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  1. Tony, This is a picture of my first and, so far, only complete brass coach kit. it is a Comet kit for a matchboard BG. I was quite pleased with it at the time, but I now think the colour is too 'orangy' (Vauxhall Carmine Red) and I now use Ford Rosso Red for early BR red. I'm sure there are other bits I should have improved, but I remain in blissful ignorance! A Bill Bedford D.368 sleeper is well on the way, and will appear in due course. Does anyone know where I can find a diagram of one of these, as they don't seem to be listed in the Isinglass catalogue? Hope to see you at Stevenage. Regards Andy
  2. I'll definitely be in the market for one, as I tell Dave every time I see him at a show!
  3. Thanks. My mistake for not spotting the Thompson! it's a strange trick of the lens on that front Gresley.
  4. Interesting that the front two Gresley have ventilators offset from the centreline. I knew that was the case on Thompson corridor stock, but I'd not noticed it on Gresley before. Is that of often the case?
  5. This weekend has seen me finally finish the Kirk Restaurant Triplet Set that I have been building on and off since the summer. Thanks to those of you who helped, in particular Tony for the tip about two bolts from underneath the bogie to stop the articulated kitchen car wobbling - that worked a treat
  6. Larry, The article on steel mineral wagons, along with one on Pullmans, first attracted me to the mag when I saw it at the Bluebell Railway bookshop. I can let you have a copy if you like (assuming that's allowed under Copyright- moderator please correct me if not). Just PM me. Regards Andy
  7. Tony, I agree absolutely. The article just amused me given the current debate! Imagine what we might be debating in another 25 years; perhaps lamenting the skill of opening red and blue boxes being replaced by ready to plonk layouts. Andy
  8. I've just discovered a great magazine called Modellers' Back Track dating from the early 1990s (when I was out of the hobby chasing women and large scale trains). I'm sure most of the people on this forum will know it, but for those that don't I'd recommend it for a great insight into the prototype, particularly operations. Anyway, the reason for this post is that I've just read an article titled 'Can we Live With Kits' in Vol 2 No 5. Which really reminded me of the recent debates on this forum. It basically is lamenting the death of scratch building caused by the increasing quality of kits! I'll give you a quick snippet as a taster: "I get the strong feeling that there is a sort of 'sameness' creeping into much of our modelling and I suggest that kits may be having something to do with it. If this be even a partly true state of affairs then paradoxically, it is because kits, these days, are generally so good that for many people they have taken over completely from the hand-built model. Let's face it, how many folk, unless they are dedicated sado-masochists, are going laboriously to build a collection of fully-detailed goods wagons when firms like Salters, Ratio and many others can turn them out by the bucketful, complete with every bolt head and piece of strapping, at prices which, even in 7mm scale, would only buy about two or three hours on bench time from a skilled craftsman?" Plus ca change...! I recommend a read to put our current debate into perspective! Andy
  9. It was my first time at Warley and I was really impressed by the number of quality big layouts. Grantham was the pick - I spent an hour hooked and then had to drag myself away to see the rest of the show! But Billingham, The Summit, Calvercar town, Bleach Green were also stunning. Now being controversial, I agree Copenhagen Fields looks magnificent, but I find the operating exceedingly dull as they only seem to run a couple of trains round such that it repeats every five mins or so. It may work for the short attention span of the general public, but it soon got boring for me! The number of traders was also impressive and I spent far too much money! Andy
  10. I'm just building a couple of Kirk convertible SLS vehicles. I've seen photos of these vehicles in LNER days with no 'Sleeping Car' lettering on the side, presumably reflecting their convertible status. Does anyone know of photos of these in BR days, and whether they were lettered 'Sleeping Car' post nationalisation? Thanks Andy
  11. Thanks Tony, In the spirit of this forum I'll have a go myself, but will take you up on your offer of another visit in the new year. You can't blame yourself for the failure - I'd just like to understand whether this is a common occurrence when running DCC locos on DC, as it could become expensive and time consuming! Andy
