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  1. 18 hours ago, Andy7 said:

    Resurrection time. 
    Layout progress hasn’t really happened but we have changed the layout on the TMD side almost completely. Now we have a long branch line station, one platform  (think Newquay), stone loading terminal, container yard and TMD with half the track down. Latest video is linked below:

    What I am going to do on here is to show off the loco fleet (firstly, then wagons and coaches). This is a fluid list that I will no doubt change but less change happens now I am more fixed with my lines of thinking. Let’s start at the heavy end, Class 70 down.


    70808 and 70817 in the latest Colas iteration. Both reworked, drivers painted, chassis pickups painted out, detailed at one end and weathered as per prototype pics. 70817 has Legomanbiffo sounds on a V4 decoder. 808 is just DCC fitted. Both are very smooth runner and I intend on keeping both. Couple of pictures below:






    Wow coming along treat still Andy7 great set of photos :good:

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