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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.


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  1. Hi, The ribbon cable connection looks very similar to that in a photo of an LGB sound decoder. The large black item appears to be a heat sink used to dissipate power. Regards Nick
  2. Hi, Assuming you have Pro Cab plugged directly into the command station: If it is a PowerPro (with black box command station) then the following sequence may help: Power down system. Touch something that is grounded such as a nearby radiator. Unscrew lid of black box command station. Push down on daughter board that plugs into big circuit board underneath. Put lid back on. Power up and check Pro Cab display. Power down and screw lid back on. Regards
  3. Hi, You may find the link to more info you need about the stay alive capacitor is hidden in the photo under the DCC decoder. Regards Nick
  4. Hi Mick, The problem might be because you have a Z21 controller feeding one power district and Z21 Dual booster feeding two more districts. This could be causing a phase difference between the Z21 and the two booster districts. Phase difference is a common cause of locos with diagonal pickups stopping at power district boundaries. A more standard DCC configuration for multiple boosters is to have the controller - the DCC command station feeding just boosters and not directly feeding a power district. You can check for phase difference being the cause by disconnecting the Z21 command station from its power district and powering that district from one of the boosters. If that particular loco no longer halts at any boundary that would be good evidence for phase difference having been the cause. If so have a good look in the command stations manufacturers info to see if there is a recommended way to use their boosters on a DCC layout. Regards Nick
  5. Hi, Some filming for Doctor Who was done not too far from above location shown in the pictures in what the actress playing the Doctor's assistant at the time described as a quarry. Regards Nick
  6. Device for swinging a bell (two electromagnets)?. When power is applied* 555 or MCU** type circuit switches relay between one solenoid and another. *A pair of leads go to sound generator unit or ** from sequencer/sound generator unit. Regards Nick
  7. Banner Repeater?. Regards Nick
  8. Hi, I don't have a Megapoints servo controller but I do have an NCE Power Cab. On an NCE Power Cab I've controlled DCC accessories using the accessory button on the cab. No need for another cab. Assuming the Megapoints allows connection to a DCC systems DCC bus then connect the Megapoints DCC bus input in parallel with the two wires to the track on the layout. Regards Nick
  9. Hi, If it hasn't already been mentioned for those looking for a live view it might be worth looking at those FPV cameras and transmitters for drones. Some are quite small and some claim quite reasonable resolutions. For those who are really into electronics some FPV cams have video inputs which appear are intended for superimposing text onto the video output sent out from the camera. On drones this can be used to send info from the on board flight controller back to the pilots eye display on the operators radio control. This could be repurposed to send back DCC address or battery voltage, train speed etc. FPV cams and transmitters might not send back sound but if you are watching live the train will be making some sound. Regards Nick
  10. Hi, Olivia's trains website says they have over 10 Blue 4 VEPs. I've noticed second hand Blue 4 VEPs seem to be in the majority on Ebay the last couple of years. I think Bachmann missed out BR Blue on the launch of the Class 117 DMMU and 2-HAP EMU. Maybe if Hornby make some Blue/Blue-Grey/NSE 4 VEPs in the future it might be possible with body swaps to run an eight or 12 car model train with outer driving cars with the new cab end windows and the old style driving ends in the middle of the set where they are less conspicuous. I guess producing liveries in 2022 that have not been done before on the 4 VEP makes it easier to differentiate the updated mouldings from the originals. It may also suit the collectors market having new liveries. Regards Nick
  11. Hi, Ah - that's a shame - I thought the slot bearings on the non driven coaches were the main cause of the need for traction tyres. Regards Nick
  12. Hi, I think its excellent that the roof ventilators are to be made larger, the driving coach chassis made of metal/traction tyres removed and the high friction slot bearings replaced with pin point bearings. I'm not sure the pizza cutter flanges have been reduced but the wheel sets may be easier to replace with finer ones once the bearings are pin point. Regards Nick
  13. D J Models Class 71 electric loco. Only bought as I wanted it to enable for me to qualify for ordering the Class 74 (which never appeared). Kept derailing on 3rd radius curves. Maximum speed 40mph.
  14. Hi, Having watched the video including the bit on the 4 VEP I can see that if they correct the driving ends and improve the electrical couplings between the coaches then Hornby will have dealt with the major two items that it is difficult for owners to correct themselves. I wonder if Hornby will produce a basic 21 pin non sound DCC decoder (less features* than the Sapphire)?. * I don't want one but I always find it interesting to see how they might differ from Bachmann. I notice that Lion is getting a Next18 decoder socket so that seems something else new from Hornby. I wonder if the Hornby steam generator will only work with the modified TTS DCC decoder to be supplied with steam generator fitted locos or will it also be compatible with some other DCC decoders?. The Flirt multiple unit seems a promising step - the British markets first non express multiple unit with pantograph?. Regards Nick
  15. Hi, It looks from the photos of the 4 VEP on the Hornby 2022 range web page that the roof ventilators might have been beefed up to a believable size. I'm not sure if the pizza cutter flanges have been reduced but there might be time for Hornby to correct those before production. I've not checked yet if the dampers are swapped round on the bogies. The tech spec on the VEP says 3 pole motor yet I thought the original Hornby VEP had a 5 pole motor. However the tech spec for the FLIRT also says 3 pole motor so that could just be an error. Regards Nick
  16. Hi, I was surprised to see a Hornby 4 VEP get an airing in the latest episode (in the part on the repair department). I think that section on getting the coach work repaired was edited as I found getting the body off the motor coach quite difficult especially with the short lead between the chassis and the roof. I was kind of pleased to see the Hornby technician broke something while trying to release the motor bogie from its mount. As to the the controller used by Sam's trains to get higher speeds it looked like a variable transformer which are sometimes used by those who know what they are doing to vary the AC voltage that is output from the transformer. The risk is the loco motor may over heat if taken beyond 12V for any length of time and possibly the DC controller if fed by the variable transformer. Regards Nick
  17. NIK

