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  1. Brilliant @chuffinghell. Another example of the positive support so common on RMWeb. Congratulations @MrWolf.
  2. You could get Dewchurch listed as a Dark Sky destination. It will become a major tourist attraction. Of course, that would require more trains to carry more passengers . . . . . . . https://www.darkskydiscovery.org.uk/dark-sky-discovery-sites/map.html
  3. Can only agree with that! My favourite feature from Dewchurch Mk2, the canal bridge with boarded track, is back in all its glory. Joined by Currans Tool Makers as my favourite feature (so far!) of Mk3. However, so many other great details to ponder over as we get to see more pictures. You've been a very busy @Gopher over the last few months. I don't think I can match your speed of construction but hopefully things will be progressing faster with my layout as I tick things off in the new/old house and I can devote more time to it.
  4. Quite a lot of my photos have not yet reloaded following the RMWeb crash. References to board numbers in my last post won't mean a lot without a key. The plan below shows the outline of the layout in its new home, with board numbers highlighted. There is a little bit of room for expansion on the free end of board 1. The door has now been rehung to open towards board 1 and give easier access to the alcove which is my space for working from home. The wall behind boards 1, 2 and 3 is a partition wall. It isn't square to the wall behind board 4. There is approx 50mm difference over the length of the layout. The photo below is taken in the old railway room. Board 4 and the site of the control panel is in the background, where the controller is. Boards 2 and 3 are on the left. The pictures of Board 1 and 2 below were taken just before the house move.
  5. Carried on with the wiring for a few hours this weekend. Also chosen the flooring with Mrs FP for the railway room / work from home office. Very grotty carpet, inherited with purchase of new/ old house, is being replaced by laminate as a more practical surface for working over/ finding stuff I've dropped. Moving out from the main control panel board (board 4) I've started removing all the temporary links (that made the main lines run for 'extended testing' without switches) and connecting through to the permanent wiring on boards 2 & 3 and testing with a meter. Quite pleased that the wiring diagram I drew several years ago corresponds exactly with what I'd actually built under boards 2 & 3. No pics today as wiring is just . . . . . wires .
  6. All the rotary switches were wired last night and have been tested this morning. Only one link didn't work, which was on the last run I did last night. Because I'd missed it. Had the cartoon "??" marks above my head when I put the meter lead on the (empty) connector and failed to get a reading. Took a bit of waggling to realise I wouldn't get one. . . . ! As my previous pictures haven't reloaded yet, a top view of the control panel as well.
  7. If I remember correctly @westerhamstation grew some plants for his layout about this time of year that made superb trees/ bushes. So an answer may lie closer to home. . . . Superb as always @KNP
  8. If I remember correctly @westerhamstation grew some plants for his layout about this time of year that made superb trees/ bushes.
  9. A bit more relaxed than the previous bedroom. Not really modelling, but bits and pieces that have been lying around since we moved in 19 months ago went up on the wall yesterday. Just the door frame to prep and the new door to paint, then flooring to order. The carpet gliders we bought when we moved have proved invaluable in moving heavy furniture and the layout about. Flooring will be laminate of some sort where the layout goes. Easier to clean and see dropped bits on. Debating whether to have carpet for my work desk area. That will become a modelling zone following full retirement. So probably laminate as well.
  10. Good luck. Have you built a frame to protect the boards?
  11. A very nice, common, detail on the viaduct.
  12. Good luck with the move Rob. I hope Aston gets set back up quicker than my railway has. I m hoping to get it running before we've been here two years ! (18 months so far . .. . )
  13. Lets just say its crate to be back in Little Muddle after the black out. Whose head can hurt @Winslow Boy when the subject is so nice?
  14. Hi Rob, I see you've mentioned an "edge protector" against your water feature, which I assume stopped you knocking it, rather than retaining the PVA 'water' (?) As someone with a similar vertical drop against a dock side: How did you stop your PVA 'water' falling off the edge of the world? (A question flat earth mariners have been asking since time immemorial. . . . . . . )
  15. This conversation seems to be drifting into American Secretary of Defence territory. Only the crate is a known. Or is it a known unknown ?? Who knows ?????
  16. I think that is all you need. As @MrWolf says, the ash would pretty much kill everything off. I can't think of a photo of a similar area with a medium size tree in it (cue links to lots put on by others!). Maybe outside the railway boundary, if it was close by. (Other than on preserved railways, where vegetation management may not be prototypical, a Google search for "British railway turntables" and "railway motive power depots" seems to confirm that these areas are a grey desert in black and white photos). Does that help (or not) ?
  17. Subconscious application of Rule 1 !
  18. I've got some lamps on order, in fact. I wanted to get some of the Gaugemaster ones, but they don't seem to be available anywhere now. Hi @Graham T Ref quotes above, you might be able to put a lamp on the corner of the coaling stage, as shown red in the snip below? That would light one side of the turntable as well as the coaling stage. I've also suggested one diametrically opposite in the bottom snip. That would illuminate the far side of the turntable, the buffer stop and the circular path that the driver/ fireman would take when turning a loco in the dark. Another near (or part way along the wall of) the Engine shed would combine with both the above to light the area you are pondering about. Hope that is of interest.
  19. Brilliant. We often see trains as big in real life. But they are frequently dwarfed by line side infrastructure inside or outside the railway boundary. Your building is representative of many similar structures in towns around GB, so just right in my view . (With apologies to Mrs Gopher. . . . )
  20. Monday, Tuesday, Etc The Fonz. TTFN . . . . .
  21. My wife's cats . . . . (now that is a grammar nightmare ~ an 's' followed by an apostrophe, or an apostrophe followed by 's' ? Who cares, you know what I mean. Anyway I digress ) . . . . . know that stealth mode does not work in this house. They do know that if they set a paw on the stairs towards the bedrooms and railway room they are in deeeeep cat do-do land. Very amusing telling a cat that is endeavouring to sneak out of permitted territory 'left, right, left, right, left, right'. The faster you say it, the quicker they go . . . . . . ps I am currently owed approximately 60 cat free years ( 1 cat = 1 year; Multiple cats = multiple years per year. Currently Mrs FP has two, previous maximum of three. None have been, or are, in Southern or BR green. Hopeless). pps Unless there is a significant increase in life expectancy, or the NHS discovers something new that means I will actually finish my model railway in my 130th year, I am going to struggle to get my cat free allowance in . . . . . . ppps I think the cats may have won.
  22. Seriously though, the layout is looking superb Rob. After baseboard, track laying and wiring, there really is an extensive decision tree under 'what next'. . . . . . . . . your audience eagerly await your next move
  23. Stuka landing strip ? Avoids stacking . . . .
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