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  1. God bless America.

    1. Hroth


      I wonder how much prominence the insane tweets will get on the news media once Biden is confirmed?


      Or will it just be an occasional "Trump blocked on Twitter" report?


      The US deserves a period of calm while they sort Covid, etc out.

    2. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      Interesting that George W Bush congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala Harrris - pure class - totally unlike a certain noisome "individual" who, rather than showing any grace, has taken to whacking golf balls around a course.


      I can't help wondering what would happen if Trump were to be impeached for a second time - this time on grounds of bringing the USA into disrepute with his malicious tweets (and other comments) and apparently vexatious lawsuits.


      It probably won't happen - but I could even imagine a lot of GOP senators going along with it, as a way of distancing themselves and their party from the damage his recent rants have done to both their country and the Republican "brand".


      I thought the Mayor of Philadelphia's comment about it being time for Trump to "put on his big boy pants" was priceless.

  2. Dan....there’s a thread on the new Hornby R 3605 TTS to the effect that the forum member concerned cannot run it on analogue dc only at all,let alone without sound.....which I believe it should do.....without removing the TTS module.

    Have you experienced any identical problems with any of your stock .I’m assuming you don’t remove before selling on ?



    1. Derails Models

      Derails Models

      Ian - Good question. I have just read said thread, and agree with one of the comments there that says that CV29 appears to be set against DC running despite what the "destruction" manual might say. I will flag this to Paul Isles of this parish, to see if he can shed any light on the matter.


      In response to the concerns raised in the thread, I have just tested one of my 60's and too have the same issue. Unfortunately at this current point in time my GM Prodigy set is away for repair and I'm using a temporary Bachmann E-Z controller that doesn't do complicated CV Values, so I can't do much more "fiddling" at this point in time.


      If anyone is purchasing one of these models and, like the OP, doesn't have access to a DCC Controller (which is totally understandable, I should add), I would call the shop it's being ordered from and kindly ask them to test it on DC, and if it isn't set correctly, could they alter DCC29 to suit and then re-test before they ship the model; for some retailers like ourselves, this would not be a problem at all.


      I would also be interested if anyone out there has one of these 60's and could try changing CV29 to just double check that it would work, ahead of me getting my GM kit back and trying myseld. 



    2. Ian Hargrave

      Ian Hargrave

      Thanks,Dan. It appears that more of the same is surfacing...Widnes Models have flagged it too.


      Regards, Speak soon,Ian.

  3.  Clearer,smarter appropriate and user friendly.

    Many thanks.

  4. Thanks for your help--- Ian!

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