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  1. 9 minutes ago, ikks said:

    Trouble was, Andy, it missed the plonker but did make somewhat of a mess of the Triang Jinty he was unboxing!!



    Yeah, but was it close enough to inspire him to start a new channel? Sam's Stains 😛


    Good News! I've had a delivery notification for my dead crew!


    Bad News! I'm not in and the tracking seems to put it somewhere near Ostend!


    I'm hoping that's a red herring.

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  2. 28 minutes ago, Accurascale Fran said:

    NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: We Release The Badger Into the Wild in OO!




    Hi everyone,


    Remember when we asked about doing the Class 89 alongside Rails of Sheffield a couple of years ago? Well, now we can formally confirm that it's going ahead!


    What's more, you can order any one of its five different guises in DC/DCC Ready or DCC Sound form either via Rails of Sheffield or direct via Accurascale.




    This very special, one off locomotive deserves the highest specification, and this gets it with DCC raising and lowering pantograph, full light packages, a wealth of detail, heavy metal chassis, Accurathrash set up for sound fitted models, power bank capacitors and more!


    CAD is now complete and it has entered the early stages of tooling. The first tooled sample is expected in time for the Warley show in November 2022, with decorated samples following in early 2023 and then delivery slated for Q3 2023.




    Orders can be secured via the Accurascale and Rails of Sheffield websites for just a £30 deposit, with prices for the DCC Ready version priced at £229.99, and the DCC sound ESU Loksound 5 fitted models £329.99, reflecting the limited nature of this very special release.


    Read all about the development and history here: https://www.accurascale.com/blogs/news/accurascale-and-rails-of-sheffield-sett-to-it-by-releasing-class-89-badger-oo-locomotive-into-the-wild 


    Pre-order all five livery variants (flexible terms available from Accurascale at no extra cost!) here: https://www.accurascale.com/collections/class-89 or via Rails of Sheffield: www.railsofsheffield.com 






    (We are aware that this breaks with our tradition of "announcing with tooling sample". As this is a one off locomotive both Rails and Accurascale feel it's important to gauge interest in a one-off locomotive and an update is long overdue!) 


    I need this less than Deltics. But boy do I need it :D




    Oh, you have :D

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  3. 8 hours ago, billbedford said:

    I can definitely do some buffers soon, and bogies later. But I will need some guinea pigs to check them out for me. 


    Would they be etched bogies? My preference will always be for that for durability and low down weight. I'm a little wary of 3D printed buffers too as they are easily knocked.

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  4. 27 minutes ago, 31A said:


    Thank you Rich.  Those bogies do look quite suitable; perhaps I'll approach Roxey when the time comes.


    The buffers look good as do the ones that Jonathan has referenced and I will probably end up using something similar, but I was really hoping to find something with a square (rectangular?) base, so far without success.


    Yeah the buffers are definitely a compromise. Maybe if we gang up on @davefrkhe may be able to work his wonders? 😉

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  5. 23 minutes ago, 31A said:

    Have you got as far as thinking about bogies and buffers for your GE coach?  I've potentially got a couple to make at some point, of similar outline.  I can't find a source of GER items but thought Comet LNWR 8ft wheelbase bogies looked similar, possibly with the axle boxes modified slightly, but haven't really come up with any suitable buffers yet.


    Bogies - I have been using "Roxey pseudo" (my phrase).





    Dave at Roxey Mouldings put it together for me - I thin it uses LBSCR overlays - not sure on the castings. Most noticable difference to me is on the overlay there are 5 rivet heads adjacent to the inner spring hangers whereas the GE bogies have 4.


    Buffers - these ones I think: https://www.phoenix-paints.co.uk/products/coach-and-wagon-parts/coach-parts/4-bogies-and-underframe-parts/4-coach-buffers/4-40448

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  6. 17 hours ago, Wickham Green too said:

    I did say REP & TC three hours ago .... the full picture 


    includes a couple of NPCS and a heap of junk as well - some of it literally heaped. ( Vic Berry's, Leicester 23/12/90 ) 


    Someone needs to close those gangway doors. Passengers could hurt themselves falling that far. H&S you know.

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  7. 23 minutes ago, john new said:

    My issue today would have been easily resolved HAD UPS staff actually followed the processes outlined on their own website for what should happen if people are going to be out when a delivery is scheduled. The email pre-dispatch was not sent so chance one to divert the parcel this morning first thing was not available. Chance two should have been after a failure to deliver message was sent to me as parcel recipient - also not done as the parcel was left at what was earlier my empty house. UPS must apparently consider that their driver just finding the property constitutes an adequate delivery whether or not there is anyone available to actually take in the parcel!


    Don't get me wrong - if I'd have had one of mine delivered like yours I'd be a long way from impressed. What I mean is they seem to struggle with domestic deliveries - I've always received a notification from UPS that they have something for me - even if I'm not aware of an item being despatched via UPS. I assume they flag the delivery address and addressee and the details automatically get attached to my account. I don't believe they have ever left at an empty property, but again as it's business related there's alway someone there to accept it.


    I do have one big gripe with them however - import duty payments. The first you know about that is when the driver knocks and waves an invoice at you - and they don't let you inspect the package to see what it even is.

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  8. On 12/11/2021 at 11:36, jwealleans said:

    GER D431, actually.   Also from Bill but NLA.   The panelling is wrong on this one too, but it'll fill a gap until I sort out a better match.


    Please excuse the rough and ready photos but ta da :) Arrived today.




    With quite a bit of to and fro between Bill and myself (and Bill has been very patient with me!), Bill has produced this underframe detail. It's proven quite hard to find much info on the post-LNER conversion of the underframe, but this seems to add up from the few photos we have found. Lost 3 gas cylinders (the other 3 being connected to the adjacent kitchen car), replaced with a dynamo and single battery box, and Westinghouse brakes removed.




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  9. 9 hours ago, john new said:

    Should run on DC with the chip in provided the relevant default setting is at 3. A DCC expert can hopefully advise as from time to time I will want to do the same with mine. The shunting plank layout has full DCC the test oval hasn't (yet).


    True, but as @Chamby rightly says, there's the possibility of frying the decoder if certain equipment is connected.

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