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  1. 1 hour ago, drt7uk said:


    Hi Al @atom3624, may I ask, how did you add weights to your streamlined Coronation Class? Is it straightforward to take off the chassis?

    New type have the 4-pin DCC plug you need to carefully remove from the tender, then remove one of the drawbar screws to separate the loco.

    Follow the instructions to remove the body.

    I have 0.5mm thick lead sheeting which I simply cut, shape to avoid wheels, motor, chassis and superglue once shaped and trimmed onto the inside of the body.


  2. 24 minutes ago, scottrains29 said:

    I agree, it's a shame Accurascale aren't producing the opening cab door feature. Certain loco types are often seen with a door open, and it's nice to be able to model this. When done well, like on the Bachmann 37, there is very little gap around the door. I wonder how many people don't even realise the doors open on their 37. The forthcoming Dapol 59 will also have opening doors.


    On the other hand, Hornby seem to be determined to make their top-range models worse despite ramping up the price. They have removed the rotating fan feature on many model types and have now started removing the opening door feature on the HST. It'll not be long before they get round to the 31. It's as if Hornby want you to go to their competitors!


    I was thinking about buying a Hornby Network Rail 31 but will hold off until Accurascale do it. I'd much rather have an Accurascale 31 depsite the lack of opening cab doors.



    What have I started ..... !!!  :unsure:

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