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  1. These are some van roofs ive just finished using “paint print technique” using masking tape and mixs humbrol matt colours them infil of vallejo acrylics and drop IPA to help colours bleed.. also talcon powder mixed in paint give rust like texture finish..
  2. Have the same set there great for modelling and even diy tooth repairs as i found out last week
  3. Next stage on my weathering 37055 mainline wil be carefuly wiping away grime using cotten bud and IPA to get that grained in muck effects
  4. My latest project 37055 mainline,ive gone for no name plates and black split lamps with half & half weathering finish..
  5. My latest project 37055 running it how i remember without name plates and black split boxs lamps..
  6. Wow its been while since update this progress page with more locos weatherd or renumberd
  7. Coming along treat Andy my good frend
  8. Rail freight 37068 on p-way traffic through Colmore juction..
  9. Stil coming along treat this signal box build…
  10. My latest scratch build high level signal box for Colmore juction layout.. started from these to kits and google searches for pics and info.. more to follow..
  11. So ive now made start most ideas coming from google signal box photos for referance or ideas ect..
  12. Another scratch build of mine,got these two kits and plan to make high level signal box like my other one..
  13. Stil coming along treat this layout build Dave,been while ive popped in but looks great thanks neil
  14. 37s coming and going from Colmore TMD..
  15. Looks rather interesting layout build im also 00 gauge but with few layout builds ile follow this now watch your progress cheers neil
  16. Had good catch up here on your projects jack keep up top work my mate
  17. Stil alot work to do here,like carefuly paint inbetween sleepers with oil ballast mixs which wil take some time to do
  18. Another full day of airbrushing!! lucky had air blowers on in club house because of paint fumes more blend colouring in using ak interactive paints and topped with vallejo oil stains and engine grime colours. i also use dropper with ipa to help bleed colours ect..
  19. Been busy with airbrush again tonight starting on adding track grime and diesel spills around point work on main freight yard area… im using mixs of acrylic colours from ak interactive and vallego..
  20. Another cheeky side shot picture from Colmore traction depot with pylons on back ground..
  21. Are thanks 9C85 for your kindness here many thanks neil
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