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  1. Don’t forget - midday today is the deadline for bids! Thanks for all the interest and bids so far. We will be in touch with the winner this afternoon. cheers Mike
  2. I know at least one member of this forum won a place but can’t go! Another member of this forum is about to get a message offering them a place. cheers Mike
  3. After delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our "Sweet Caroline" rail tour is going ahead on 11 May 2022. Some of you may remember that we held a prize draw for early customers of the inspection saloon model and we look forward to welcoming them onboard "Caroline". We are delighted to be able to offer one additional seat on the never to be repeated rail tour to raise funds for charity. Those of you familiar with the story behind the naming of inspection saloon 975025 as “Caroline” will know that the saloon was named after a member of NR staff who sadly lost their life to cancer – in recognition of that we will be donating all funds raised from the auction to Cancer Research UK. The rail tour will be followed by a visit to the home of Caroline at LORAM's facilities in the former RTC in Derby. You can see full details of the sealed bid auction and the tour on our website at: http://www.revolutiontrains.com/unique-chance-to-travel-on-caroline-in-aid-of-charity/ The deadline for entries is midday (12pm BST) on Wednesday 4 May 2022. Cheers Mike
  4. Hi Justin The last news item on our website explains the latest on the second batch deliveries and invoicing: https://www.revolutiontrains.com/news/ cheers Mike
  5. Hi David No news to report other than what we've reported already ie which versions we think will be retail exclusives. We don't normally confirm retail exclusives before the early bird deadline , though this time we've had a longer early bird period than normal and tried to give people an idea of what sets might be coming as retail exclusives. Cheers Mike
  6. Please send us an email ASAP with which set you want and your order number. Thanks Mike
  7. In the grand scheme of things the buck stops with us but as I mentioned to Stu earlier probably best to contact the AMRSS as the retailer first as they should be able to advise if they can swap it out. If not we will replace or repair it (we’ve got a couple of spare sets). Definitely sounds like a dodgy motor. Anyone who has problem with one purchased from us should drop us a message as per the manual, though as I say we will make sure everyone is sorted. cheers Mike (still on way back from Glasgow!)
  8. The factory had hoped to get them on a boat before CNY but they weren’t quite ready. As soon as they’re on the move we will let people know. cheers Mike
  9. As I’ve replied on the NGF we’re investigating what has happened to some of the wheelsets with the factory and will fix any issues. cheers Mike
  10. As per the recent newsletter (and on the Projects page of our website) it depends on which livery you ordered as they’re coming in 2 batches and will take us a lot of time to process all the orders (due to offering too many choices/second choices etc). cheers Mike PS I should have said the first orders of batch 1 (LM, Scotrail Saltire, Undecorated) went out on Thursday and Friday with plenty more to go.
  11. Why is it ludicrous? The reality is that there are already thousands of Farish 90s and 91s out there - would I buy multiple new 90s? Of course but a portion of the market will already have been satisfied particularly given the inevitable cost of a new 90. Plus it isn't a stretch of the imagination to believe that a new 90 is coming from Farish! The justification for doing an 89 is nothing like a 90 (or 91) but it has never been produced RTR and is a pretty iconic design plus we can make non-commercially justified decisions if we want to! If you think that pure commercial decisions are the only factor then a lot of our models would never have been produced!
  12. Seems to have been reasonably common with Cartic-4s at one point - a friend was showing me his videos from the 90s on Friday and there was often a brake (QM). The order book will open when we're happy with the CAD corrections. Cheers Mike
  13. The sample has actually arrived - we just need to get some time to take pictures of it and get it up on our website. Should be on our site/social media etc in a few days. Cheers Mike
  14. The production run is running a month or so late and missed shopping before CNY so will be here March/April (depending on how quickly they ship after CNY). There should be plenty available from our retailers for anyone who missed out on our pre-ordering. cheers Mike
  15. My best guess is that the flow started post-privatisation as all the photos are EWS 37s/60s/67s but when I was doing the sample consists the mid-90s seemed to be a bit of a black spot for flows/info/photos. cheers Mike
  16. There's some sample flow consists including the IWAs and the JLR containers here: https://www.revolutiontrains.com/iwa-sfins-2-holdall-vans-and-rfnoos-timber-carriers/ For those that missed out (or want some more!) retailers will be getting their orders early next week as the majority of our direct orders have gone out (if your order hasn't been marked as despatched yet please don't worry as we've still got some to send out!). Cheers Mike
  17. Nothing to do with us I'm afraid! Cheers Mike
  18. Hi Nick Yes, some retailers will definitely have stock. First deliveries should go out early next week. Cheers Mike
  19. Hi Purnu If there are any new liveries announced before we start production then we will definitely look to add them to the initial releases. It will ultimately depend on what happens with the real things! Cheers Mike
  20. I think that is a reflection of batch production more than anything else. My argument would be that you can have either batch production of a wider range of items or near continuous availability of a much more limited choice of models. It is frustrating looking for something that is from an out of stock batch!
  21. For those of you missing some versions please see the last paragraph of this: http://www.revolutiontrains.com/need-a-little-pep-ping-up-for-2022/ Cheers Mike
  22. Particularly units there's loads to do from the late 50s to present! We've already got at least two unannounced units in CAD with another in the research phase ;-)
  23. The 320/321 sound file is from Legomanbiffo if that helps find a video of the sound file.
  24. We get quite a lot of emails asking us to produce a 91 in N - I've been pointing people in your direction so I hope they've been getting in touch! Cheers Mike
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