t get it perfect, but from normal viewing distances it is fine.
  12. Just finished my Hastings Lab 4. You can’t see it in the pics, but it has interior lighting and people inside.
  13. If the locos have remote control the driver can get out of the cab and watch the couplers.
  14. Saw them today in Arcadia Models in Shaw, stunning models.
  15. The Metal Box factory at Westhoughton was rail served. Plus there was another factory on the Wigan - Southport line, possibly made explosives.
  16. While I appreciate that advertising is needed to pay for RMweb, I’m finding it so intrusive that I use RMweb much less. The ‘testing’ videos are a real pain (I avoid them my accessing the site on my phone instead of iPad); the ‘testing’ has been going on so and I don’t trust such things when they have gone on so long without and clear reason.
  17. I use the Tamyia paint stirrers. They are very useful for other jobs too.
  18. Has anyone tried painting the unpainted models? If it’s not too difficult I could be tempted.
  19. Very nice. I prefer quality over quantity.
  20. I found a jar of old nuts and bolts in a previous house and used them until I ran out. I now use ‘liquid lead’ which is tiny lead balls. As mentioned earlier do not secure them with PVA as it reacts and expands. I built a small 7mm narrow gauge diesel with the bonnet sides double skinned with lead hidden between the plasticard inner and outer skins. 5 years later the loco disintegrated as the lead/pva expanded and blew the loco apart.
  21. If you a modeller you can ‘assume’ the pilot scheme locos continued to work for many years (some after modification). I do that and have a re-engined CoBo in Regional Railways livery and a large logo Kestrel.
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