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  1. Just a quick thought but . . . One method of using dice is to throw a die to determine how many of each type of goods / freight wagon to send each day. So a 3 might mean 3 coal hoppers then a 2 could be 2 VDA vans, etc. One issue is when wagon load freight ceased and block trains became the norm. In this context, Scotland seemed to run wagon load trains much later than the South East. And Clay Hoods went in wagon load freight from the West Country to ceramics producers in the North. Though I do recall the odd "wagon load" / variable length fuel train to parts of the Sussex Coast until the receiving terminal closed (around the 1990s?)
  2. Just a thought as you refer to the 4 wheel Wisbech & Upwell coaches. Thomas the Tank Engine had Toby - a W&U tram loco. There was also Henrietta a 4 wheel coach. Bachmann now do the TTTE models including Henrietta within the UK. This is a "plain" coach - i.e. no name printed nor face. OK - I believe that it is technically an HO model and I cannot vouch for its accuracy to the original W&U coaches - as opposed to the Britt Allcroft interpretation of Henrietta. But if you are happy with the compromise - try your nearest Bachmann stockist. You can always look at one and decide if you are happy with the TTTE version. I have accepted this - but then it is my railway. Notwithstanding the above, would like a Titfield Thunderbolt bogie coach as well.
  3. Why am I now getting lots of irrelevant video clips on RMWeb? Views of busy Motorways; fairground carosels; a cruise chip; cooks at work; animals including bugs and insects; etc. Every time I click on something and open a new view I get a new irrelevant movie about 75cm x 40cm blocking the right hand part of the page. I could understand it if the clips were relevant to railways or modelling albeit they would still annoy. As it is, I visit RMWeb far less frequently due to these unwelcome irrelevant intrusions. SORT IT OUT
  4. I have updated a few of my older TRi-Ang / Tri-Ang Hornby models with finer wheels. Specifically, the 0-6-0 chassis used on the Jinty, the 0-6-0 tender loco and 57xx; the 4-4-0 chassis on an SR L1 (also used for the LMS 2P and the 0-4-0 chassis under my Nellie. As suggested above, I have used Romford / Markits 1/8th" bushes in the frames and generally used Romford / Markits wheel and axle sets for quartering. Unfortunately, I was unable to get Markit wheels for Nellie at the time I was looking; so I think I used Alan Sharman wheels - quartering by eye. Also as noted, the gear wheel also needs to be bused. I found out that using the Romfords / Markits 1/8th" bushes then the gear wheel could be force fitted onto the bush resulting in a good "friction fit" to the Ronmford (and Sharman) axles. No need for glue nor solder; the locos run fine through modern point work - unlike the original wheel sets. One further comment; the old Tri-Ang screws to hold the coupling rods in place fit the Romford and Sharman wheels perfectly and have been reused along with the original coupling rods.
  5. Lilliput still make the 0-6-2 Zillertal U class. I do wonder if a the current chassis would fit and if so, how easy is it to get a spare? Incidentally, I did get mine to go round 6" radius including the original Peco crazy track points. With modern 009 / HOe I guess that's a few old points to bin and a major layout rebuild?
  6. As noted before, Hornby have previously done a Titfield Thunderbolt set with assorted errors. The set consisted a 14xx numbered as the film version; a Lowmac with the body from a 4 wheel coach and a Toad. The correct Loriot is makedly different from a Lowmac as is the "converted" coach body compared with the standard 4 wheel coach body. Also, this rush hybrid train was not pulled by the 14xx; rather it was "pulled" by Lion under the name Thunderbolt and removed from the "local museum". So following their recent issues of updates to historical Hornby and Tri-Ang models, Hornby seem to be issuing an updated and more accurate Titfield Thunderbolt set. We do not know what licensing agreement Hornby had when they issued their cruder model and how long that may have lasted for. But there does seem to be another point from the Copyright viewpoint. From memory, copyright has a limited lifetime. I thought is was extended to 50 years as pop stars lived longer; but it may be even longer than that. But if it is 50 years and the film is 70 years old - then there is no copyright issue. Also, it would have been nice if the Wisbech & Upwell tramway coach were issued possibly with the 14xx? But it would seem that even Rapido do not plan to issue that coach from the initial Titfield railway preservation train consist other than as part of a very pricey set.
