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  1. And fir those who don't know, the Bluetooth icon is the runic symbol for Bluetooth.
  2. The adverts that I keep getting are on a loop. a fairground ride someone making croissants someone melting glass the Grand Canyon a turtle swimming under water birds singing a large tanker on a canal a tall tower with outside lifts a cruise ship another fairground ride cars on a dual carriageway then back to the start. I’m not the remotely bit interested in any of them and the take up about a quarter of the screen.
  3. And don’t forget the Morris Monty No Go (Montego)
  4. When soldering joints on coupling rods and valve gear, I place a thin piece of paper soaked in oil between the 2 items I don't want to get soldered together, it works every time.
  5. I’ve just posted this on ER’s, but thought it was worth posting it here too! What do they call a bed pan in Russia? Poo Tin. I’ll get my hat and coat!
  6. We have plenty of birds in our garden. Blue tits, great tits, coal tits, long tailed tits, goldfinches, greenfinches, blackbirds, house sparrows, robins, magpies, wood pigeons. We occasionally get starlings, but they aren't as common as they once were. In the past we've had wrens and even a lesser spotted woodpecker, but that was during a very long cold spell and it came for the food on the bird feeders.
  7. I see that UEFA have had the good sense to move the cup final away from St Petersburg. Personally, I think this should have happened weeks ago.
  8. The average age My be 66, but you can get it at any age, I was 55 when diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer almost 10 years ago and I showed none of the ‘usual’’ symptoms. It was found by accident, as my GP, who was treating me for an already diagnosed back problem, spondylitis in the lumbar area. The prescribed pain killers weren’t working and had effected my water works. This was a little known side effect, but he sent me for a PSA test just to rule it out. I was very lucky indeed, it was caught in the very early stage 3, but was too advanced for surgery, so hormone treatment, chemo and radiotherapy were the weapons of choice. I’m still here, a former colleague who was diagnosed with the same decease, didn’t make it!
  9. Going back to the subject of ‘Old Gits’, I’m a member of that club and I’ve got the hat to prove it! I used to have the T shirt as well, but I wore it out!
  10. The subject of education, (or the lack of) was mentioned earlier on. I noticed things changed in the late 90’s, I went back to college in the early 90’s, (all paid for my my old employer) when I spent 6 years completing my ONC, HNC and HND in electrical and electronic engineering. Initially we were all thought the subjects thoroughly, by tutors who knew the subject very well. We were given reasons and explanations as to what was happening and why. It was during the final 2 years that things changed. There was a dramatic shift in how we were taught, gone were the explanations and reasons and from then on, we only taught what we needed know to pass the exams, that was it. When asked about explanations and reasons, we were told that it now wasn’t on the curriculum! Getting results was all the college was now interested in, as that influenced how the were ranked and where they sat in the league table. To get my HND I had to take a couple of non electrical units, personally I struggled and only just scrapped my final unit, which was about epicyclic gears etc. Unfortunately the tutor didn’t know the subject at all, he was reading from a crib sheet, as according to his boss, he should be able to teach any subject!
  11. Andy, is the song your are referring too called “The Same Old Lang Syne” by Dan Fogelberg, by any chance? If so, then I may possibly be one of the few people this side of the pond that knows the song!
  12. The water tower tank is now completely finished. I replaced the inspection hatch cover, as well as altering the sides of the hatch, I then weathered the tank and put it to one side whilst I tackled the rest of the alterations. I decided to move the location of the access ladder, this was originally fitted on one end, but I’ve moved it to one side of the tower instead. This meant a new ladder was needed, this was made using some of the bits that arrived on Tuesday morning. The tank was painted on Monday and I weathered it yesterday. Today, I fitted all the small bits I’d made, such as an access hatch platform and side rails and ladder, I just needed to drill several holes for the ladder supports. The eagle eyed may have noticed that I’ve added some extra brickwork just below the tank support and I’ve also changed the colour of the door from blue to green! Here’s what it looked like on Sunday Here’s what it looks like now.
  13. Construction of the water tower is now completed, the last part, a plinth to go between the base of the tank and the roof of the tower was built and fitted today. The tower has also had 2 coats of varnish applied too. The tank itself has been slightly modified, the raised lines on the top of the tank were filed off and then new lines engraved in. I also filled in all the holes for the safety rails in, as I will be fitting metal ones instead. I’m still waiting for a new set of ladders, which will be fitted once they arrive. The final bit to make is a water level gauge and indicator. The tank as seen below, isn’t fixed permanently to the tower, it had been weathered very badly (by me many years ago) and that has since been removed. Since the photo was taken it has received it’s first fresh coat of paint and will get another coat tomorrow.
  14. Ava and I have had quite a productive day, the complete base for the water tower has been constructed, I just need to make a base for the water (Airfix) tank to stand on and then fit that to the tower, then it’ll be ready for a couple of coats of protective varnish. I’ve not yet taken any photos, but I’ll take some tomorrow and post them in the evening.
  15. Yes, I've done so on more than one occasion.
  16. The kit in question is from a company called ‘Scale Scenes’ and is a complete kit, 4 sheets of prints, each on A4 paper), you just need to glue the sheets to various different thicknesses of card to complete. I actually built a few of these, when I made Max a train layout a couple of years ago and they are quite good.
  17. I’ve spent the later part of the morning and most of the afternoon, redesigning a ‘Free kit’ that came with a magazine. It’s a water tower and should be built square, however, it wouldn’t be big enough as it is, so I shall build it as a rectangle, the sides being roughly twice as long as it is wide. I will also replace the card based water tank, with a plastic tank from an old Airfix water tower kit instead. I started by scanning each sheet of parts and then I manipulated the colour of the brickwork, changing the colour so that it matches up with the brickwork of engine shed that we’ve previously been building. Once again, Ava is coming to spend the day with us next weekend and this will be our next build project.
  18. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Brian
  19. Try using the shank of a drill. Find one that's a nice, but not tight fit, dip it in oil then assemble the washers and solder together. I use this method when building valve gear.
  20. I too will have a crack at ‘repairing’ anything. 9 times out of 10 I’m successful and on the odd occasion that I’m not, I will strip down the offending item and salvage anything that I think may be useful. Doing this has assisted me on more than one occasion to repair an item that would otherwise have been thrown away due to not having the right bits available! Some bits even end up up in models!
  21. Oooh, I'm so looking forward to following this build.
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