    EFE Rail launches

    Hi, They are paired by consisting in that they will both recognize DCC commands as being for them but the time delay before they respond to a demand to increase speed from speed step zero depends on the individual DCC decoder. Regards Nick
  18. Hi, As to Railcom it seems to be backward compatible with the NMRA specification. It appears not to put any signal onto the DCC bus that can be misinterpreted by a DCC compliant decoder. It also doesn't appear to slow down the frequency of speed commands which is vital to a model railway control system. Regards Nick
  19. Hi, Re Episode 1: Nice to see Simon Kohler has been promoted to boss of Hornby. Interesting to see a Bachmann SDJR 7F on a through working into Hornby territory. The finish on the painted body of the diecast Merchant Navy looked a bit rough close up but I suppose it retained the rivet detail. Was the tender of the diecast MN plastic on the production run of 500?. Regards Nick
  20. Hi, I thought multiple liveries enabled manufacturers to maximise the revenue from the mould tools?. Regards Nick
  21. Hi, Pleasantly surprised to see a 4 Car EMU announced by a smallish company after the price rises in Chinese manufacturing. I would like a Bullied 4 SUB even more. Regards Nick
  22. NIK

    Bachmann 4BEP

    Hi, For Bachmann two contact electrical couplings it might be possible to have two magnets half the size of the Hunt standard magnet with an electrical insulator in between: Regards Nick
  23. NIK

    Bachmann 4BEP

    Hi, Having had a number of Bachmann 4CEP chassis damaged when being taken off a layout after an exhibition I'm thinking about swapping my 4BEP over to Hunt style magnetic couplings between the coaches. For the time being that would mean forgoing lighting control. A while ago I had the germ of an idea for sending data between coaches using a single electrical connection (return via DCC with pickups on each coach that needs it). Then for example data to turn lights on and off could be sent from the coach with the DCC decoder to the other coaches in the set. Challenges would be reducing the cost and the size of the electronics to do this and getting a sufficiently conductive magnet*. * I think many NEO magnets have a conductive protective coating over them. Regards Nick
  24. Hi, Would it be possible to make the sides thicker and have a series of recesses where rectangles of glazing would be glued in after the body is painted?. Regards Nick
  25. NIK

    Bachmann 4BEP

    Hi, Interesting for me to see a BEP at Redhill in 1979 as I thought maybe they had gone to the SED in 1978. Regards Nick
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