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  1. What a great little layout, and good to see something different.
  2. I have being reading through this thread for several days now, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. What a fantastic model railway, with lots of lovely scenery, attention to detail, and rolling stock. It’s nice to see a layout with the correct amount of vegetation on the embankments, as so many layouts, just have the odd tree or bush, and that’s it. I appreciate tree’s are quite expensive, but to achieve the realism that you have, I think investing in the vegetation is very important, as it gives a greater depth to the landscape, and makes it look more realistic. I shall continue to follow your thread, and marvel at this lovely layout.
  3. I have just spent several hours, dipping in, and out of this thread over the last 24 hours. I stumbled over it purely by chance really, as it’s not my favoured time period. Normally I dismiss anything outside of my time period of BR early 80’s to mid 90’s and move on. Note to myself, to be more open minded, as I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread, partly for the story that’s been told through the little people, but also the fantastic modelling that you’ve shown us. It’s a very inspirational piece of modelling, and a great little layout. For a number of year’s now, I’ve wanted to build a layout, but time, and space have prevented me from building a decent size layout. This beautiful layout has given me a few ideas, and dare I say it, may even tempt me to try a different time period. Thank you excellent build thread, tips, and ideas. Charlie
  4. What a great layout. Very atmospheric. Although my main interest in railways is British Rail during the 1980’s, and early 90’s, I have over the last few years been gaining an interest in the railways of North America. I have no rolling stock as yet, but I’m thinking I would love to build a small layout. Reading through this thread has a been inspirational. I may have to dig deep into my piggy bank, and make a few purchases.
  5. What a great little layout, with some nice little details, and some great looking rolling stock. I look forward to further updates.
  6. What a great little layout. The buildings look superb, and the rolling stock is very impressive too. I look forward to seeing more of this as it develops. Keep up the great work.
  7. You’re welcome. It’s a lovely model railway. I agree with your comment regarding the pressure of modelling a real location. As amazing as that can be, creating a model railway such as yours, which incorporates your favourite places, and i guess memories too, can also be very special. Best of luck on your modelling journey.
  8. I have just read through this thread, and what a great journey it is by train. I feel like I’ve travelled from the mill towns of the North, through the countryside of central England, down to the coast of Devon. I love the scene of the railway running past the sea. It reminds me of Dawlish. It’s a lovely model railway, inspirational, and full of character. I shall be following this thread, to see how it evolves further.
  9. Your welcome Dave. I’m really taken with your lovely layout. I hope you get the chance to get out on the exhibition circuit soon, once the exhibitions can get up and running again. Hopefully I’ll catch up with you, and the layout at an exhibition some where, as I would love to see the layout for real. I’m keen to start building a small layout myself, and I’ll certainly be taking some inspiration from yours. I hope I can create a similar period atmosphere too. Charlie
  10. I’ve spent several evenings reading through this layout build, and watching the various video clips on here, and YouTube. It may be a small layout, but it packs a mighty punch for atmosphere and nostalgia. I love it. Congratulations on building such a fabulous layout.
  11. WOW! What a great layout you’ve created. It looks amazing.I can’t believe it’s N gauge. The structure’s and terrain are superb. The latest set of photos you’ve posted, some of them it’s hard to tell it not the real thing, especially with the light. Well done on building a truly inspiring layout.
  12. This is a lovely little layout. I love the idea of the WRD workshop, and the attention to detail is spot on.
  13. I have spent the last few evenings reading my way through this thread, and what a fantastic and entertaining read it's been with all the banter. I've enjoyed seeing the layout progress, and what a great little layout it is. I've also enjoyed seeing all the photos of your collection of rolling stock. Some amazing looking loco's, and beautifully weathered too. Your period is slightly later than my chosen period, as my stock is more the transition from BR blue to The sector livery loco's, late 80's to early 90's. Like you, I do love my tractors, although I don't have as many as you. I know from what I've read you've had some high points, and some low points throughout the build of this layout, but it's definitely been worth it though. I hope when I finally get around to building my layout, if it's half as good as this I'll be happy. I've just got to find my modelling mojo, as it seems to disappeared over the last 6 months. What a great little layout. I love it. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to following this thread.
  14. Some great photos you have there. It really is a beautifully modelled layout. One of the best in my humble opinion. I hope to catch it at an exhibition sometime in the future.
  15. Looks superb. Keep the photos coming.
  16. This is looking like a great layout/project, which I shall be following with great interest. Although the era you are modelling is within that of my personal choice, 80's to early 90's, the location you're modelling I'm unfamiliar with. I will certainly be visiting this thread to see the layout take shape. I'm in the early stages of planning a layout myself, and have spent many hours looking at layout threads and photos on the Internet for inspiration.
  17. This looks really good, and gets better, and better, with every visit. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to my next visit.
  18. Wow! That last view under the bridge, through to the tunnel is epic! A real drivers eye view from the cab. First class piece of modelling.
  19. I would go with the breakfast, as having stayed at the Hilton Double Tree, I know how good it is, and quite fancy a full English breakfast right now. Weetabix will have to do for now! It's amazing sitting eating your breakfast, whilst over looking the M K Dons stadium. I'm not a huge fan of Deltic's, but that one looks very smart.
  20. What a great looking little layout. I can't believe how quick you've built it. Top marks. I shall continue to follow this, and look forward to seeing it, in its 80's guise.
  21. Bonjour Alain, I have just read through the entire build thread, and what a great layout you're building here. It's very inspirational, and beautifully modelled. I look forward to following the future of your layout.
  22. Just read through this thread, and what a great little layout. Beautifully modelled, and some lovely stock. The new railway room looks amazing too. I look forward to seeing the new layout develop.
  23. What a great layout. I look forward to following this develop.
  24. Wow! What a great model railway layout. I love the WCML theme, and the bridge structures over the river look amazing. WCML certainly gives a diverse range of stock to run both passenger, and freight. This brings back many happy memories of watching the trains, when visiting that side of the country. Well done on capturing the drama, and the atmosphere. Please keep the photos coming.
  25. A great little layout, with lots of attention to detail. I really like this, as it gives a great sense of the hustle and bustle of our Capital. They say the best things come in small packages.
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