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  1. Good timing, Iain - I've been doing exactly that today, after a break of some months for various reasons. I remembered it being shown on this thread. Originally I tried gluing nuts to the underside, but the glue holds the domed ends very well, but not various types of nut. But this seems to work very well indeed.
  2. I did dip into a few photos before posting and some very washed out green ones do look a bit blue! I guess BR knew they were going to ditch them...
  3. See Les Ross' 86 for electric blue (or close to it). You did say any form of BR blue and it's blue applied by BR ;)
  4. I know some 15s got double arrows, but I'm not sure any were painted blue either.
  5. I know you say you are excluding steam but the Vale of Rheidol Class 98s were in BR blue before the line was handed over from BR.
  6. I saw something very recently, can't remember where though - I think it said they used to have two suppliers, one is no longer in business and the other isn't taking that kind of work. Can't remember what else it said, sorry. edit: found it - scroll down to "Future" - https://hmrs.org.uk/further-information
  7. Pretty sure some of the locos at the various London Docks had two sets.
  8. Sorry what I mean is the model - 08s would presumably sell an awful lot more as there were and still are so many, so you could get better economies of scale or whatever the phrase is for it :)
  9. An interesting prototype, and they travelled a lot in their lives - but only 3 were built compared to about 1000 08s so I don't think it's right to compare those two?
  10. As the owner of two, not nearly enough :D
  11. Not sure what weight limit a scooter has but I suspect one 55 may reach that, even without the rider.
  12. No light bleed, that's something. Eye bleeding however is an issue if you get too close.
  13. It's the name of @Jenny Emily's youtube channel thingy.
  14. Be careful, you'll probably get Andrew and Harry chucked in.
  15. Perhaps the artwork was prepared using one of Paul Bartlett's photos? https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/paulbartlettsrailwaywagonphotographs/e186c5734 Downside of using photos of a wagon all by itself is there may be a reason for it :)
  16. The Rapido APT-E has F keys for additional engine starts :)
  17. Doesn't sound very safe or healthy tbh.
  18. Yeah, that would be stretching things a bit too far, I think.
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