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  1. I think it is the that 2As are not the correct height and they do not match the 1s. They could both be wrong Not much in it in fairness.
  2. I am sure Accurascale are delighted to know what Hornby should do.
  3. The first few batches of Vitrains 37s had traction tyres, the later ones did not and neither did the 47s. The traction tyres are not needed and I remember getting spares and replacing them. I got the complete axel as a spare. Unfortnately, I am not sure where the ones I removed are otherwise you could have them. I do recall seeing someone replace them with other tyres for re gauging to EM so it is definitely possible.
  4. Me too. My first Accurascale 37. I could not justify any of the previously announced versions. I sure there will be many more and I look forward to further variants and sub-classes. I will even have a layout in progress by the time this one arrives.
  5. Thanks for posting that Robert. Very informative and interesting. Regards Eamon
  6. I did see another photo murphaph is correct it was an aircon one as per the photo above and not a B or a C.
  7. As per the link I posted to the NIR coach pack. NIR bought new 2Bs but they also bought some used ones from BR as well as 5 x 2Cs. One of those 5 is in one of the NIR triple packs announced yesterday. They even put one of their mk2s into service on a cross border train before repainting it. I have seen a photo of a mk2 in blue/grey in Dublin Connolly station.
  8. As mentioned previously in this thread there has already been an NIR 2C announced so a BR one will no doubt follow. The numbers as you point out, also make this seem inevitable. https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/mark-2-coaches/products/nir-mk2b-pack-corporate-intercity-1
  9. I would guess a 2C is very likely as there is much commonality with the 2B. The 2A is much less likely, it is less similar (it is shorter for instance) and Bachmann already do a reasonable model. I intend to run 2Bs with my Bachmann 2As but as mentioned previously there will be height and spacing difficulties. I was going to modify my Bachmann 2As anyway - the height, lighting and lack of very close coupling are all issues I am going to address. I just need some 2Cs to complete a typical rake behind my 50s.
  10. I know but it has the prices in Euro depending on where you are located.
  11. https://accurascale.com/collections/coaches Euro version of site
  12. There are quite a few pictures on Flickr. I just searched for Redland PGA. The dark stripe was gradually phased out during the 80s but here is a picture from 1989: https://www.flickr.com/photos/billatkinson2/8480078594/in/photolist-dVmBVC-23BpnEQ-2dKQAXr-2iZbJeK-dceVbN-Gk4L5U-CCYQHV-Z7L77b-2kNaEJe-YY4FoK-DUhjKi-2k8AuyP-29KVHv3-2jyW7gH-9MFtta-2k9oER2-2iZZLDM-YGTu6w-T5fR2C-2erbn1R-SYPMEW-PvooXX-Q5exma-z6CQLy-2kqpyYF-NaxnAo-LRRv92-22Q6cEy-2crHZPt-n2LYXP-ocvaBY-2d3XguF-z5DzXx-kjSqXk-bBBf6d-QERpV2-2h3DQeo-2h3DPCU-hWX8ss-2h3DP8W-QERs8P-UPamrY-YGh6rg-CepaVb-ik2coL-2erM5cR-nhY7gQ-QERqUX-dLY8nJ-pLFWxG Not my photo so I did not embed it.
  13. Class 31 must be at or near the top of one of the manufactures' lists for a new model.
  14. Just block Sam's trains on Youtube. I have as I have no interest in anything he has to say and then the channel never comes up or is suggested by Youtube. Highly recommended. Back to the 47. Looks very good so far. I hope it is a success and I look forward to other variations in future.
  15. I remember going on a railtour on the class 80 that visited Inchicore works and went through the Phoenix Park tunnel and also visited Navan.
  16. YNWA Jason The most compelling argument for renaming I have ever seen. I would have done exactly the same.
  17. I am not adverse to a bit of renumbering. However as locos get more and more detailed I can be reluctant. The reason is the latest models such as the upcoming Accurascale 37s and Bachmann 47s have so much detail that it can restrict the number of options that the number can be changed to. Even the current Bachmann 37 has this problem. So if I renumber a loco I want to make sure that there are no other changes needed. Sometimes it those changes that might discourage me from renumbering. For those attempting a simple renumbering another obstacle can be how easy the original numbers are to remove. In general I find Bachmann easy to remove numbers from, Hornby a little bit harder but still pretty easy. Vitrains are quite difficult for example. When I first started in the hobby renumbering was one of the first bits of modelling I tried, it is a slippery slope but there is great satisfaction in doing it and having something unique. Your advice of using old models to practice on is very good. Transfers for the numbers are very cheap and there is plenty of advice and demos on the web. I would encourage everyone to give it a go.
  18. I would also link to run a fully matching set with a TGS that matches the other coaches and ideally have a Restaurant car that has roof vents. Finally the capitals key is usually found on the left hand side of the keyboard, very handy when typing HST.
  19. Bachmann have been pretty consistent with their dates throughout the pandemic. They might decide to tie in the announcement date with some other event as they have done in the past. Otherwise, I see no reason not to expect an announcement in early August as Bachmann said they were going to make quarterly announcements and that is exactly what they have done. Delays may determine what and how much they announce but not the fact the are going to make an announcement. To be honest I am not expecting much in the August announcement but am willing to be pleasantly surprised.
  20. Which again points to the beginning of August for the 3rd one. They are roughly every 3 months. They are in the months Paul.Uni mentioned for 2020, and as he pointed out, 2021 has been the same so far. I would expect it early August.
  21. Unfortunately the video ends rather abruptly just as they get to the Deltic. A complete version of the video has now replaced the original one so my earlier comment is out of date.
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