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  1. Thank you Tony for a lovely day once again! My two locos are based on Talyllyn Railway prototypes, Fletcher Jennings No. 1 'Talyllyn' and No. 2 'Dolgoch'. Awdry created twins of these engines (also built at Fletcher Jennings) for his Skarloey Railway, the engines being No. 1 'Skarloey' and No. 2 'Rheneas'. The line being based in the eastern district of Sodor. Rheneas started like as a Bachmann TV series Rheneas with a face, a caricature of the real engine. Face removed, and new chimney and cab as well as other pieces provided from the narrow planet detailing kit. Skarloey, is a meridian kit I bought from a fellow modeller already built. It has been stripped down and some tweaking made so it is not as back end heavy. Next step is to add some detailing bits, ready for painting and lining (similar style to Rheneas). Ben @BritishGypsum4 I'm sure will be happy to discuss his models he brought down when he get's chance.
  2. MSR No. 7 'TIM', quietly simmers at the Quarry before the crew begin to start shunting the wagons, ready to head back to Marthwaite.
  3. If only it was Nick! Jim working an EBV
  4. Thank you! 15 though platicard, roughly cut and painted grey and weathered with washes and drybrushing. Hope that helps
  5. 'No. 2's driver eases the regulator as they begin the climb beyond Arlesdale...'
  6. Thanks again everyone for the positive feedback, Had a nice surprise when I came home from work, the painted Modelu figures by @Dan Evason 'No. 2's driver eases the regulator as they begin the climb beyond Arlesdale...'
  7. Finally got around to writing the article for Scaca Fell Forestry Crossing tonight, just a few edits required. Hope for it to be in Railway Modeller later in the year.
  8. Some recent commissions I’ve just finished for my client’s GWR layout. Very much looking forward to working on an Accurascale Manor when they are released.
  9. What a lovely surprise! Fresh off the paint brush! Dan Evason has just shared these images of the beautifully finished Modelu figures. Crew and Passengers for Ballamoddey! Thanks Dan, they are perfect!
  10. Thanks Martyn, it's become a real labour of love!
  11. Thank you so much Rob for that. I love the photography side, and being able to bring Awdry's creations to life. So glad others are enjoying it too. Speaking of which....I was going to post this tomorrow, but might as well do it now MSR No. 7 ‘TIM’ (livery unlined black) The early years of the 20th century were very much the ‘Golden Age’ of the Mid Sodor Railway. With traffic increasing at Arlesburgh, the board felt another locomotive was needed predominantly for working around the dockland area. In 1912, MSR No. 7 ‘TIM” arrived at Arlesburgh by ship from England. The engine was a second (or possibly third hand) Sharp Stewart Tram locomotive, which had a strong similarity to the larger 3ft Clogher Tramway engines in Ireland, but designed for 2ft-2ft 6in gauge. Due to the loading gauge issues of the mountain section, for the short term the locomotive was utilised at the Arlesburgh Harbour, shunting the vans and wagons being imported and exported from ‘Man’ and further afield. The locomotive was strong and versatile, and on occasions was borrowed for mineral traffic out of the quarries and mines at Marthwaite and Ffarquhar Road. No. 7 was later utilised on the workman trains out of Arlesburgh but always came off the train at Arlesdale, due to the aforementioned clearances. This was all to change in 1914. Not even the pleasant way of life on remote Sodor could escape the upheaval of war across Europe. The SODOR REGIMENT at Peel Godred was thrust into action and troop trains were provided by the MSR. It soon became clear that the army would be required to transport munitions and such on the railway, and decision was finally made to open out the fourth tunnel near Ulfstead Road. The army were good enough to oblige and help the MSR engineers. The infrastructure work finished in early 1915. No. 7 made his first venture on a test train not long after. No. 7 and No. 6 ‘JIM’ were utilised heavily for the war effort (being the strongest locomotives in the MSR fleet). In the late 1920’s until the closure of the Cas-ny-Hawin-Peel Godred section, No. 7 would be used extensively on the morning workmen’s train from Peel Godred, being stabled at the old station site ‘Arlesburgh Road’. With the 1936 closure, and the engine being in poor mechanical condition due to years of hard work, No. 7 TIM was sold. Whether this was to another railway, or scrap is sadly unknown.
