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  1. Another vote for Cantrell’s cork. I’ve used their cork chippings for ballasting my G scale layout. My current 00 exhibition layout uses Peco foam underlay and it’s been down for 10 years without any problems, it is lightly weathered using paint and blended into the scenery. Nobody has noticed/commented on it. The reason I chose the Peco underlay is so I can remove the trackpins and resuse the track on my next layout.
  2. Interesting to watch your progress. That’s a genius solution for the roof. I’ve been thinking of converting a Pacer into a railbus but couldn’t figure out how to hide the join on the roof, hadn’t thought of removing the ribs and replacing them. Thanks.
  3. DRS are double heading their intermaodal services at the moment, presumably for better adhesion during the leaf fall season. Some trains are pairs of 66s, some pairs of 68s (they do sound good) and some pairs of 88s. I’m a bit surprised at the pairs of 88s as they draw considerable current, wonder if they could draw too much for the power supply?
  4. Given how much is already available in good quality RTR, perhaps will see some rather left field developments. I would like to see ready made really tight radius (150mm) curves and points in 16.5 mm gauge, so people can make interesting 4mm scale industrial railways and 7mm narrow gauge layouts in small spaces.
  5. I think I’ve got a single one somewhere, I was planning to get a whole rake but never got round to it.
  6. I suggest you have a look at one of these from Bachmann, often comes as part of a digital starter set. While it is very limited in the number of locos and number of functions it can operate, it might meet your needs, should be cheap too. I ran my fairly complex end to end layout with one (including sound locos) successfully at a two day exhibition.
  7. Thanks for the update - now what can we do with all the incorrect cabs? Perhaps a variation on the cake box challenge?
  8. I wonder if the Guy Arab and Fleetline will be produced in different versions in due course? The Brum ones look great but would be out of place on my layout even with Rule 1. LUT versions are what I would like.
  9. Thanks for making and posting the videos, looks like a great show. Unfortunatley I usually work weekends.
  10. I’m generally happy to accept advertising in order to get RMweb for free. But that video is so annoying and intrusive I’ve cut down my RMweb browsing 90% (I access it on my ipad).
  11. It will look better if you slightly vary the colour of the stone/brickwork. Lots of ways of doing it. My method is to first paint all bricks or stones in one colour, eg brick red. Let it dry. Then take something like a old but clean jar lid, put some of the brick red paint in the middle, then dabs of white, black, dark green and brown round the outside. Mix a spot of white with the red so it’s fractionally lighter, then paint a few bricks at random. Repeat with the black, green & brown. It might look slightly overdone but don’t worry. Next thin some mortar colour paint and brush it all over one side. Before it dries take some kitchen paper towel and rub it off all the brickwork leaving it just in the mortar courses. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Repeat on the other sides Finally apply weathering which will tone it all down.
  12. You mentioned Trainsafe - where do you get yours from, I use them too and need some more.
  13. My 00 layout is DCC and uses a NCE powerpro (up to four handsets in use at a time). 0-16.5 layout is analog and uses a Gaugemaster combi. G scale uses the original LGB MTS system Plus a HO scale narrow Gauge uses Bush feldbahn equipment and runs on batteries with a on/off switch. I used to have a early ZTC controller for my test track which can be switched between DC and DCC, it works really well, but only has functions 0 to 9. On my test track I check and run in new locos on DC, when they are weathered and DCC sound fitted I switch the controller to DCC and test them again. I got the ANE controller as it has the ability to switch between DC and DCC easily (which I have done) and it is considerably smaller on my congested workbench. It does what I need it to do. However it is a bit clunky to use on DCC and while it would be fine for a small simple layout (like my 0-16.5 one) I wouldn’t consider using it on my main layout (which has up to four operators at a time).
  14. I’ve got one for use on my workbench - really good as you can test locos on DC and DCC without having to change controller. Mine works fine.
  15. Super layput. Every time I see a photo of it I think, ‘I must build something similar to run my 0 gauge stock on.,
  16. Just found a better photo of the bridge bash at Plymouth. What it looks like to me is that the lorry was just under the maximum height of the bridge. But when it started to climb the steep hill just beyond it, the top of the truck caught the bridge. Going to be an interesting (and profitable) one for the lawyers - ‘the sign says 3.3 metres and my truck is 3.25 metres, so according to the signage I’m OK to pass through’. If the road has been resurfaced since the signs were errected, the clearance could be less than indicated. Could change who gets the blame and pays the bills. One of the major bus companies is working with suppliers to devise a system that alerts the driver through their ticket machine if he/she is approaching a low bridge.
  17. I wonder who is going to teach this one how to speak Yorkshire? Photographed today on the Wensleydale Railway. I drive the bus there most Sundays from Lancaster via Richmond. Today a family of 5 took advantage of free travel on Dalesbus service 829 for people holding pre-booked tickets for the railway. While I get paid to drive the bus, by the time I’ve bought tickets for the railway for my Dad and myself, tea, cake and ice cream in the railway cafe, there isn’t much of my wages left. I overheard one passenger saying how much he likes travelling on Pacers, comfortable seats and a good view out - things you don’t get on many modern trains.
  18. Well done, especially for the light weathering on the locos - far harder to do that heavy weathering. I like the insides of the wagons too.
  19. Trainsafe allows you to do that. Basically clear tubes with rails in. Wall brackets are available so the tubes can be displayed on your layout room wall. When you want to run one of the trains you just take the tube off the wall and connect it to your layout using special adaptor tracks. They mean that items such as APT-E or 4TC plus 33 don’t have to be uncoupled. i’ve got them on two walls of my railway room. I needs some more Trainsafe’s but I’ve not seen anyone importing them recently.
  20. That is how reviews should be done, many thanks. What a brilliant model, shame I don’t model Irish railways, but with the way the body comes off it would be so easy to repaint it. Oh dear, that’t got me thinking and its pay day tomorrow.
  21. You can also get there on the bus from Lancaster, Kirkby Lonsdale and Settle. It’s just 5 minutes walk from Skipton bus station to Ellis Clark. If you catch the 582 at 0945 from Lancaster and change buses at Settle (follow the driver as he changes buses too) you can get to Skipton on the 75 which runs via Malham, one of Britain’s most scenic and exciting bus rides, it gets ito Skipton at 1300hrs. I’ll probably be driving it so say hi.
  22. Looks stunning. Hope there is an open day next year.
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