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  1. On your first sentence; I suspect the Tories heaved a huge sigh of relief at losing power in 1964; as Nearholmer has pointed out, the problems for UK plc were piling up, not just for the railways, but all over the place. The Wilson government pledge not to implement the Beeching Report was obviously false; any government, of any colour, would have implemented the parts which meant they didn't have to spend public money as fast, while the bits requiring investment, which are well known, were not pursued quite as vigorously.
  2. Was the unbalanced mass (weight) of the running gear taken into account anywhere?
  3. I imagine anything manufactured in the UK for export to the EU will have to follow EU rules; are UK manufacturers going to produce different versions of stuff to comply with different rules (if the UK diverges)?
  4. Last one; the LNER didn't want their OLE to fall down, did they?
  5. If we can afford to spend £130 billion in a single year on the NHS, or £50 billion a year (?) on defence, we can afford to spend £140 billion over 20 years on HS2; particularly as HS2 in not being paid for up front, like so many of the costs for the two items mentioned, but by loans which can be spread over longer periods (a bit like the first Severn bridge).
  6. Anyone quoting a figure for the final cost is peddling fairy stories, to be honest. There was a figure, quoted in an article in The New Civil Engineer a couple of pages back, of between £74 and £95 billion, including contingencies.
  7. Traps in the pipework discharging water ( from condensate, etc,) They open and shut with a snap action, hence the "Pop".
  8. LNWR - Long and Winding Road GWR - Gooch's Weird Relics
  9. It was Robert that died in 1848. His father outlived him
  10. They were! I can remember a bus fare going from 6d to 5p overnight in 1971
  11. The EU has nothing to do with the operation of the metric system, which most of its members were using long before that organisation was even thought of.
  12. In SI, the larger and smaller units are related by a factor of 1000, e.g., metre, kilometre, millimetre; gram (not much used!) kilogram, Megagram (tonne), and so on.
  13. The caption says it was for Markinch & District Co - op; the train was a Perth - Millerhill working, approaching Markinch
  14. In that case you use 1825 or 1830mm and adjust accordingly. In 30 years of piping design, finishing in 2016, I don't think I ever quoted a dimension on a drawing closer than 5mm. One D.O. supervisor boll****d a draughtsman for dimensioning a pipe 10m long to the nearst millimetre.
  15. Yes. When I did CSEs and 'O' levels, in 1967 - 1969, they were entirely in imperial units with a bit of CGS thrown in. When I resat/converted my CSEs to GCE in 1969/70, everything was in SI, even at that date, and that followed on in college the following year.
  16. Since someone brought up tramlines in connection with this, how old is the stuff on the Heaton Park tramway, in North Manchester?
  17. An early edition of Backtrack, IIRC
  18. Stockport in fact has five boxes; Edgeley Junction Nos. 1 & 2, Stockport Station Nos. 1 & 2 and Heaton Norris Junction; all fullt track - circuited, with electrically operated points, four - aspect colour lights and absolute block, unless the last has changed in the last few years. There was another box at Adswood Road, south of Edgeley No. 1 to control the junctions where the quadruple line became double going towards Cheadle Hulme, but that was abolished in the 1980s.
  19. Yes, they were one and the same. Another reason for switching to MDO when manouevring was that it didn't need heating. There were experiments with manouevring on HFO on a couple of ships I was aboard
  20. We always called the stuff left over from the refining processes "Fuel Oil", or High Viscosity Fuel when I was at sea. It needed heating to allow it to be pumped properly and to atomise correctly in boiler burners. If you were using it in your propulsion diesel, you had to treat it as well, to get rid of the nasties
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