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  1. It is a pity the 00 version does not come out of abeyance too Same issue with the silencer for me on the 00 version too but I suspect they will tool for that variation in 00.
  2. Just to echo other comments, another excellent publication, full of prototypical information as well as modelling examples and details. I have all 3 so far and look forward to more.
  3. Very true Guy It does indeed depend on where the container was located. They might indeed be damaged by the heat. Maybe that is what happened to my BDA. Eamon
  4. Ever Given leaving Suez on Wednesday https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-57719551
  5. You resisted the urge to do a Father's day one I see. Must have been a tough decision.
  6. Yes indeed. All manor manner of delays unfortunately.
  7. As 159220 stated there is a post in the Dapol Digest. Subject to sample approval etc.: "With production of the class 59 still scheduled for Q3, we would expect that allowing for shipment time) we will have the 59 in the shops during Q4."
  8. I found the numbers easy enough to remove with a cocktail stick. It needs a bit of practice until you get the pressure right but I had no instances of going through the base colour. It all turned out very well.
  9. According to the press release at the start of this topic: "We have deliberately chosen prototypes that don’t conflict with existing models of the class, whilst also releasing liveries never seen in 4mm scale."
  10. Looking very nice and a big improvement on the current offerings. I will be getting a few.
  11. August / September is good news. Did they mention what year?
  12. I am not happy but would have no objections to Bachmann doing a 56
  13. My experience buying from UK retailers is that they deduct UK VAT. I check this before I buy. I then pay local VAT. The only issue is sometimes the delivery companies charge a handling fee which adds to the cost and this will prevent me for purchasing if the handling fee is excessive. I dont mind paying VAT but I do mind paying it twice. I have received Accurascale items post Brexit dispatched from both Britain and from Ireland and there were no additional charges, totally seamless. This is also the case with Hattons who are VAT registered in a number of EU countries so the price you pay at purchase is all that is required to get it to your door.
  14. If one of my kids gave me this or the Hornby one they would be up for adoption
  15. Only in very very limited application. Dangerous, I know . It could all go horribly wrong. Collectors are running for the hills at the suggestion. Just as well there is not a Monday Club Deltic. The site would implode.
  16. The offending logo can be easily enough removed to turn it into a regular wagon and expand your fleet. Especially as these wagons have started to sell out at Accurascale (retailers still have them and there is no tier system in place as far as I know ). I have removed printing from Accurascale wagons before and it is easy enough like it is on Bachmann models. I would expect many users to weather these wagons too which would also hide any traces of the removal.
  17. I just got an email from Rails about an exclusive PCA. Just one version in CAIB white https://railsofsheffield.com/products/44888/accurascale-caib_pca-oo-gauge-caib-pca-bulk-cement-wagon-sts-no-10633-exclusive-
  18. That is a really good choice @MRDBLUE17 I shall definitely be ordering some.
  19. and no doubt pretty handy at holiday planning too
  20. It could be better and it is not suitable for HSTs.
  21. Completely off topic: Ireland was the number 1 for tea consumption per capita in the world for many many years. It is only in the last few years we have started to slip down the list as the number of coffee drinkers grows. I am off to put the kettle on
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