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  1. I seem to be the only one who thinks the Blue Pullman to be rather ugly - the nose at least. To me it looks to be a cross between a Star Wars Stormtrooper and Snuffy from Sesame Street (gives a clue as to my age there!). Perhaps Star Wars and Sesame Street were influenced by the BP design? They were scrapped before I was born, fortunately replaced with the so much better looking (to me) HST. It is however a shame that they were not successful - 13 years is no length of service. The ghastly pacers, skippers etc. have lasted much longer than that for some unknown reason!
  2. To prevent signals being set to allow trains to proceed when points are against them etc.
  3. Working. Boring. Been a bit crazy. Hoping it's calming down a bit now so I can do what I want to be doing and fire up the soldering iron again
  4. Percentages are weird Add 10% to 10 and you get 11. Take 10% from 11 and you get 9.9
  5. One of the reasons I'm considering using Shenfield as my layout inspiration (don't get me wrong, I'm a LONG way from starting it!) is because it's a through station, with a decent junction, and the end of a suburban diagram so also has trains that terminate. So I can design timetables that mimic the morning rush, or a lazy sunday depending on mood!
  6. Bucoops

    Oxford N7

    Somewhere it says they're aware of that error
  7. I seem to have an (unjustified) requirement for a metal kit to be metal - especially on the structural side. I guess I just trust solder more than glue? For coaches, plastic seats etc. are fine and I've yet to find metal that can be used for glazing Just did some searching for Tony Wright's method and it makes perfect sense for his layout. Realistically I'm not going to have one like that - I have initial permission from boss lady to build something in the garage - not quite the same area. To quote Mr Wright "If you're using trainset curves, then use trainset couplings!" Obviously planning on avoiding the tightest radius but long sweeping bends ain't happening lol And of course I have to consider it's going to be played with, not just modelling, it IS going to be a trainset - Daddy daughter time. If she wants Flying Scotsman pulling 20 trucks or Thomas (trying to) pull 8 Gresley teaks it's fine with me It sounds like a bar may be useful for locos - I assume double-heading poses a challenge?
  8. Something that has been at the back of my mind for a while that I need to start thinking about a bit more is couplings. I've been reading about an amazing new (to me) creation called a NEM pocket. As much as I'd like to have scale couplings etc. realistically I'm going to need something along the lines of tensionlock - but I also like the idea of fixed rakes for stock, so flexible is the name of the game. The only solderable pocket I can find is the one from MJT - http://www.dartcastings.co.uk/resources/MJT%202580%20NEM%20Coupling%20Tongue%20Instructions.pdf Now I'm not saying there is anything wrong with these, but are there any others for me to consider? I do have an MJT one to try but not actually looked at it yet. Thanks
  9. That's another thing I've learned - there are many ranges that are now under the umbrella of others - Comet under Wizard/MSE, MJT under Dart etc. My poor little brain explodes trying to work it out sometimes!
  10. The photo just shows a frame with no outer skin - hard to tell what it could be!
  11. Roxey? Do they have a link with Markits? Maybe I can buy through them?
  12. Good Morning Thank you
  13. Bucoops

    Oxford N7

    It's a radial axle on the earlier builds of N7 so that sounds correct. N7/2 and /3 had a pony truck.
  14. Whoops sorry, given you more work
  15. Oh, my letter definitely says Feb for the list with production for about April GER bogie coaches and NER elliptical coaches. I did send off a small order for some etches and overpaid slightly as he wasn't sure exactly how much it would be so hopefully that will make up for my SAE being used already for the reply to my letter!
  16. It's hard to tell from the picture but I think it has the indentations - GE13 (GE22 looks too tall?) - http://www.markits.com/NEW%20Products%20OO%2020161222.pdf edit: better picture: http://www.markits.com/images/HandbrakeStandards.jpg
  17. I think a couple of the boxes I just bought were showing as having loctite on the planner so it was a pleasant surprise when they were all grub screw But thinking back to the first one I bought mid last year I think you said at the time some ratios had changed so you probably said then anyway!
  18. Hi John, No doubt that is a fair comment - the "problem" I have is when I was modelling last it was the late 90s and I was in my teens. I built a grand total of two loco kits (DJH and someone else) - badly. I build a few Parkside kits reasonably well however. Everything else was RTR. Now I'm older, I want to get into it again but concentrate on building my own stock it's frustrating to find that the kits I want are hard to get. Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic that Dan is still churning out kits after 40 years - I've only just reached 40 so that commands true respect from me. But that doesn't stop if being frustrating. But as above, it's more for the likes of Cooper-Craft that I'm annoyed with, at lease D&S, Markits etc. you CAN actually get what they advertise. But having said that - I also have to take into account I've been interested again for nearly a year and not finished a single flipping kit so it's not like I'm desperate to get my hands on stuff.
  19. I've had a response to a letter I sent and in it Dan says he's hoping to get a new list out next month.
  20. Hmm - useful - that does seem to look the same as the on on 69621 (the only cab photos I can find are of that one). Makes a bit of sense that they would use a design that they already have for tender locos. Come payday (can't come quick enough!) I'll be trying Markits one more time - I'd prefer a brass one - but failing that Gibsons it is Thanks
  21. Hi Mike, It's very kind of you to share your labels - do you happen to know how much different the Thompsons were to the Gresleys? Would these be suitable for Gresley designed ones? Thank you
  22. Bucoops

    Oxford N7

    I'm guess that one may have been shedded at Clacton - or maybe even Walton? Unfortunately because those sub sheds were all linked to a main shed it's hard to find the actual allocations.
  23. I agree cardboard would be a better environmentally friendly method, but it was just my thoughts on the possible reasoning behind it
  24. From reading the thread the rails aren't as firmly held in the chairs as the flat bottom rail to it's mounts so that may help explain it? And perhaps the pack is designed to be a one size fits all for later additions to avoid having multiple pack sizes?
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