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  1. Tony, I think you’re fine with the fish vans. They were BR built to an LNER design and introduced from 1950 and. The blue spots which some of yours have represented vans fitted with roller bearings for faster running and were converted from the beginning of 1958, so you’re just about OK on them too. I’m less convinced about the A2/3 on the presflos and we’ve discussed this before on this thread a couple of years ago so sorry to raise it again. I know there is a reference in one of Townsend’s books to this but he refers to a one off, albeit in glowing terms. It was also much later, 1963 from memory, by which time the train would have been formed of Cemflos. I believe the block cement traffic started on the ECML in 1960 with Presflos and converted to Cemflos in 1961. So you have a one year window in which to run the Presflos provided you’re prepared to be flexible with your 1958 timeframe. It’s a good looking train so why not. But the regular power for this train was a 9F or a V2 until the 33s took over (1962 or 1963 I think). Andy
  2. Another photo while I have the temporary back scene up. This time it’s 60009, Union of South Africa, on the up Lizzie. And here’s a video.
  3. Gilbert, I’m surprised to see the Gresleys on 0800 KX-LDS. Is this now the Saturday timetable? Andy
  4. I think that’s missing the point, the main reason for dieselisation was to reduce costs rather than speed services up. I’m pretty sure the whistlers managed that (once teething problems were sorted out). And I, for one, am very fond of them…but then I never saw steam in service.
  5. Thanks. I do like the sound project on this. It’s recorded from the K4, ‘roughened up a bit’ and then adjusted for wheel size. More than one Triang Hornby I’m afraid! A few steel and a few 7 planks. I know they’re not right but putting together a 45 wagon coal train is expensive and they can be picked up for under £5, plus they run reliably when the wheels are swapped for modern ones and, once weathered, I don’t think they look too bad as part of a long train. Just don’t tell Headstock! To balance the train out there are several Parkside kit built minerals which look much better but I have to put them at the back as they fall off if they’re towards the front. Merry Christmas to all. Andy
  6. It’s been ages since I posted on here. I normally leave Gresley Jn alone during the Summer as it gets too hot on the loft. But this year O gauge projects rather took over and I never got back to it. This was not helped by nicking the Powercab for the O gauge - both club and garden layouts! So when I wanted to run the layout, I had to do lots of unwiring and rewiring of controllers including the 5 amp boosters. Anyway, this situation could not be allowed to continue, so I built a box to house my DCC kit in from an old Port bottle box which I varnished. All the connections are done with plugable chocolate block connectors so the box can be moved easily from layout to layout. I then made a shelf on Gresley Jn for the box to fit on and I think it looks quite neat. The box is held in place with Velcro. Not rocket science! But it’s got me running trains again so it must be a good thing. In anticipation of having friends round to ‘play trains’ again in the New Year (Omicron permitting!), I’m trying to get the short sequence running smoothly. This basically involves those trains which live on the layout rather than digging things out if cassettes. I find it easier to get this running reliably whereas stuff taken out of cassettes doesn’t always run reliably first time. Here is a view of my long loaded coal headed by O2, 63983. Having set up the moveable back scene for this shot, I also took a video.
  7. My favourites are the views of northbound trains snaking out of the station taken from Spittal Bridge. I also love it when you show all the stock but those are for interest rather than artistic merit!
  8. A good summary Tony. Seems like reasonable progress for a ‘low mojo’ year! Are the parts for the S11 available for me to work on? Merry Christmas, Andy
  9. Well if Jonathan says it has to be black ends, then so be it. I’ve given it a light weathering and it’s no entered service as a strengthener on my 1948 KX outer suburban set.
  10. I think it’s a very good match. It’s worth getting the top banner above the windows as well. This is one of mine. it’s worth giving John Peck, the proprietor, a ring. He’s very helpful and will talk you through what you need. Contact details here. http://www.precisionlabels.com/contact.html?new Andy
  11. As John says these precision labels are excellent. I applied them directly over matchboarded sides with no problems. Andy
  12. Well the Hattons deal got me to finally take the plunge. I think they’re lovely coaches and the lining looks much better in the flesh than in photos - the primrose is there but gets lost in most photos. The coupling system is completely impractical though. I can see I’m going to have to invest in Kadees for the intermediate couplings. The ends will be Dinghams as with all my rakes.
  13. I’ve finally just about finished my isinglass ex GNR, BCL which I think has turned out pretty well. This will run with my Ivatt Atlantic on a KX outer suburban c.1948. One thing I suspect I’ve got wrong is the teak ends. Having painted them I’m loathed to cover them in black. Does anyone know of precedents for outer suburban stock retaining teak ends post 1928.
  14. Could you use LNER numbering? I can provide some if you want to try. I agree on the cost point, you could end up paying more for the decals than the basic body! I’m afraid it’s the combination of low volume, complicated artwork and a lack of competition.
  15. Are these what you need? https://www.fox-transfers.co.uk/transfers/ger-great-eastern-railway-loco-crests-76188
  16. Rob, I just wanted to say a big thank you for putting me in touch with Ed Hall. My 7mm model of Glenfinnan station arrived this morning and it looks superb. Ed was a pleasure to deal with and it’s the first time I’ve been given a discount because ‘7mm is easier than 4mm’! I’m putting the cart before the horse here as I haven’t even started on baseboards but this building might spur me on! I’m enjoying all your updates. Keep up the inspirational work. Andy
  17. I’ve just finished my latest project which was this O gauge J69. This is built from a kit of 3D printed parts. It sits on a Dapol Terrier chassis which provides a very cost effective chassis. The wheelbase and diameter are spot on although it has the wrong number of spokes - I’ll live with that as a price worth paying for the smooth running. More details of the build for anyone interested are on my workbench thread starting here.
  18. The J69 is now finished. I haven't replaced the decals so sorry if that offends you but for me it isn’t too evident especially now it’s under some light weathering. I’m pleased with the way she’s turned out and special thanks to Rob ( @woko )for providing me with a set of 3D printed parts. I had her running at the club last night with full sound and firebox flicker which got some favourable comments. Andy
  19. I could offer this brace for the GNR back date. They’re in as preserved condition but I hope they’d be near enough. Rolling stock would be more of a problem though.
  20. Thanks Rob, I’m waiting to get some decent figures to put in the cab. The the ‘lid’ will be glued down. Andy
  21. A question for you Rob. I’ve tried to add the four guard irons which you nagged reminded me about on Monday. Have I got these in the right place as photos all seem to be in deep shade. I presume I need to remove the comparatively puny Dapol equivalents on their Terrier chassis? thanks Andy
  22. That looks fantastic now. Fort William has more or less disappeared behind the trees and the overall scene is very convincing.
  23. I was joking in this case, but it is a reason that lots of kids are off and they don’t all stay at home.
  24. Some great photos there Rob, I particularly like the last one of the TTA tanks. Now that Dapol have announced an O gauge version I’m trying to work out which livery I should buy. Most of the pictures on the WHL seem to show black BRT tanks with a few grey/ red solebar examples as in this photo. Whereas Dapol seem to have gone for the more colourful schemes. Has your research determined exactly which liveries worked the WHL in this period? Regards Andy
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