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  1. It’s far too early for my layout - but I am tempted to have a go at painting one blue.
  2. I wonder what it would look like in large logo blue?
  3. A 156 and 158 coupled together and forming a Nottingham to Sheffield service - but the tail lights of one unit have been left on.
  4. I’m gradually modifying, renumbering and weathering my 00 locos into ones that mean something to me eg 40062 which was my last class 40 and has distinctive ends (if you know about such things). What tends to put me off is the risk of spoiling the excellent factory finish on some of the newer models, particulaly getting the old numbers off and applying gloss varnish to the area where the number goes. I’m quite happy to repaint a loco if it all goes wrong, but having to dismantle and (worse) reassemble the loco to repaint the body is not something I am good at. Fortunatly, a little weathering can hide and small mistakes while renumbering.
  5. Scratchbuild a larger cab and you have a 009 loco.
  6. Yes, the Swiss Re6/6 were BoBoBo locomotives and very successful too. Used mainly on freight duties on lines with plenty of curves. The Rhb also had/has metre gauge BoBoBo locos too. At first sight they look as if they are articulated with the centre bogie linking the two bodyshells, but the two halves of the body only move vertically to cope with gradient changes.
  7. Aldi in Carnforth had small cordless drills for sale today - I bought one a couple of years ago and it has been very useful. Probably available at other Aldi stores too.
  8. It is interesting that the Fell multi-engined concept has been developed further in revent times, albeit using electric transmission. DB’s class 245 locomotives have four diesel engines and each one is brought into use as more power is required. They have had some significant teething problems.
  9. I’m looking forward to mine too, but it will not be in the loco shed, instead pulling one of my passenger trains while all the critics from this topic stand on the platform and sulk as it effortlessly glides past.
  10. Very tempting. I cannot have a mgr rake on my layout, but a couple of wagons could be seen in Speedlink workings occasionally. First and last built would show some differences. Perhaps one heavily weathered, one lightly weathered. Edited to add I’ve now ordered them.
  11. I’ve been busy researching this, I already had a book on liveries, but had to buy a copy of ‘Diesel & Electric Loco Register’. What I would really like is one of the earliest locos to be released in large logo livery and which wasn’t withdrawn too early. Which really means 56084, 56086 or 56087. In terms of the Cavalex models that means Doncaster built to BR design batch 56056 to 56090. However Cavalex are not currently offering one of this batch in Large Logo livery. So that gives me two choices, buy one in the wrong livery and repaint it (56070 in blue should be easiest) or wait and see what is announced in future.
  12. I ordered a couple of vehicles, website said they could take a while to arrive as most were made to order - they arrived in just two days - excellent service.
  13. Several…. 1 - HOf tiny layput in a coffee table - it’s finished and has done two exhibitions already. 2 - A 00 blue diesel end to end layout which is finished, exhibited many times and due to be dismantled soon, I would like one last exhibition with it first. 3 - Less serious is my 0-16.5 narrow gauge shunting layout of a rail served chocolate factory called Quality Street. It’s been stored for a while because it has an electrical problem I can’t find. When I get tine to fix it the plan is to double it’s size. 4 - an indoor G scale layout under construction. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of the year and I might be tempted to exhibit it if asked. 5 - I’m not sure if it counts as a layout, but I have a tiny working diorama in N gauge, built for a competition celebrating 40 years of the New Mills Club - the diorama had to be in 40 square inches, mine is 20” x 2” with a railcar that shuttles between tunnel and station. Once the G scale is finished, I’ll be dismantling the 00 and have the space to build a new one - bigger with continuous run and branch. It is already planned and much of the track ready to be laid. I’ve also got a plan and the stock for a little N gauge layout, just need the time - I’m technically retired but have a part time job which averages out at 40 hours a week.
  14. There are some paths on the WCML in Realtime Trains for parcels trains, but they are not running at present. Re the shortage of HGV (and bus) drivers. Just think what the job entails ….. anti-social hours so you don’t see much of your family and friends, low pay with lots of overtime to make it up, but resulting in even less time at home, so much time sitting down its bad for your health, if you fail your stringent medical you lose your HGV licence and job (happens a lot). Unlike most jobs, a momentary lapse of concentration can result in result in an accident; you could be out of a job, in prison or dead.
  15. If anyone fancies a ride on the Wensleydale Railway, if you’ve pre-booked your train ticket you can travel free on the Dalesbus 829 bus from Richmond (and back) on Sundays.
  16. I’ve just ordered a couple of vehicles - I’ll be painting them as civilian vehicles.
  17. Thanks for the useful link. VLC might allow me to play some old video files too.
  18. Superb post Darius - hobbies are supposed to be fun.
  19. Looks great to me, I’m looking forward to mine arriving - no rush though.
  20. Good news, while I know what a mp3 is, what is FLAC and will it play on a Mac (with sound routed through hifi speakers)?
  21. I tried a proper flatbed scanner but it was very slow, so slow that I would never get my 20,000 slides scanned. After a recommendation from a friend, I bought a Kodak Scanza machine. It’s really a camera and a light, but it scans slides in a few seconds rather than a few minutes. The quality isn’t as high as a flatbed scanner, but the speed means I will actually get my slides digitised.
  22. Started work on my backscene boards today, have to say I am very impressed with White Rose Modelworks - in a jiffy bag I found all the bolts to fit them to a design I hadn’t seen before but it is excellent. Allen key to tighten them, a sort of allen key to fit in a cordless drill to save time at exhibitions and a drill bit of the correct size. Today’s job was applying two coats of MDF primer on each side.
  23. Thanks for the info on the dates, I’ll probably go for 56120 as it seems to be the latest in LL livery.
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