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  1. Whilst their prices have increased a lot, it's purely passing on their increase in costs. Diesel - silly increases Coal - can't get it from home pits any more so has to come from abrooad, often Russia. Oops. That's just two things. Lubricating oils and other consumables, insurances, and so on - it all adds up
  2. Something to add - I don't remember the forum ever being this quick You know I like to share my own IT horror stories - all our kit is hosted locally. We have two buildings that fortunately have their power fed from different parts of the distribution grid. It does all however end up at a big new sub-station a mile or so away. So anyway, last Thursday we got an alert that the second building power was off, so no backup internet line (that was laying on the road too) and the replica servers ran for about half an hour before shutting down as low battery on the UPS. In the meantime I was heading in. 2 minutes before I got there, power to the whole village went off so my phone started going totally nuts. My avatar is about right for my entrance to the building - in 15 years we'd NEVER lost power to both building for more than a few seconds. Traffic was backed up on the main road that our car park is on, so I went round the back. Which meant I didn't see the fire engines, police and UKPN vehicles blocking the road - and the LGV with power cables draped over its cab. It turned out that an "over height" agricultural vehicle had proceeded in an orderly manner down the street snagging multiple power and telephone overhead cables. Quite a few buildings had chunks out their walls where the cables were ripped off. The offending vehicle pulled power from our second building, but our main one wasn't affected. But because of the cable over the lorry, the 'leccy people shut everything off at the sub-station. Ironically, the generator we have access to in an emergency, the 'leccy people told the owners not to use it as there was the possibility of it putting power onto the downed lines even though you could clearly see there was no longer a connection, but safety first, of course. So there we were, the whole company running on battery which was sized to last about an hour whilst we were supposed to either fail over to the other building or get power from elsewhere. When it got to 20% left I shut everything down except one domain controller and the exchange server. Fortunately after an hour and 20 they restored power to the main building, so let the batteries charge a bit then brought it all back online. At some point in the night the second building came back on. So not bad considering what happened. Our second building for off a lot longer after the most recent storm. The upside of it all is I got asked the question "What would it cost to get a replica set in one of our buildings in another county?" - so I handed over my annual "we need this" list. And they are looking at it seriously!
  3. Oh so not just tilting trains, you were involved in tilting bridges too
  4. I've given mine a very quick (and short) run now - it made me realise this is the first sound equipped model I've bought (I'm not sure if you can count the Flying Scotsman with it's sandpaper chuffer!). Accurascale were on course for that accolade until you did the second APT-E run. Very impressive, if a little loud at times - but then I never saw or heard the real thing so...
  5. Reading Andy's post, if they aren't there, they aren't coming back
  6. I would like to complain about the booklet. It mentions several times regarding posting on RMWeb. Why did you not anticipate the outage? Not run mine yet but I have taken it out the box and it certainly looks the part
  7. I thought I would leave it a few days before having a nose. Andy, well done. I expect the last couple of weeks rank up there as the most stressful ever. So, Dediserve had multiple sites including backups on a R5 array? Ouch. Double ouch and triple ouch. Even more so if they were spinners instead of SSD. Good riddance to them. Great forseight to have moved the database too, sometimes you get a break when you really need it and you really needed this! Hope you've managed to get some personal downtime after all this, you've certainly earned it.
  8. Was it possible to tell if the repaired NDM had a different brand capacitor?
  9. Possibly but if there is no current more accurate alternative? And it was in response to you mentioning that kit as the one people are eager to get hold of. Like I say, I'm not bothered either way with it
  10. Looks fantastically well run. And highlights the big "problem" with @Quorn Wagon - their vehicles are FAR too good to be considered as "working"
  11. I didn't take much notice at the time, but I read somewhere recently that some locos carried special crossover adapter cables for this kind of thing.
  12. I don't have one Was just observing that the CC ones don't sell for silly money unlike other brands. Personally I'm more interested in the hinted at re-release of LNER CCTs from your good selves
  13. Can't be that popular as they go for well under £10 on ebay?
  14. Ah, updated to say they have it. I have a Hermes or whatever they're called parcel stuck in limbo at the moment but DPD are usually much better.
  15. Quite a few companies do that now, I think I got one from deliveroo recently. Overdue and any company doing offers etc for Mothers Day, Fathers Day and even valentines day should be doing it (and if you opt out, you stay opted out, not something every year.
  16. Curious, the DPD email says today but when you track it, it says they don't have it yet. Not too bothered, as long as it arrives at some point and intact.
  17. Looking at the bid history I agree.
  18. Snap My second Rapido product - the first being the Rails Dyno.
  19. A contingency plan is easy. Buy a factory somewhere else in the world, hire toolmakers, process engineers, assembly staff, administrators and whoever else is needed. Train them up ready. Wait until they are needed then give them the work that the other factory can't do. Simples. Ok, so where do we send the bill for this contingency - I assume you would be happy to pay double the price? I'm not, so am happy to wait.
  20. This one? https://www.svrwiki.com/Kidderminster_Footbridge
  21. Thank you Kevin, but I have bought it now. You have had over £200 of me in the last few months for other books though
  22. Does the revised version have a different ISBN number to the original? I would expect it to, but don't want to end up buying the wrong one
  23. Are you sure? https://www.railwayherald.com/imagingcentre/view/328748/LC
  24. Think I'm happy with it. For some reason I can't find my power supply so can't test its running yet but apart from the loose buffer and a tender handrail that had come loose it looks fine. The handrail glued back on easily, I'm waiting to hear back from Peters Spares about the buffer.
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