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  1. It’s been a long time since my last post - even longer than the couple of weeks that I thought it was! Modelling was interrupted for a very agreeable two weeks in the alps, followed by some very distracting work on the house. The latter is likely to distract me for a few weeks more before I can devote much time to Christleton. At the end of March, a new peak came to join the fleet. I’d put off getting another one until I’d seen the new Heljan version. Having looked at the photos I decided to stick with the Bachmann variety, so 45022 is the new arrival. It’s seen here alongside a pair of 45048s… This now means that a couple of 45/1 conversions are making their way up my to do list. One of the 45048s already has a 45/1 chassis, so that’s an obvious choice to go first. 45110 was my 45/1 of choice, but it had the orange cantrail lining by 86, which I don’t fancy doing. 45022 had been withdrawn by 86, but a small application of rule 1 will be applied. Another new arrival is this very nice BBA steel wagon from Cavalex; just another 7 required! It certainly looks the part behind the class 20s. Whilst not getting time to do much actual modelling, I am planning my next steps. The Holyhead fiddle yard needs it points motorising before I progress the scenic break any further, so I’m giving thought to a route setting panel for that section. It seems a simpler place to start than the main layout. I’m also looking at the platforms, having managed a couple of trips to Wolverhampton, which I’m find an increasing source of inspiration (who’d’ve thought anyone would ever say that?). I think a mixture of brickwork and the Peco concrete fascias will give a much more pleasing result than my first effort. Looking at a real prototype shows just how much a platform varies along its length! Here’s a few pictures along platform 2…
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    Heath Town

    Well this is a small world. I doubt Mike would have been in Glasgow, having retired a few years back. I’m still in occasional touch with him - he’s living in the posh bit (there is one) of the West Midlands.
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    Heath Town

    Paul, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to find this thread! I was an avid reader of pretty much everything on here until I started building my own layout, since when I’ve been a bit hit and miss. I was really hoping to make the Scottish section dinner, but couldn’t for various reasons. I was actually quite relieved when I saw the covid stats going through the roof though! Anyway, Heath Town is looking like an interesting build and I see we have much to discuss about interlockings. Clearly I had higher expectations than a computer based one, given your RMwrb handle! I can just sell you an electronic one (really reasonably priced). When we finally catch up in person we can discuss a proper mechanical job. Having seen the quality of your woodwork and wiring, I think you’re probably underestimating your skills at scenery, so I’m looking forward to seeing that develop. It sounds like you’re being more adventurous than me with DCC configurations. This is something I want to look at, as it does grate that every loco drives differently. Finally, I’m keen to see more of your plans for rolling stock. The Minories concept offers a lot of potential, so interesting to see what you’re doing with it. Andy
  4. With a free evening I had a long list of jobs to get ticked off, which I started by running a couple of trains out of the way and I didn’t put the controller down for 3 hours! So instead of the anticipated progress report, a few shots of the impromptu running session. Most of these show views that I’m hoping will improve over the next few months, together with some rolling stock I might have a little look at. It’s been a while since I renumbered anything or got the weathering tackle out. We start with a class 45 on the ‘new’ Warrington curve. This should get ballasted in the not too distant future, together with a wall to the right. I have a vision of Milnsbridge on the trans-Pennine route here. The 45 is also due a works visit for ETH fitting. The coaches would benefit from some attention too - and I have a sneaky feeling that the BG should be next to first class? Then a Crewe to Llandudno midday service sees Intercity liveried 47612 get the power down out of the station. Both this and large logo sibling 47436 need some weathering once I settle on final numbers. A 25 joins the large logo duff for fuel. Some fuel lines are on the list. I’m also planning to upgrade the concrete apron having seen Mallaig’s efforts with polyfila. Having fuelled up, the rat has dropped onto a ballast train from Penmaenmawr. The hole in the sky behind the 47 needs fixing. One of my current favourites is the choppers on tanks. Only 3 of 11 tanks are weathered so far… plus I could probably extend the rake to 14. There’s a hole to the right of this picture where the road goes under the railway. One day… Having run round, the 20’s get the tanks rolling East. The first tank is a Fina in 60’s livery. I may strip this back and heavily weather it, or ‘swap’ it for a newer one. And finally, another 47 needing attention, as well as a container rake that needs back dating.
  5. Since they put in the Warrington to Chester curve it is a mere shadow of its former self…
  6. I do think a site visit is in order, hopefully with my wingman for a couple of pints. They will have to work exceptionally hard to equal the quality of ale served when operating the model.
  7. Here’s a fine photo that I found on Flickr, having searched around for pictures of North Western stations of the time. The nearest platform uses the Peco concrete fascias, whereas the further one appears to be block work. I quite like this look, and indeed Wolverhampton station has a lot to offer as inspiration for Christleton. It has all the depressing elements that I’m trying to capture. It also has solutions that I can use for canopies, overhead gantries and signal box.