  12. We have had some new arrivals in the last month. I'd like to reveal firstly, MSR No. 6 'JIM'. Awdry's models were the old varikit from GEM that were not based on any particular prototype. Over the last few months I've been researching various prototypes that I feel were suited to a 25 mile railway with a steep mountain section. Enjoy! MSR No. 6 ‘JIM’ Livery - Green By the early 1900s, it had become clear that the MSR had severely underestimated the demand for goods traffic on the line. Numerous engines had come and gone over the years, but nothing that was present at this time, was particularly suitable. For goods traffic covering the 25 miles between Arlesburgh and Peel Godred double heading was becoming far more frequent, more than the MSR board were happy with. By 1906, the situation was becoming desperate. The board had been keeping its eyes on narrow gauge events further afield. 1906 saw the construction and delivery of a large 2-6-2 tank engine by Hunslet of Leeds, for the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway. The MSR board were particular impressed and a locomotive of a similar type was ordered. On arrival in 1907, the engine was named ‘JIM’ and given the No. 6. There was a however, a problem before the locomotive had even turned a wheel. There were severe clearance issues, in particularly regarding height, in the fourth tunnel of the ‘Mountain Road’. This information was common knowledge, but did not appear to have been passed on to Hunslet. There was a brief quarrel! The Board, blamed the Manager, the Manager blamed the foreman, the foreman blamed the chief fitter and the chief fitter blamed....well he had no one else to blame, so had to come up with a solution quickly! It was decided to cut down the locos fittings to within the loading gauge, reducing the height of the chimney, dome and cab. The tunnel situation was alleviated years later during ‘The Great War’ when the MSR carried military material from the Peel Godred garrison and the tunnels were opened out to a more generous clearance. Jim’s lower fittings were never altered throughout his working life on the MSR, which lasted until November 1936 when the locomotive was sold.
  13. Thanks for all the kind comments. Genuinely touched by the feedback. I’ll update the first post of the thread with images and then do a link to where the images start again. I’ll do a proper post with updates tonight.
  14. Old No. 2 'RHENEAS' prepares the last slate load of the day, as the autumn sun begins to hang low in the sky...
  15. Thanks for the kind feedback. I will continue to post on RMweb, but just need to think about the best way forward. I really don't want to go back through the thread re adding photos to posts, as I'm not sure I have all of them still. In the meantime, a photo
  16. Thanks for the kind comments SR71 I'm still here, but have generally been posting more in my Facebook group and on Narrow Gauge Railways Modelling Forum since RMweb went down. I've lost some of my enthusiasm to post since all the photos have gone. Photography is one of my main enjoyments of the hobby, and to see all of them have gone from the thread was a little soul destroying. I appreciate this was no fault of Andy or BRM, and I feel for them in what must have been a very difficult time. I'm just deciding the best cause of action going forward.
  17. Quite a big arrival came today. My bespoke Mid Sodor Railway goods stock transfers from Endon Valley Custom Decals. Absolutely superb quality and exactly to the specifications I requested. Looking forward to building up the goods fleet for Ballamoddey.
  18. The stone work is proving a big inspiration for the MSR. The Mid Sodor, particular the lower sections is very much the Eskdale Valley. Awdry is clear that slate isn't quarried (instead granite and lead) the style of stone will play a large part in the building styles on Ballamoddey.
  19. It really was lovely, and we just missed the rain too. Here are a few more photos from yesterday.
  20. Thanks both of you. Yes it's great it all works now, but I couldn't have done it without @BritishGypsum4, cheers mate! Not had chance to have a play again, as I've been out hiking today in the real Mid Sodor (Eskdale, Cumbria).
  21. Well, we have an operational layout! I think it's fair to say both @BritishGypsum4(Ben) and I had smiles on our faces watching the various locomotives moving back and forth. At one point we had four locomotives on the layout (purely to test out the isolating sections). In truth, there will only ever be two max. Next stage is to make a small extension piece along the back which will just give me a touch more depth width wise. It's funny being able to see the whole layout and picturing where engines are coming and going to. To many, the photo below is just a loco with some locos, some 'stand in' buildings and a white backdrop. To me, I see a railway circa 1920s/1930s, with a goods train that has worked up gruelling gradient from Arlesdale, before a gentle descent down the gradient from Ulfstead Road. Beyond are the high ridge of fells of north west Sodor. I can't thank Ben for all his help. I hope I've made up for the lack of electrical knowledge by keeping him well fed over the last few visits!
  22. A little bit of an update. The replacement etches have arrived, and we now have a complete cab for No. 3! I'm really pleased with how things are looking. I was particularly careful on making up the folds on the cab front. Tomorrow @BritishGypsum4 is heading over to resume electrical work. With a replacement point and switches at the ready, we hope to get the job done this time. There will be a live stream in the Facebook group hopefully around 16.00-17.00 tomorrow. Regarding the layout, I had originally bought a couple of buildings off ebay (very nice scratch builds). However it had niggled me that they were fairly generic, and appear to be sold online fairly regularly. Ballamoddey I have always desired to feel different, and unique (a vibe I had tried to depict with Scaca as well). I have therefore decided to sell the buildings (which I'll be selling through the group) and replacements will me made by the super talented Dan Evason of Tunnel Lane Model Railways. I'm currently researching building designs and stone work. Sunday I'm planning a hike in an area where I should find some inspiration on the type of stone work you would find on this part of the Mid Sodor. A lot to feel positive about I think!
  23. Another Baldwin shot I'm afraid. I'm itching to get two more locomotive finished, but I'm awaiting narrow planet etched plates, alas it's another shot of No. 2.
  24. 'Shunting Shenanigans this evening'
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