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  1. After few hours research of photos from railfreight 47301 back in the BR railfreight era ive gone for this “weathering finish” end of railfreight feel.. ive used mixs of enamel matt colours and vallego acrylics.. using airbrush and dry brush..
  2. Two more weathering pictures from railfreight 47301,using both air brush and dry brush finish..
  3. Filthy looking 47301 with driver crew,just need to add buffer beam detail to this now..
  4. Another Bachmann 47301 ive been weathering up,wanted that heavy worked end of railfreight look with this one..
  5. Im now ordering legoman sound for these 20/3 which i cant wait to install this week
  6. Been finishing off the coil barb wire site fences and track gates. which realy bring this nuclear flask site to life…
  7. Another one arrives for the traction pool this week
  8. Drs 37405 on shunting flask dutys in and of roads one & two of flask site..
  9. New picture for 2022 and happy new years to all my frends n followers..
  10. Im using mixs of colours here from vallejo colour range with both airbrush and dry brush finish on lower half of 37055
  11. Just finished these bad boys for pal of minejust another x4 to do now and get in post
  12. This station has long gone think your little to late here Jaz!! if you were update with any of my progress threads you would see ive got new station altogether
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