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  1. Hmm, I am actually getting dangerously close to finishing something (build wise, anyway - I want a few done before I look at paint and glazing).




    I think it needs the roof domes blending in a bit better, paint, glazing, door furniture and handrails, corridor connections, lighting cables and the cornice (?) end pieces under the end of the domes and that's it (please chime in if you spot anything else!).


    edit: Oh - rain-strips and destination board brackets too...

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  2. 10 hours ago, Iain.d said:

    And with the bogie sides and bolsters fitted and the roofs cut to length and resting in place. The facing ends have bow shaped castings to be attached and next I’ll file the ends of the roof round/curved to try and match the bow, then solder cross beams between the eaves and drill holes in the roof for securing bolts.  Then, I’ll knock up the interiors.


    Kind regards,




    Good timing, Iain - I've been doing exactly that today, after a break of some months for various reasons. I remembered it being shown on this thread.


    Originally I tried gluing nuts to the underside, but the glue holds the domed ends very well, but not various types of nut. But this seems to work very well indeed.






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  3. 10 hours ago, russ p said:


    Unfortunately none got blue, some black and white photos look blue as locos got double arrows and TOPS  style numbers  but were green. Not sure why this happened as younger locos got blue and 15s would have looked good in blue


    I did dip into a few photos before posting and some very washed out green ones do look a bit blue! I guess BR knew they were going to ditch them...

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  4. 2 hours ago, Willie Whizz said:

    Leaves the original question unresolved though … I gave up waiting in the end, and purchased what I wanted from three(!!) separate manufacturers. I got what I needed, but at the cost of three lots of postage not one. If the HRMS have given up on the idea, they might at least let people know, but if there’s been any statements they haven’t come to my attention. 


    I saw something very recently, can't remember where though - I think it said they used to have two suppliers, one is no longer in business and the other isn't taking that kind of work. Can't remember what else it said, sorry.


    edit: found it - scroll down to "Future" - https://hmrs.org.uk/further-information

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  5. 7 hours ago, MrWolf said:


    Scroll back 25 years or so to all those Lima limited edition diesels. What are they really worth? 

    Puts me in mind of the Viz Comic Franklyn Mint Mr Kipling Chess set!


    As the owner of two, not nearly enough :D

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  6. 55 minutes ago, adb968008 said:

    At risk of being a bit of a numpty, Is it just me or does anyone else think an ICE car is a small British manufactured ICE cream van that predictably comes without cream ?


    can someone educate me, I’ve not seen many cars melting on the street…and I’ve not tried them for flavours..


    Internal Combustion Engine :)

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  7. 1 hour ago, ERIC ALLTORQUE said:

    Heres to next week or so will be a big weight off you guys minds if the customs clear quickly,

    I imagine Birmingham gridlocked with motorscooter style local deliverys from Uberaccurascale to get them out with the utmost urgency, as to some it sees life or death.

    Hope everything goes to plan ,thanks for the updates and if its as good as the A class we are in for a treat.


    Not sure what weight limit a scooter has but I suspect one 55 may reach that, even without the rider.

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  8. 14 minutes ago, Michael Hodgson said:

    I don't understand the reference in the ad to the Monday Club. 

    Is that the same right wing political organisation that even the Tory party dissociated themselves from?


    I assume this is yet another fictional PO livery.


    KR are producing the wagon as sets of three, so if you only want one, I suppose you could get this and repaint.


    It's the name of @Jenny Emily's youtube channel thingy.

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  9. 18 minutes ago, Compound2632 said:


    I've now googled the phrase "lilac lizzie". Whilst there are a number of instances of its use as the name for an item of female clothing or accessory, I found none in the present context, so I assert my identity as author of the name and will be passing my cap round to collect royalties.


    Be careful, you'll probably get Andrew and Harry chucked in.

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  10. 35 minutes ago, 33C said:

    Sign of the times! I read hd&q and thought "bloomin' Health & Safety.....!


    Doesn't sound very safe or healthy tbh.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Hroth said:


    If they've been well hanged, I don't think they're in much of a position to boast about anything else...


    Yeah, that would be stretching things a bit too far, I think.

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