  7. The scale doesn't really matter. I've used Kadees for various DMUs and EMUs as I find the small tension lock can cause derailments when pushing - especially when you have 2 powered units coupled together (e.g. a 153 and 142). It's a lot easier to fit into NEM standard coupling pockets using 20s, 19s, 18s or rarely 17s. For couplings fitted at the end of DMUs, you may find that some cutting of the guards under the buffer beam height is required for the Kadee to poke through. I do have a Kadee coupling height gauge which I use on non-NEM fittings - well worth the spend.
  8. Picking up on PhatBob's comment and going slightly off topic, Bachmann make both the 2EPB and the 2H. When the 3R "Tadpole" units were replaced and disbanded (OK, one 3R was kept working!), 3 of the 2EPB driving cabs were inserted into the middle 2H units to make the 3T units. I did suggest that as they had the mouldings, it should not be too difficult for Bachmann to produce a 3T. But apparently the intermediate couplings on the 2H are at a non-standard height and so the cab end coupling would not line up with the intermediate 2H coupling. And that's ignoring any electrical connection issues within the (now 3 car) set. Also some 2Hs were extended using redundant TSOs from withdrawn 4CEPs - and given the width discrepancies were (if I recall correctly) nick-named "slugs". These were given a separate subclass (205/1) from the as built 3Hs (205/0). Corridor connections were also created on the previously non-gangwayed 2H coaches. I've produced a model of 205 205 by adding gangways to a 2H. OK I've cheated by not altering the seating. But don't tell anyone. The gangways were bought as spares.
  9. To quote: The coal load is removable. Remove this (using a very thin flat screwdriver if required) reveals two screws. Undo these two screws and the cab roof will lift off . . . If you need to remove the rest of the body for any reason, gently lift the body from the coal bunker end to about 45 degrees and the smokebox will release - BE CAREFUL NOT TO DAMAGE THE INTRICATE PIPEWORK IN THIS AREA _ GREAT CARE IS NEEDED. (Kernow's capitals - not mine.) Trust this helps
  10. Oh dear. Having produced Tall-y-llyn and Dolgoch from Skarloey and Reneas, I guess that Peter Sam will be another loco for me to deface. ;~)
  11. Unscrew the chimney and the body will come off. However, disconnecting the motor from the pick-ups is another issue!
  12. Daniel, you don't say which version of the Peco James 009 kit you've got. I bought and built one which used the Farish (now Bachmann) N gauge 0-6-0 pannier tank chassis. Since then, I was given another one. But the one I was given was somewhat older, unbuilt, but compete set of parts. That supposedly required the Arnold N gauge 0-6-0 chassis. That has the bolt hole for fixing the built body to the chassis in a slightly different place - perhaps a couple of millimetres "adrift". I felt I could tweak the holes and to save money, bought a Bachmann / Farish 0-6-0 Jinty. ERROR - the body fixing on the Jinty seems to be somewhat different from the older pannier. Might have to do some careful drilling. If you have the older Arnold based kit, you could ask Peco if you can do a swap of the Arnold fixing for the Farish pannier fitting part.
  13. For your interest - there are repeats on +1 - 1 hour later but not on Freeview. Also there is a repeat on Fridays on Yesterday at 10:00pm - I'll probably use that. Also there is an Internet "catch-up" service where you can watch on your PC after initial broadcast - you still get the adverts!
  14. This may be locked as "wish list" by our wonderful moderator but . . . EFE-Rail are producing the 1938 tube stock in LT Underground colours. But other models (e.g. J94, Class 17 etc) are being produced in a variety of liveries. As they have done this before with static models, can EFE-Rail also produce the tube stock in IoW liveries (e.g. NSE and dinosaur)? Also will the motr unit also fit the 1958 tube stock that EFE produced some while back?
  15. The old Hornby Dublo working mail coach apparatus was a lot cruder looking than even the Tri-Ang one - but did have the advantage of push button electric operation.. There was a 4th rail by the pick up and drop off. Power to that 4th rail caused the van to both drop off the bag it was carrying and pick up a new bag.
  16. I agree that over AC the capacitor will not smooth. This is why I suggested placing it across the LED leads - the LED will require a DC feed. Hence the "standard - non LED" diode in the circuit along with the LED. The Standard diode being to protect the LEED from reverse voltage and thus effectively converting the AC to DC by blocking one half of the AC wave form.
