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  1. I'm looking at building a little industrial railway layout around a section of Acton lane power station. There are plenty pictures on the web but I'm looking for aerial photos of the rail infrastructure on the site. This is so I can build a layout around a part of the power station site. If anyone can help it would be great.
  2. Mol I have checked the internal dimensions of the wrapping paper box and they are 750mm x 210mm. This means I will need to make the baseboard 730 x 200 so I can remove the layout with ease from the box.
  3. Mol 4mm scale will be my go to scale as I already have a Ruston 48DS jim and a hattons Andrew Barclay in NCB green. I'm certain I can construct a nice little baseboard to fit inside the wrapping paper box using 6mm ply and pine timber for the frame contruction.
  4. Dave out of the whole forum my interest lies in the industrial railway modelling. I will be looking through most of your work over the next couple of days. This is mainly so I can see what I need to make a nice little layout and of course mainly to look through your inspiring work. I don't have any connection with DVLR but I have the Jim loco.
  5. Mol thanks for the warm welcome. Yes I am interested in industrial railways as I find them so fascinating. I have been looking through your MSC layout which to me is beautifully modelled. The little details such as brickwork and rail side flowers are all nicely done. I have been thinking about an industrial layout but I would like it to fit in a wrapping paper box.
  6. This thread of the MSC wagons is wonderful. I like the fact that you are researching this great place and building the different wagons that would have been used in this area. I do like the skill and dedication you are putting into modelling these kits.
  7. Hello Ruston I am new to the forum and my interest lies in the UK standard gauge railway modelling. I do like what you are doing to the Manning loco.
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