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  1. On 07/05/2022 at 21:02, Gary H said:

    I wonder if there would be any market for some more early Freight Liner flats, namely the FFA and FGA?

    I wasn't interested in them when Bachmann done them, now I am, they seem like hens teeth, which is typical.  You can find the 'outer' buffered examples still, but the 'inners' seem non existent.

    Doesn't look as though Bachmann are interested in doing anymore. 

    This is never ever going to happen. Bachman have new tooling to a high standard, why would anyone do another one? The fact that they sold quickly makes it a certainly they will do more.


    Hundreds of better options.

  2. 43 minutes ago, 60800 said:

    I had a dream last night that Accurascale announced a class 50.


    Crazy dream or a sign of things to come? 




    That is not a dream, it is a premonition or maybe even a prophesy :)


    The odds on someone doing an all new 50 are getting shorter and shorter.

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  3. Rails sent an email today saying next Friday (15/04/22) is the official launch day of their refurbished show room. They are doing a special open day so there could be something announced then? They say they will have up to date news from various manufacturers, as distinct for old and out of date news I suppose.

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  4. The numbers are different both on the boxes and on the wagons,


    I have the earlier logo versions with 5 wagons from each batch

    For example 4F-050-001 and 4F-050-002 are the outers from the first batch and 4F-050-005 and 4F-050-006 are outers from the 2nd batch with the corrected bogie side-frames. It is the same for the inners, they have different box numbers. Most of the original batch are sold out anyway although could obviously turn up on eBay etc.


  5. @Gary HThis is very useful and thanks for the guide. I will be trying this myself.


    This issue has been corrected in the 2nd batch. 


    The only thing that worries me about these wagons is the weight. I think they are too heavy and will struggle even on the gentlest of inclines.

  6. 13 minutes ago, JSpencer said:


    Sound fitting these models is extremely easy. IMHO, I feel it is not worth paying the say £120 extra when you could do it cheaper yourself and fit stay alives.

    I wonder if they have improved the electrcial pick ups. 

    It is indeed very easy in my opinion too but I would still be interested in knowing where the Dapol sounds come from. There is no mention of stay alives in the Dapol spec. either.

  7. I saw these at Alexandra Palace too and the colours did look like a big improvement on the first batch, I see they are also doing sound fitted ones, I wonder what sound project they are using. I should have asked.

  8. This reminds of an episode of Blackadder where the captain of the ship (Tom Baker) said there were 2 schools of thought on having a crew - All the other captain's say you need a crew but he was of the opinion that you did not. The same seems to be the case here for research :)

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  9. I saw the interview, and KR models make the point that locos like the Fell were prototypes and changed all the time. Therefore it would be impossible to capture all the variations, or at least impossible without the costs going through the roof. They are catering to a demand and while they are not raising the bar in terms of accuracy or realism like Accurascale or RevolutioN, they are producing models that may never have been produced. They may have errors, which we used to accept in undersize Lima Deltics etc. but they do also have modern mechanisms. You do not have to buy them.  Personally I would have been happy if they made one version of the Fell as accurately as they could and not produced a FrankenFell :)

    I think where some people object is when they claim they are highly accurate models, when clearly compromises have had to be made. As I said before, it is the consumer's choice.

  10. On 01/03/2022 at 14:42, Phil Parker said:


    I find this amusing because in other threads we've got people demanding less detailed models because that is the way the hobby should be going in their opinion.

    You can never make everyone happy. I think there is a difference between less detail (moulded handrails instead of separately fitted metal ones) and less accurate whereby variations made to a piece of rolling stock over its life time are ignored, or in some cases, guesses are made as it is too difficult or time consuming to do research. We then get an impression of the model. A bit like the "generic" coaches. In this case I think the best description of these models is an "interpretation". It is up to each person to decide whether they want to buy or not, and hopefully in the full knowledge of the compromises that have been made and the level of accuracy that has been achieved. For myself, I have decided to pass on this one.

  11. 12 hours ago, owentherail said:

    I wish someone would make a class 50 then I would have no Hornby mainline locos 

    With the 31 now announced, I strongly suspect someone is going to announce a 50 in 2022 and I expect it be from one of the newer manufacturers.


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