  12. Tony, I finally got round to checking out the dead A2/1 over the weekend. I started by removing the chip and trying it on DC. Unfortunately the motor is completely dead - there's just a short circuit and a burning smell when I apply power. I thought the chip was also dead as when I fitted it into the DJH WD 2-8-0 that you tweaked for me, it only moved at snail's pace. However it seems that the CV values had been scrambled, and on reading the manual and doing a reset, it is purring round with 40 wagons in tow! I think this illustrates some of your concerns about DCC, and in particular, mixing the two systems, however, I'm sticking with the dreaded digital for the time being - I'm too hooked on my Deltic (amongst others) with sound to change! And that's apart from all the wiring. The good news is that I have an old (quiet) Portescap to replace the one in the A2/1, however, given my chassis inexperience, I'm anxious about swapping them over. Is it possible to do so, without dismantling the valve gear? Thanks Andy
  13. Tony, With regard to operation of LB (post 12572), I can say that I thoughourly enjoyed operating your sequence. The best bits were watching the procession of wonderful models of scale length trains, and in complete contrast, shunting the pick up goods across your wonderful set of slips. I think I got the hang of remembering to signal the trains by the end of the sequence! One omission that occurred to me on the way home, was that we didn't operate any trains on the M&GN section. Could you weave a couple of moves on that part of the layout into the sequence?
  14. That makes sense. There may be an excuse for my Dogfish after all!
  15. There certainly don't seem to be any hopper wagons of any type which is interesting.
  16. That's very useful. It sounds like I could get away with my Dogfish wagons lettered up for Nuneaton with mainline ballast or fitted with greedy boards filled with slag and lettered up for Scunthorpe.
  17. Sorry, I should have engaged my brain first on the greedy boards. I've found some photos on Paul Bartlett's excellent site. They look like they could be modelled as an addition to the Heljan wagon. However, the questions are: a) did they get as far south as London as it seems a long way to haul slag! b) when we're the greedy boards added? There is a picture of a Scunthorpe wagon brand new without greedy boards on Paul's website.
  18. Thanks for your very prompt response. Ernie Brack's site is great - I hadn't seen that before. Thanks for the tip off. What does a greedy board look like - can you point me to any photos? As for revenue stone wagons, I was thinking of Hornby's 26t stone wagon, but I suspect that was much later. So probably something like a 13t mineral wagon. From what you say, that doesn't seem very likely!
  19. I've just found this interesting topic, and have a similar question. I'm trying to put together an engineers trains for late 1950's for the GN suburban area. The plan is for a track laying train formed of 1* Shark brake van (Cambrian kit); 1*Sturgeon (Cambian kit); 1 * Dolphin (A1 brass kit), both for track; 2 * Grampus (Parkside) for sleepers; and then some ballast wagons. I bought some Dogfish wagons but on re-reading the Larkin book, I see that these were only allocated to Scunthorpe on the Eastern Region. Can anyone tell me which wagons would have been used for ballast at the south end of the ECML? I'd love an excuse to use the Dogfish wagons, but I suspect more Grampus, some Hornby Trout wagons or even some revenue stone wagons would be more realistic - views? Are there any other vehicles I need to finish a realistic train off? Thanks Andy
  20. I'm surprised that Leicester South GC doesn't make the list. The combination of stock, scenery, prototype research and the wonderful representation of the goods shed make it a favourite for me.
  21. Not only do I have to use them to get to Tony's; I also have to commute with them daily - woe is me! Ironically I missed Panorama because I was stuck on a Southern train! However SWMBO recorded it for me, so I had a chance to shout at the TV screen later. What a piece of gutter journalism - how low can the BBC stoop?
  22. Tony, many thanks for another very enjoyable day. It was a real pleasure to run through your sequence, especially shunting the pick up freight across that magnificent run of slips! I had a nightmare journey home courtesy of Southern, so couldn't face DCC investigations this evening, but will report back in a few days. Cheers Andy
  23. Thanks Robert, Another Model Rail back copy to keep an eye out for. The mid noughties were a good period for the mag with lots of interesting prototype articles. Regards Andy
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