  17. A dust sheet - e.g. an old cotton bed sheet might be a good start to keep dust levels down. Spread it over backscene panel / front protecting screen. Track will slowly tarnish - and here the options are a track rubber or rag and track cleaning fluid - or if there are too many delicate items in the way, a powered track cleaner / fluid wiping track cleaning wagon.
  18. Just a thought. the power to the rails is DCC and therefore is AC. There is a thing called "mains hum" which some people can hear - it's the effect of the buzz from the AC mains supply at 50 Cycles per second (cps). Actually most people can hear the hum id they go near high power main items - such as transformers at power stations etc. DCC will also be capable of producing a buzz or hum albeit at a much higher frequency than the mains hum. A capacitor across the LED leads will smooth the DCC voltage fluctuations and thus should reduce and may eliminate your buzz.
  19. A few comments - the local WH Smith includes a Post Office. So magazines may be bought - self service only and no browsing. The local Sainsburys has some Model Railway publications. Curiously Sainsburys had the current Model Rail - I have a postal subscription but my post copy hasn't arrived yet. Normally postal copies arrive a couple of days before the magazine appears in the shops. Is there an issue with the interface between publishers and Royal Mail? I guess that enveloping up subscription copies can't be "done from home".
  20. Many years ago I did some low melt metal casting using RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanising) Rubber moulds that I created from a plasticard master. The RTV Rubber wasn't that expensive. The RTV rubber came from Alex Tiranti (if my memory serves) and the low melt metal was Prince August casting metal for model soldiers. But then it was quite some time ago . . .
  21. For types 2,3, and 4 try Bachmann spares parts No. 36-025 (short) and 36-026 (long). Both are screw on with same / similar screw and 2 pin mount. I've happily used these on some of my older Tri-Ang / Hornby / Mainline stock.
  22. Corgi did an RNLI set recently. This included a Land Rover, Trailer and inshore inflatable lifeboat. The Inflatable is quoted as 1:83 - a tad small but you could get away with it? [I intend to on tow.] Unfortunately the Shannon is 1:136 and the Severn 1:173. Another plus side was that for every set sold, at least £1.40 went to the RNLI.
  23. Just a thought - Peco do a track laying gauge. It is double sided - one side for Settrack spacing and one for Peco flexitrack and associated points. So if using 1st or 2nd radius Settrack curves or equivalent (or if using Settrack points) use the Settrack spacing. This should ensure sufficient clearances on curves. At larger radii, the Peco flexitrack spacing should be sufficient. You can then use a Tracksetter for one curve radius and lay the other curve with the Peco track laying gauge. That way you avoid the implied 3 inch spacing from only using Tracksetters.
  24. Note that Settrack points are 2nd radius. So all commercial stock currently can manage that radius with some short wheelbase and most older locos capable of managing 1st radius. As noted, a single track circle of 2nd radius is a tad over 3ft diameter. If you are planning a double track then you will also need to go for 3rd radius giving 3ft 6inch diameter. If you can manage 4ft baseboard width then use 3rd and 4th radii. [Note, I tend to use 2ft Tracksetter and Peco flexitrack as a minimum with Peco 2ft radius points. But have been known to use Settrack when absolutely essential.]
  25. As noted, there is a lot of disinformation about concerning Coronavirus / Covid19. As I understand it, it is basically a form of flu. But there is no general immunity nor vaccine at present. Thus, the expectation is that more people will get Covid19 than the general seasonal flu - hence the references to "epidemic". One key thing that isn't clear is how long after catching the virus you first become infectious and start spreading the illness to others. I would guess that this could be at least a day or so. Another "issue" would seem to be that the impact is variable - some people being more affected than others. I suspect that a few people mildly affected don't realise they have Covid19 and carry on as usual believing the have a mild cold. This would explain the recent cases where the virus has infected people with no obvious connection with the countries in question. In terms of visitors, at the bag search, each visitor could be asked if they have recently been to any of the affected countries. You might need an extra security guard to escort them off the premises if they answer yes. Even so, the main risk will be the traders and their interaction with visitors. There may be an increased risk where operators operate from the front of the layout rather than the back due to increased proximity to visitors. Also there is a risk between exhibitors and traders as I suspect that they share the same exhibitors' lounge for meals etc. So sending the questionnaire to both exhibitors and traders is sensible. And hand sanitisers at the entrance for use by all visitors is another useful precaution.
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