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  1. New type have the 4-pin DCC plug you need to carefully remove from the tender, then remove one of the drawbar screws to separate the loco. Follow the instructions to remove the body. I have 0.5mm thick lead sheeting which I simply cut, shape to avoid wheels, motor, chassis and superglue once shaped and trimmed onto the inside of the body. Al.
  2. Did anyone mention the Class 40's - just an idea? Al.
  3. Probably my ignorance, but why is one in a darker material from the others? Al.
  4. Thanks Roy. I've a Cavalex on order, and have just recently purchased a near-perfect 'used' Hornby large logo one, so wanted to know which end to fit the 'extras' to. Al.
  5. General question about the 56. Which is considered the 'Number 1 end', the grille / fans end or the opposite end? Al.
  6. If they're 'the full fat production models', does that mean they've already arrived ...... ??? Al.
  7. Did someone mention Class 40? Hallelujah !! Oh, not yet, OK .... sorry. Al.
  8. Did anybody mention Ever Given .... oops, sorry !! Let's hope it's simple plain sailing and we'll finally get that superb model racing around our rails!! Al.
  9. Lovely job - raising the bar, or the body, again!! Al.
  10. Did somebody mention Class 40? That's an idea!! Al.
  11. Should be included, not after sales I reckon - A/S would be slacking on detail options .... !! Al.
  12. That would annoy me that, or because of the seam, there's a rivet missing .... Al.
  13. I think they 'look right', which to coin a phrase, 'if it looks right ...' Damned superb effort ... now start delivering them - we're ALL getting impatient!! Al.
  14. Those discs would be perfect on a Class 40 .... just saying !! Al.
  15. What I remember of my original Lima Deltic, it was really quite powerful, and fast - if rather noisy! As a teenager, if in 'wrecking ball mode' then coaches could be flying ... all has changed obviously in the 45 years since!! Al.
  16. Only letdown is no opening doors - I like gimmicks. Could be a chance A/S get it right and they close properly! Superb selection, second only to a 40 anyway ... Al.
  17. There are metal gear options available aftermarket: https://www.ultrascale.uk/eshop/products/CAT015#RTRRG Al.
  18. Hope you get it resolved quickly and easily. Quartering shouldn't be an issue due to the way the centres are formed. Al.
  19. I replaced the centres on my Mayflower about 18 months ago, and it's now a pretty decent, slightly noisy, runner, and looks great. Al.
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