  8. I have considered a solid platform, but with 4 curved platform faces to cut I decided it was in the too hard pile!
  9. So the current trend of two steps forward one back continues. All the new walling is now capped with the coping from the platforms. The walls will get weathered as soon as I get to a model shop that sells Humbrol paints. Next then is the platform problem. The platforms have a couple of issues, the first is that there are a couple of tight spots against coach ends / centres, the other is that the tops are too flimsy. Here are a few pictures to show the situation. I used some 5mm x 18mm stripwood to form the curves, you can see that the platforms don’t follow the pencil line underneath (the ballast line is the giveaway). I don’t know if I fitted it poorly or if they moved after fitting, not that it really matters. I think there aren’t sufficient holding blocks to hold the curve. I’m now considering what a better solution is. I don’t think the stripwood is the answer, it also dictates the thickness of the platform top, which I want to increase. Potentially I will just build up a well braced plastikard framework, which will probably do the trick. I do quite like the look of the Peco concrete fascias, which I may use for some or all of the platform fronts. I also like the more modern style coping stones with the 3 grooves along them. I also need to get hold of a cheap mk3 to see if I can realistically include one. I suspect the overhang will move the platforms further from the track than I’m happy with. Time to go look at some prototype photos…
  10. Long overdue an update I think (we’re also long overdue some progress too!). I’ve got a wall running most of the way from the south end right round to Chester junction, which makes quite a difference visually. My plan is to cap the wall with the coping stones from the platforms, which are subject to some forthcoming alterations. A view from Chester junction, with a unit on the fuel road. Looking down the station pointwork towards the brewery. Turning back slightly, the cameo factory behind the fuel roads. Eventually I’ll build something along this whole section. DPU with trailing load arriving from the carriage sidings. General view over the station and shed area. A closer look at the shed - a small section of wall to finish here. Finally a view from the electric stabling back to the brewery. Spot 5barVT’s suggestion of a side to North Western tower!
  11. Is a V2 the most elegantly proportioned loco ever? Even in run down 1960’s grime they still exude elegance. Love it!
  12. The start on the roof looks great. A roof always gives a station an air of importance - little halts never had covers, but big mainline stations are always covered. Presumably a rood will also amplify the sound of diesel just ticking over too?
  13. Didn’t a 90 make it as far as Llandudno once?
  14. That wall is far enough back from the electrified lines not to have been raised (although I still haven’t decided if platforms 3 and 4 will be wired). There’ll be a group of spotters looking over the Depot.
  15. Messers Heath Robinson & sons have been straight on to cutting the stairway and adding the walkway behind the wall… Meanwhile at the West end the formers have been cut around the underbridge. The chances of a perilous plunge into the abyss are slowly receding.
  16. As I look at the photo of the wall former, I think the wall in shadow would be improved by gradually sloping down as it goes along the tower block? Possibly in two or three flights of steps.
  17. I’ve been busy sorting out the scenery immediately in front of the backscene, working round from the Crewe end. This was beginning to look the part before I remade the backscene. There’s now an additional 40mm of layout, which helps me address the very narrow platform at the end of platform 4. I was quite happy with my cafe and red star office in the arches, but they were out of scale with the tower block, so for now I’ll replace them with a straight bit of wall. All the platforms are going to be renewed too. This may just be the tops, or possibly the sides too once I assess how easy it will be to ease out the tight spots. I really need a mk3 to test clearance before I do that. I suspect a mk3 will push the platforms so far from the rail that other stock will look less convincing. There must have been a million mk3s for under £10 last week at Doncaster and I completely forgot to look! Anyway, here’s the new former for the wall that needs to run from the South end overbridge along the back of platform 4 and around the tower block. It’s a good deal lower than the previous arches as it no longer has the old fireplace to work around. Meanwhile I’m quite enjoying have the little cameo down by the fuel point. If you get the camera angle right you don’t see quite so much of the layout under construction.
  18. You’ll need one a lot more frequently than that at Christleton!
  19. 40122 pauses in platform 1 on the Stoke to Llandudno, passing a pair of 20s waiting to take their tanks back to Stanlow. Definitely a day to have a pac-a-mac with you.
  20. I think you’re right about single manning being much earlier, but I think there were concerns about the original DSDs. The guy that taught me to drive 08s told me during my training. That and how to get a Peak to over 100. And a great story about the “urinal” on a peak which I will retell when I have more time.
  21. I think that they needed to remove the headcode box illumination when they changed the Driver’s safety device (dead man’s handle) to allow single manning. At that point I guess plating over was more logical.
  22. The old black painted thing that looks like a domino rather than the glass panel that looks like and is also referred to as a domino? I never understood why they didn’t plate them over in the first place…
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