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  1. I put down carpet tiles on my concrete floor. All washable and not too expensive. Terry
  2. I've been watching developments from a distance and enjoying all the thinking that has gone into a project where, if I'm correct, not a sleeper has yet been laid. Sorry to muddy the waters. I seem to remember CJF introducing one of his monthly plans in the 60s with words to the effect that the only true backscene for a model train was smoky brickwork. I have to agree. Holborn v Caterham has only one winner! I'll look forward to seeing how this all pans out. All the best, Terry
  3. Just watching Paddington 2 again. Great line - 'I'm Jonathan Brown and I love steam trains'. Terry
  4. Bite the bullet, get out into the garage. Modern cars don't need them, lay some carpet tiles and some heating and thunderbirds are go! Terry
  5. Nah! The bus is waiting for passengers from the next train and the driver has gone in for a chat or a visit to the loo. Terry
  6. I rather like the idea of platform 1 only being used for passenger services during the morning and evening peaks and being used for parcels the rest of the time. That way it might suggest the gradual running down of the terminus on it's way to possible closure or a rebirth in future years that could tie in with the tramlink and/or Thameslink. Terry
  7. Great having a local wood merchant. They even cut it for you. In my opinion the best thing about this thread has been the research. Probably even more fun than making the actual layout. But then I am a historian, after a fashion. Really enjoying it, Terry
  8. Not sue if this is relevant, and you may well have seen the lower photo, but it too shows the first class accomodation. Terry
  9. So all those concerts I went to at Fairfield Halls never happened! Terry
  10. Good luck with this William, as always I'll follow your progress and thoughts. Terry
  11. Good to see you back William. I suppose it all depends on what you want as an outcome. Is a continuous circuit a given, or would you be happy with end to end? There is always the option of sitting and watching trains go by, not forgetting the opportunity to run in engines over a long distance. I get the impression that for you it is the building and operating that is more important. I may be wrong of course. Terry
  12. This is most of it! Terry
  13. I hate to point this out, especially to those like me who lived through it, but the year Abbey Road was released is closer to WW1 than today. I'll get my coat. Terry
  14. And of course, when CJF drew a later version with added modules a small turntable facility was included. If built in sections it could be expanded at a later date if required, as well as for exhibitions. Terry
  15. Hi William, A lovely photo of Haywards Heath station. I have a suggestion. You have spent a lot of time thinking and planning along the lines of a HV/Minories concept. You have also said that a purpose built shed for the railway could follow in the fullness of time. As 4mm is the more viable option for the LCDR era how about building at least part of your terminus (or another segment of a larger layout) in the spare bedroom while building and accumulating the relevant stock? When you are in a position to move outdoors you would then have a head start on a full layout. I get the impression that the building of a model gives you at least as much pleasure of operation. By the way, I'm just around the corner from you in Lindfield, so if you ever need another pair of hands to help move stuff feel free to ask. Good luck, Terry
  16. I'll happily scan and email the drawing and photos if required. Terry
  17. I googled Southern Region publicity 1960s and found this. Apparently a 48 page booklet in, I think, 1962. Good luck! Terry
  18. Jack, I have the original edition of the HMRS livery register for the LSWR and Southern Railway. It makes no mention of any changes to dark brown and red ends, the only note about wartime changes being the decision in 1942 to reduce painting of wagons to a minimum and metal parts to be painted black. However, this book dates from 1970 so there must be more recent research! Cheers, Terry
  19. We went in 2015. As Adam says, the museum has got lots in it. We went to the Museum of Transportation after, quite interesting as it has vintage cars and other stuff as well as railway items. All the best Terry
  20. I presume you have considered this, but is there any scope for a lift out section to make a continuous run? Terry
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